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  1. Roschon Johnson 2017-18 Highlights

  2. You want PAK, well here’s your chance lol

    Lol you right. I detest you. Ain't no talking.
  3. Roschons Final Stat line

    Good job Shug! Best QB snd even better kid
  4. Roschons Final Stat line

    Hahaha lmao. So true. He is a man though...I guess
  5. Temple vs PAM... the revenge

    Ill be streaming this one. You got this boys. Your fans, parents, and friends will all be there. Handle biz
  6. Port Neches-Groves 24 Texas City 17/FINAL

    LOL tough words Lil man. All you do is talk and ride the COATTAILS OF ACTUAL ATHLETES. EVERY TIME YOU MENTION LINCOLN YOU TALKING ABOUT WHAT ME AND MY BROTHERS DID ON THAT FIELD. You a stan. You probably write fan fiction stories fantasizing that you were an athlete. I bet you keep a helmet on your nightstand "just in case" ol RUDY RUDY, looking boy.  Then you said my boy danny was a sell out. You would never say it to his face and if you did you wouldn't have a face. . YOU WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN AN ATHLETE AT PNG. how much you hate on them.  Dungeons and dragons master sounds about right for you. Im a whole foot taller and probably 100 pounds heavier. I'm what a man is supposed to look like after puberty. It seems you stuck in that stage, never grew and are constantly battling your hormones which is why you always  stuck on stupid . You would do better at a nuetral site. Port arthur don't got love for you or else they wouldnt have reminded me who you were. Trust me, lots of parents waiting to see you. I get no props for meeting up with you and messing over a child with a mustache. But I do know some teens your size who wouldn't mind. These people don't know you but I do you fraud. Wouldn't bust a grape in a fruit fight. You should have learned from Katt Williams to leave teens alone Lil dude. Leave other people kids alone.      
  7. Port Neches-Groves 24 Texas City 17/FINAL

    So what if the kid does switch over.he s talented. Its why he has 8 tds on us and 500 yards in two games. You such a hater on that boy and ITS SAD. you hate on children who go out and compete at high levels and you never even played yourself. Class of 93 right? You talk about other people's children. Most of the kids you talking about are bigger than you, you should watch yourself. It's always somebody who aint never contributed to anything that had the strongest  opinion. Wasn't you inband? ? You talkig out the side of your neck. Maybe that's  why u always tootin your own horn.  What's your probem? These are kids. As a former coach, player and as a parent, you are sickening. 
  8. PN-G finally gets changes on D?

    D from what I heard. Good for him. He can finally shine full time if he plays well. Wuenschel will take over that 3 spot. Stansbury and Riggs are an awesome one two punch. Anyone got their stats up to this point?  I know Riggs has 1,228 yards 17 TD's recieving. 2 passing and maybe 2 rushing as well.  Put in work. He owns nearly all the PNG receiving records now.  
  9. Got a partner with a kid on jv. Word on the street is 2 new cbs. Hughes is one of them. Also some switchups at lb and maybe d line. If this is true, maybe u guys finally got what you wished for. I mean, at this point with png d, the only way it could be worse is if they didn't make the bus ride lol. Thoughts?
  10. He gotta get it together surely if we want to go past 3 rounds
  11. Is PAM overrated?

    Nederland done for. If Johnson can run for 300 and 5tds on wet grass when you know he was the ONLY option, manvel will murder them. Our game was against ned was yet another flat day from our qb plus bad coaching. They held right when played and called a horrible game. Thats all the credit they get from this old coach.
  12. Is PAM overrated?

    I feel like we had better qb play and nore consisten wr play last year. I felt li Like the defense took.away both pass and run equally well last year. Credit to vincent jr. To my eyes, we got better running the ball, worse at passing and worse at pass defense. Depending on.how u.see the  they either improved or stayed about the same.  
  13. Is PAM overrated?

    He taking shots. Aight that's fine  I will say this though, we are closer in size to 6a Westbrook than we are any of these squads in 22-5a and to me it's been DISAPPOINTING! With all that we have, no way these games should even be close. In my opinion we shouldn't be struggling to put away any of these schools.  But we do.... Mnavel dropped and became leader of the pack. We dropped and became one of the guys. Smh. I just want pa talent to realize it's potential man. But back to nopak stat, get that mess out of here.  
  14. PAM's Penalties

    Per the Beaumont Enterprise, " Memorial was penalized a season-most 17 times for 175 yards." Fact is we have been penalized entirely too often all season and it reflects on US. There was no PN-G homecooking involved this time. I know many of us have pointed to the refs all season but its time to look in the mirror. All that was excuses. We have been penalized highly in many of our games. KP was overmatched. When we meet up with good teams, we CANNOT kill OURSELVES. Good win over a team we were supposed to beat. Eventually we will be meeta team that is evenly matched or be underdogs. Can't cry then. Fix the problem and lets keep winning.  On another note, hopefully Jones can get it together for next week. 5-18-99 yards won't do it in a couple of weeks.
  15. I'm starting to think that...

    Now usually I just read and not comment, but this thread has come up after each WB game in which there was a good performance. So....Soulja, still on this train? I don't see how you could be at this point. But I'm sure you will have your reasons lol