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  1. Warren at Hardin 9/28

    Warren supporters do exist.  It is just hard to comment much on a football thread when there is not much to comment on.  Believe me, I hope that one day, we will be relevant.  Until then, we will compete every Friday the best we can and take the whippings like a man.  Being everybody's Homecoming game sucks!
  2. You are correct.  Warren is playing Hardin.
  3. Buna at Warren/Post updates here!

    Big win Warriors.   Keeping them playoff hopes alive
  4. Kirbyville comes back to win 8 to 6
  5. Warren up 5 to 4 middle of the 5th
  6. Tuesday 4/3- Schedule changes

    Warren at Anahuac Varsity moved up to 4:30.  JV after that.
  7. Hardin at Warren/Post updates here!

    Good win Warriors.  Keep the momentum rolling.  
  8. Hardin at Warren/Post updates here!

    Game is at 1pm tomorrow.  Gotta give the field time to dry.
  9. Warren 7 Kountze 2/FINAL

    Warren wins 7 to 2
  10. Warren 8 Hardin 4/FINAL

    Warren wins 8 to 4
  11. **Urgent prayer request in Woodville**

    Prayers from your neighbors in Warren Christian. 
  12. State Championships Update Thread

    How awesome was the final snap of the Rockdale game!  Father/ Head-coach gets to see his son battle back from bone cancer with part of shin bone removed to take the final snap of game.  Between that story and ending and then listening to WT’s interview, my eyes are a little red now.
  13. Congrats Newton.  Way to bring it all season.  Very deserving for the players, community, and coaches. WT is a true inspiration and walking testament!
  14. Cutoff Numbers

    I could see Warren and Diboll maybe joining the last group you have mentioned.