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  1. From the scores I have seen and the 2 games I witnessed agaisnt Fwood, Ned played them very well and scared them I sure you that.
  2. Today's game was the best hitting game Ned had all year. The little bloopers or check swing hits past the pitcher in no mans land happens. Think they 2 back to back that pyt runners on and they bunted them over. Ned has to play close to perfect to and keep the lows of a high spirited game in check.
  3. I agree. Going to come down to if Ned can swing the bat and get runners to cross the plate. Struggling at the plate. Time to get out of a slump agaisnt the cross town rivals!
  4. Dang. They can hit the ball for sure but didnt see that result
  5. I didnt have a problem with the junior starting at all. He had a great tournament season. The problem was the Freshamn starting at SS with only 2 starts and putting the slowiest kid on the field into pinch hit with base loaded with 1 out when he couldnt beat out a grounder for a double play to score a run!! Someone has to take the blame! Why not the coaches with their questionable decision making? It wasn't the players! Not one error. Out hit PNG. So you tell me?! Its not a blame game. Its realistic questioning that happens at every level!
  6. Took his Senior start from him! That had to sting.
  7. 2 years in a row!! They bring In Baker and he does his job! When will they trust him!?
  8. Ned wins this one. Ned has more pitching depth. If Ned eliminates the errors or keeps them at a minimum they win.
  9. The record doesn't reflect the kind quality teams they have played. It's the one play here and their in the early season that dont matter in district. In my opinion Ned will be just fine IF they can eliminate the one or 2 errors they continue to make. If not it will be a long season
  10. Another great game. Ned had lost alot of 1 run games this year off of that one crucial error.
  11. They actually play for something in that tournament?
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