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  1. I seen the roster of Wos and they have alot of players coming back so I think it's going to be a long road for the Mustangs but I think they going to go to state again and wins it we been proven wrong for the pass 4 years that the Mustangs wasn't clear going to state but every 4 years they made it to state and I think they going to win big
  2. This game is going to be hype in week 4 when WOS invades Crosby Cougars aka Code Red territory can't wait
  3. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    I'm right along with you it's going to be a good game and it might even be a low scoring game or even overtime both of these two teams have very good defense stats to me don't even matter it's how you play and discipline of the team which team that have the most discipline will come out on top
  4. Sorry guys I had just about it on here and wosgrad is a great man and I love the things that he do on here no doubt about that but I always look at other people when they have health issues important or not I want a person to be 100 percent with no health issues and GOD can do that
  5. GOD we coming in front of you to day to put your hands on WOSGRAD and heal him bring him peace in his life and the people around him we Know you can heal people that have illness, money problems and all of him we pray that He will have his transplant sooner than later or that he don't have to have one because you heal him in your name we pray Amen
  6. State Championship Predictions Scores

    You wouldn't be surprise that each game will be put up high scoring some Offenses have the chance to do it
  7. Newton 44 Gunter 36   West Orange Stark 33 Pleasant Grove 26   Manvel 54 Highland Park 56   Kennedale 52 Carthage 62   Aledo 42 College Station 32   Allen 52 Lake Travis 34   Waco Midway 36 Cypress Fair Banks 28  
  8.   WOSGRAD my prayers goes out to you brother GOD is with you in every way and you are the number 1 guy keeping us informed in highschool sporting events you are truly blessed brother we love you on here man in GOD eyes you is already healed thank you for keeping us informed and keep up the good job at it    

    Highland Park got so size on them and they is quick with defense it's going be a good one but I see the Scots take this one by 7
  10. Rockdale Newton Tenaha Highland Park Carthage West Orange Stark Allen Waco Midway Aledo  
  11. Kennedale vs Carthage

    I got a feeling kennedale is going score a couple points on Carthage but Carthage retains there title not by much doe it's going be a defense of battle game
  12. #3 Newton Eagles   (12-0 5-0) 52     Waskom Wildcats (9-4 5-1) 17   #2 West Orange Stark (11-0 4-0)  36        Salado Eagles (12-1 4-1) 10   #3 Cuero Gobblers (12-0 5-0)  34 #6 Wimberley Texans (12-1 5-0) 42         Melissa Cardinals (12-1 5-0) 33      Pleasant Grove Hawks (12-0 5-0) 49   #2  Katy Tigers( 11-0 7-0) 54        North Shore Mustangs( 9-3 6-1) 20   #1 Carthage Bulldogs (13-0 6-0) 55       Henderson Loins (11-2  4-2) 17   #1  Allen Eagles (13-0  7-0) 42        Trinity Trojans (11-2 7-0) 38    
  13. 4a div 2

    It's going be tough for our STANGS since we own the district in football
  14. 4a div 2

    WOS  Liberty Jasper  Silsbee Hardin Jefferson Hamshire fannett  
  15. I think they do but Newton is hitting on all cylinders and my Mustangs needs to get the passing game in control in which we can do and if we can do that 3peat in the making