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  1. Anahuac 21 Hardin 12/FINAL

    Hardin should be glad Evadale would have beaten them.
  2. HD 64 BURKEVILLE 0 Final
  3. Anahuac @ Hardin

    Anahuac by 6
  4. Iola vs Evadale

    Iola by 12
  5. Hitchcock 60 Hardin 0/FINAL

    A spanking is a spanking.
  6. East Chambers 31 Hardin 12

    Glad to see our neighboring school have some success. I think Hardin is graduating quite a bit of talent. Snell is a senior.
  7. Westbury 42 HD 0 they have some huge athletic kids  6' 10" 235lbs 6'8" 225lbs pretty solid little football team.
  8. Hull-Daisetta vs Houston Westbury

    I'm pretty sure everyone knows HD is not playing a 6A school!
  9. Hull-Daisetta vs Houston Westbury

    SFA has came to visit QB #14 Fregia, not sure about any others.
  10. Evadale 6 Hemphill 38/FINAL

    You want get an argument from me there. Lost two good backs Peterson moved, and Maughan graduated, QB is having a good year thus far. I expect it to be game, usually is.
  11. Evadale 6 Hemphill 38/FINAL

    They very well may beat HD, but It will not be a blowout, same thing was said last year.
  12. Hull-Daisetta vs Deweyville

    Yes, he is at Goose Creek.
  13. Hardin vs Kipp Sunnyside

    Don't get but hurt! If you can dish it out learn to take it.