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  1. Is PAM overrated?

    Nederland done for. If Johnson can run for 300 and 5tds on wet grass when you know he was the ONLY option, manvel will murder them. Our game was against ned was yet another flat day from our qb plus bad coaching. They held right when played and called a horrible game. Thats all the credit they get from this old coach.
  2. Is PAM overrated?

    I feel like we had better qb play and nore consisten wr play last year. I felt li Like the defense took.away both pass and run equally well last year. Credit to vincent jr. To my eyes, we got better running the ball, worse at passing and worse at pass defense. Depending on.how u.see the  they either improved or stayed about the same.  
  3. Is PAM overrated?

    He taking shots. Aight that's fine  I will say this though, we are closer in size to 6a Westbrook than we are any of these squads in 22-5a and to me it's been DISAPPOINTING! With all that we have, no way these games should even be close. In my opinion we shouldn't be struggling to put away any of these schools.  But we do.... Mnavel dropped and became leader of the pack. We dropped and became one of the guys. Smh. I just want pa talent to realize it's potential man. But back to nopak stat, get that mess out of here.  
  4. PAM's Penalties

    Per the Beaumont Enterprise, " Memorial was penalized a season-most 17 times for 175 yards." Fact is we have been penalized entirely too often all season and it reflects on US. There was no PN-G homecooking involved this time. I know many of us have pointed to the refs all season but its time to look in the mirror. All that was excuses. We have been penalized highly in many of our games. KP was overmatched. When we meet up with good teams, we CANNOT kill OURSELVES. Good win over a team we were supposed to beat. Eventually we will be meeta team that is evenly matched or be underdogs. Can't cry then. Fix the problem and lets keep winning.  On another note, hopefully Jones can get it together for next week. 5-18-99 yards won't do it in a couple of weeks.
  5. I'm starting to think that...

    Now usually I just read and not comment, but this thread has come up after each WB game in which there was a good performance. So....Soulja, still on this train? I don't see how you could be at this point. But I'm sure you will have your reasons lol
  6. Good game fellas! Keep it rolling
  7. 10 Count em, 10 TDS ON THE NIGHT FOR SHUG!

    Well he can be better from his house. Johnson don't have nothing athletically like Williams or Patterson on his team as good as Riggs, Hughes, and Stansbury are and yet...the final tally is 10 total tds. Bye Crosby! Yall left faster than usual
  8. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: End of Regular Season

    We'll if you really feel that way, it also implies that we lost to a team w one guy as well. We're the ones supposed to have all the speed and athleticism overall.  On any given night the other team can suprise you and win. We should have learned from last years game to play 4 quarters of ball. Just like we lost to them they lost to nederland and in my opinion for those games the losers actually had the better teams. Just that night one team was better prepared. That's how football goes sometimes. My old teams beat ppl we had no business beating and lost to others we shouldn't have. We gotta come prepared to play 4 full quarters and everything else will take care of itself. Very soon we will see teams with multiple "roschon" type athletes who can match our speed and athleticism. Can't make no excuses then. Gotta ball  
  9. Memorial vs Kingwood Park

    Great. Now he has to prove it in the playoffs.
  10. MCM 2017 Thoughts

    That Johnson kid is a mutant! If they had spread the ball around this could be a different game. I don't care what anyone says. If someone rushes for 300 yards the play action pass WILL be open. Apparently didn't take too many shots. Nederland got the win and looked good doing it. I have been reading about PNG defense and finally saw what everyone was saying live. Not good. That's what you are supposed to do when your O unit is better than their D unit.  But again, Johnson is the man. Sometimes he made Nederland look like children trying to tackle him.
  11. Bedlam - Crosby v. PNG

    Too close to call, this game.
  12. Memorial vs Kingwood Park

    Slight work. Lets run through these boys real quick and move on. Jones has been gaining confidence lately and has come through with some nice throws. Im excited about the playoffs this year. If Jones can keep it up, along with what he and Hines contribute in the run game, we may make a nice run. Time for those recievers to start playing big boy football now. We will need that balance against good teams. Big boy time fellas. And please no crying about referees in the playoffs. Im still seeing people a month later whining. As a former two sport ball player its all part of the game. The good teams don't make those mistakes and even if they do, they are able to overcome them. Lets get it. 42-17 Titans