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  1. Warren 8 Hardin 4/FINAL

    Warren wins 8 to 4
  2. **Urgent prayer request in Woodville**

    Prayers from your neighbors in Warren Christian. 
  3. State Championships Update Thread

    How awesome was the final snap of the Rockdale game!  Father/ Head-coach gets to see his son battle back from bone cancer with part of shin bone removed to take the final snap of game.  Between that story and ending and then listening to WT’s interview, my eyes are a little red now.
  4. Congrats Newton.  Way to bring it all season.  Very deserving for the players, community, and coaches. WT is a true inspiration and walking testament!
  5. Cutoff Numbers

    I could see Warren and Diboll maybe joining the last group you have mentioned.
  6. Warren 46 Kountze 13/FINAL

    Come on Warriors!
  7. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    Nothing really happening.  It would seem so from the outside.  1st coach (Wofford)  chose to retire entirely on his on last July (later decided to come back and coach in Brookeland).  He was replaced by Coach Bryant in late July.  We welcome Coach Bunner and look to get back to the baseball tradition we had in Warren.
  8. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    It was his first year.  All I will say is that it didn't work out well. Not sure where he ended up going.
  9. Area Baseball Coaches on the Move

    VJ Bunner takes over as head coach at Warren.
  10. Awesome job Big Sandy.  Now finish it.  Thanks for the updates WOSgrad.
  11. Kountze beats Warren 5 to 4 to claim the 4th spot.  Good game to the very end. 
  12. 2017 NFL draft.

    Would love  to see Cameron Malveaux get his name called!
  13. Warren wins 9 to 2.  Now will play Kountze in Warren Monday at 6pm
  14. Kountze 6 Warren 3/FINAL

    Kountze wins 6 to 3.  Game was played last night.