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  1. Shug

    His brother has the first three years on Youtube. Might be making a 4th 
  2. Shug

  3. FB Marshall (12-0) vs PNG (9-3)

    If the defense is a joke, yall must be the punchline because they beat yall. Twice.  The coaches and kids know what they are up against. They will give it their best and its all we can ask for, W or L. Good news is, if you pay $10 on texanlive, you can watch and wish. And maybe, just maybe if you wish hard enough, yall make the playoffs next year and lose in the 1st or 2nd for traditions sake like old times.
  4. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Now I was really trying to move on from this but you went ahead and intentionally interpreted something I said to fit your own meaning. Swing and a miss! No one wished the kid hurt. It was a joke about being run over similar to a joke in basketball about breaking ankles. I guess every ankle breaker joke is about really breaking someone's ankles too then.   Since that gif made you all mad, what do you think of this?      
  5. Willowridge @ Nederland

    I guess grown men can't be held accountable for their actions if lightly ribbed on. Our countries future looks promising indeed. Lol Anyways, please go out and beat Willowridge!
  6. Willowridge @ Nederland

    I guess this thread and the others across the years is what Bigbro was talking about when he said most discussed, debated, etc. 
  7. Willowridge @ Nederland

    Wow I should tell Tom Herman and Tim Beck to watch out then. I guess all the elite 11 evaluators missed too, must've been the wind on those deep bombs. Old gray hair here can judge effort of a pass from the stands! Now tell me does he have physical speed to go with that noodle arm? The best part of this forum is to see the lack of reasoning you country bumkins always seem to have! What a joke!   
  8. Houston Northside@PNG

    Everyone who gets butt hurt about him single handily kicking their arse without a passing game says that. Roschon is 7000 plus yard passer. 
  9. Willowridge @ Nederland

    When you put about 1000 yards total offense and score 16 tds against an opponent only 3 games I’d say  you own someone. There are players whose entire seasons aren’t as productive as that 3 game stretch. I’m pretty sure he looks forward to playing nederland. He gets to show off against them.  It looks like a college player playing with high school kids. Also the one loss came on the of a historically bad defense and he did put png up with a min left. Can’t ask for more than that.  No dog in the fight but I figure that’s biaplayer meant.  The good thing is it’s over and now you can move on
  10.   For all those who were waiting. They posted it.
  11. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

    PNG leading Rb Rusher only has 359 yards???!!! Wow!!! Roschon has no help in the running game. Well, they better find one better next year because Deslatte has even less and hasnt shown he can be healthy. Ned has(had) two solid performers at rb, definitely not anything to be overly concerned over  but they are more effective at RB than PNG. Way more effective. Passing, Shug doubles Fernandez. They both have missed time but you expect the stat to skew in Roschons favor there. Cejas has quietly put himself in PNG lore as another 1000 yard WR. If he continues, he has a chance to break Riggs yardage! I guess Elam didnt put a Ned Wr yardage total because it was too low on the list. All of this is via Ashly Elam of Vypesetx Rushing R. Johnson (PNG) 965 Scott (NED) 959 (Out) Mazyck (NED) 573 Williams (PNG) 359   Passing Johnson (PNG) 1,653 Fernandez (NED) 873 McMorris (NED) 461 Recieving Ceja (PNG) 52-1,180
  12. Mid County Madness Ned v PNG

      Its gonna be a good game. Excited for it. BF v Barrow 2. Who can make the better gameplan this go round? Faircloth better get it together, it won't get easier to beat Ned without Roschon. Just read some of the back and forth and its funny. Nederlands band kids are excited because they can play "Neck". Talking out the side of your neck is a song 30 plus years old! Maybe 40. Bless their hearts, I dont wanna ruin their excitement. Go out and show me something. Maybe its because I was the White guy at a black school (TJ, and P.V.) but "neck" isn't something that anyone gets excited for unless you have an Auschwitz band director who is so white and out of the loop that he/she thinks that their listening to NWA when it comes on lol.  Its kinda whats played at a football game, neck, ESPN, etc. Vidor plays it too, heck. Speaking of bands, cant wait to get out to Bayou Classic and the PV v TSU game.     
  13. Port Neches-Groves 31 Barbers Hill 14/FINAL

    Yes roschon is 2nd in rushing. Still they shouldve ranb the ball with the rbs more last night. That was alott
  14. Crosby@Nederland

    I didn't lose anything. I didn't play. You didn't either.  ....Clown!
  15. Crosby@Nederland

    I wholeheartedly disagree. This is Cams Stat line that game. Cameron Stansbury 7-67 There are more to stats than just reading the QB stat line. While he overall passing average was 7 yards, to CAM it was nearly 10. That means Cam had nearly 10 yards a catch every time HE touched the ball. Ned made an effort to take away Riggs and Hughes which they did very well because Roschon only had 6 other completions in the game. At nearly 10 yards a catch from Stansbury, as you now know, that is nearly a first down every catch. You DONT go away from that. As I said before, you don't go away from what works. If they stay with the pass and Cam has a game as productive in the 3rd and 4th as he did in the first and second, PNG has more first downs, meaning less running on Johnson, and that may open Riggs later. Just if he doubles his catches and yards its a 14 catch 134 yard game. You DO give your DT QB chances to make plays in the passing game so he CAN close with the RUN. Not trying to take away from Ned, but BF gives you guys games with his decisions. Now if PNG can make a stand on D, none of all what I said matters anyway. Just an observation. Now go beat Crosby!