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  1. Westbury 42 HD 0 they have some huge athletic kids  6' 10" 235lbs 6'8" 225lbs pretty solid little football team.
  2. Hull-Daisetta vs Houston Westbury

    I'm pretty sure everyone knows HD is not playing a 6A school!
  3. Hull-Daisetta vs Houston Westbury

    SFA has came to visit QB #14 Fregia, not sure about any others.
  4. Evadale 6 Hemphill 38/FINAL

    You want get an argument from me there. Lost two good backs Peterson moved, and Maughan graduated, QB is having a good year thus far. I expect it to be game, usually is.
  5. Evadale 6 Hemphill 38/FINAL

    They very well may beat HD, but It will not be a blowout, same thing was said last year.
  6. Hull-Daisetta vs Deweyville

    Yes, he is at Goose Creek.
  7. Hardin vs Kipp Sunnyside

    Don't get but hurt! If you can dish it out learn to take it.
  8. Hardin vs Kipp Sunnyside

    I don't know how I will sleep tonight , knowing you feel that way! But hey we can call it a typo.
  9. Hardin vs Kipp Sunnyside

    Wow! 1990 was 27 years ago mathematician are you?
  10. Hull-Daisetta vs Deweyville

    My deal is these coaches want to win, there are not out there to lose, there jobs a lively hood depend on it. It's easy to get on here and post what we think they should do. 
  11. Hull-Daisetta vs Deweyville

    That's my thoughts Exactly!
  12. Hull-Daisetta vs Deweyville

    If I am correct  HD has scored 4 times in two games and the QB, has scored them all! So why in the world would you move your QB somewhere to block
  13. Hull-Daisetta vs Deweyville

    I didn't see anyone making an excuse, HD probably wouldn't have beat Kountze either way. And yes the kids that where out where dealing with injury. I mean come on wouldn't you pull your QB if your trying to prevent injury? WOW that was the dumbest post I have ever read on here!