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  1. Huffman Hargrave 34 Houston Worthing 12/FINAL

    This really could've been a huge blowout, but after the 1st drive in 2nd half most starters were getting pulled, and we ran mostly.  With that being said we did overcome an early turnover and D was pretty dominant.. I really like when we run a 4-3 instead of 3-4.
  2. Huffman Hargrave 34 Houston Worthing 12/FINAL

    2nd 3rd string been in for most of 2nd half... 34-12 Huffman
  3. Huffman Hargrave 34 Houston Worthing 12/FINAL

    27-6 Huffman At the half
  4. Liberty 29 Huffman Hargrave12/FINAL

  5. Liberty 29 Huffman Hargrave12/FINAL

    I know the score was 29-12, but if you were at the game you should know the game was much closer than that.  The 1 fumble snap was fumble while we were driving on approx. the 20 yard line, and the other fumble was in our territory on approx. the 15 yard line in which our defense just came off the field after causing a 3 and out. So yes those turnovers did make a difference.  The game was 19-12 with about 5 min. left in the fourth... But with that being said we are not as good as I thought.. We have holes and we make  to many mistakes.
  6. Fulshear 42 Huffman Hargrave 26/FINAL

    Can't spot a team 2 TD's and give them HOPE that early in the game. We did come back and take the lead, and Imo had a chance to finish them off but 3 and out killed us at crucial times..
  7. Fulshear 42 Huffman Hargrave 26/FINAL

    Pretty horrible display last night for Huffman.  Really all we had to do is stop their running QB and not turn the ball over and It would of been a easy win.  We have holes in several places on both sides of the ball.  We do have a handful of talented players and most play both ways, but if they need rest or don't make a play then it's a big drop off.  
  8. District 11 4a d-1

    Yes I think we should win out till we get to district..  We Should, but we tend to get complacent.. when I know what the play gonna be (especially on 1st down we always run) you know the other coaches do too!!  
  9. District 11 4a d-1

    Hard to tell who's gonna win this district with this 1st game.  All teams lost but Splendora, and they played a weak Sterling team.  
  10. Liberty 29 Huffman Hargrave12/FINAL

    yea we looked really good on our first 2 drives, they couldn't stop us, then a bad snap at their 15 yard line , caused a turnover.  Then Everything kinda fell apart.  Liberty was big and fast, I will give them that.  They pushed us around pretty good and was way more aggressive then We were.  But for as bad as we played we had a chance till about 5 mins. or so in the 4th.
  11. Liberty 29 Huffman Hargrave12/FINAL

    Totally agree. But with that said If we do not have a bad snap, and a QB/RB miscommunication fumble, we are most likely talking about a win or a really close game than a blow out.  Our QB going to have to stay calm and move around in the pocket and stop flinching every time someone gets close to him.  He's  throwing off his back foot constantly ..  But imo the whole team looked a bit sluggish tonight compared to the previous scrimmages.  Maybe it was over confidence I don't know.  Liberty just was a bad match up for us as far as our D.  But there is no excuse for our Offense not scoring more 21-28 points against that defense.  
  12. Liberty 29 Huffman Hargrave12/FINAL

    To many mistakes by Falcons.. also Had a fumble ran back for TD that the runner was called down, when it was obvious he lost the ball before he hit the ground.
  13. RIVALRY !! Liberty vs. Huffman

    Liberty has that crazy Offensive scheme...  been watching a bit of film on them.. I think it will be a good game.  Thing is we see this style every year with B.C. so we normally do ok.   Huffman 28 Liberty 14
  14. Bridge City vs Diboll

    Wish B.C the best. What they went through last year was rough even for me to watch.  Lots of injuries 
  15. District 11 4a d-1

    Huffman gonna live and die with our QB play...  Right now it's just not real consistent..  big chunk plays then a negative play.  If the OB can stay calm during the bad we will be ok..  Boy definitely can chunk the rock..