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  1. There may be a delay in the Previews

    Prayers up. Hope everything is going well
  2. Would that $30-50k person happen to be Forman?
  3. Kind of an underwhelming list aint it...
  4. Lol yes they can. Most colleges allow schools to use similar logo. There are a select few that really bellyache about using their logos
  5. This one is just in case Miami gets pissy
  6. This is a Cedar Park Style logo i created
  7. So when exactly will the football coaching hire be announced 
  8. Yes.....But i think Miami is one of those colleges that cracks down on high schools for using their logo. Iowa did it to Hardin Jefferson and Penn State did it to Buna
  9. Cedar Park has the best Timberwolf logo around. Hopefully the new school does something similar especially if the can incorporate "The U" somewhere inside like CP does.    
  10. nah its just a concept i made on my cpu. But u r right everyone uses that except for cedar park