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  1. Hardin 4 Warren 3/FINAL

    Hardin won 4 to 3
  2. LCM vs PNG- This is awesome!

    Saw the video of the players getting to walk thru PN-G halls that day also.  What a great experience for all.  Priceless!
  3. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    I agree.  If it isn't looking good for this year then come back next year and see if things look better.  If not, then at least you have a degree.
  4. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    I thought that since he had a better year this year that his stock might jump.  Would love to see him suit up for his senior year!
  5. Texas A&M vs NC State- Gator Bowl

    Anybody hearing any discussion about what Trayveon Williams plans are for next year?  If he plans on coming out, he should be a high draft choice.  Would he sit out this game if so?
  6. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Warren supporters do exist.  It is just hard to comment much on a football thread when there is not much to comment on.  Believe me, I hope that one day, we will be relevant.  Until then, we will compete every Friday the best we can and take the whippings like a man.  Being everybody's Homecoming game sucks!
  7. You are correct.  Warren is playing Hardin.
  8. Buna at Warren/Post updates here!

    Big win Warriors.   Keeping them playoff hopes alive
  9. Kirbyville comes back to win 8 to 6
  10. Warren up 5 to 4 middle of the 5th
  11. Tuesday 4/3- Schedule changes

    Warren at Anahuac Varsity moved up to 4:30.  JV after that.
  12. Hardin at Warren/Post updates here!

    Good win Warriors.  Keep the momentum rolling.  
  13. Hardin at Warren/Post updates here!

    Game is at 1pm tomorrow.  Gotta give the field time to dry.
  14. Warren 7 Kountze 2/FINAL

    Warren wins 7 to 2