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    You got the dates wrong lol. Friday is the 21st not Saturday lol. Great job though grad!!!! Just wanted to let you know lol.
  2. Thank god. Boy that was a bit nerve wracking lol.
  3. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    Was dangerfield ranked at all???
  4. Newton 79 Daingerfield 12/FINAL

    Best comment ever!!!!!!!!!! 
  5. Question

    Soulja, I think I speak for everyone when I say you sir are not part of the crowd that most people are referring to.
  6. Port Neches-Groves 34 Nederland 21/FINAL

    We really gonna bring that back up?!?!? Lol
  7. Vidor 28 Dayton 7/FINAL

  8. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    No they wouldn’t. Do you disagree???
  9. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    Wow y’all. Seriously??? How about we fix our broken leg (defense) and worry about the paper cut (offense) afterwards. Our offense is doing just fine. Yeah it could be better but how about we focus on what’s causing us to lose these games aka defense. And this is not me saying anything about those kids. But we need a better defense. Period! This offense has created quite a few great things in the past 10 years or so. How about bringing us our first playoff win in 50 years like it did in 11. How about bringing us 3 rounds deep which is the deepest we’ve gone since 50 years before that. How about it brought us our first tri district championship in idk how long.
  10. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    Fought back!!!!!! That’s the spirit pirates!!!
  11. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    Time left???
  12. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    This is where conditioning comes into play. Time to see how bad lee wants it.
  13. Baytown Lee 62 Vidor 61/FINAL

    Go pirates!!!!!!!!
  14. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    Good god man how many cups of coffee have you had? Lol. That question made my head spin.