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  1. Discipline.  We just need to shut up and play ball.  Cant keep talking after plays.  I thought that was in the past.
  2. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    Of course, I'm rooting for Memorial.  No dog in the fight was referring to a guy that said I had family on the team.  I know a lot of these kids, I guess I take some things personal.  I admit that.
  3. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    Everything is simple from the stands.  Been hearing it for over 10 years
  4. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    If we lost by 48 and I'm still talking about that slaughter a week later, then I'd be salty. Lmao No skin in the game, but I know what I see and what I know about the position.  People killed Kadon and Keitha too, and I wasn't having it then either.
  5. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    That must mean your team is worse than you think. Lmao Smh Kind of asinine discussing a team that spanked you guys already.  Time to move on to the next team you guys will lose to.
  6. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    Lol.  Man, cut it out.  With those 2 starters yall still lose 50-2.  That same Qb had a 40 yd pass called back, a 35 yd run called back, and a 35 yd td poked out when the wr hit the ground.  This past Saturday and Sunday I saw deep balls overthrown.  Dont put too much emphasis on 4 passes out of an entire game.
  7. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    PAM 21 NC 14 without a stellar offensive performance.  Off puts it together, 42-17 PAM  
  8. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    Who has NC faced to say they have a great secondary?  Lol. I'm really not being funny. Heights?  Willis?  Wisdom? Galena Park? They lose to Crosby which isnt a passing team.
  9. I dont like comparing QBs.  Each kid's training or lack there of is different.  I saw Grant Gunnell last night on ESPN.  For one he's been 6'5 and talented.  He's been professionally trained by an ex NFL QB for years and been a 4 year starter at St Pius.  2 ESPN top 100 players at Wr.  His experience alone will put him head and shoulders above most QBs in Texas.  Other kids have a his training alone would put them in a much better position. 
  10. That was 1 person. Lol
  11. I think that's part of fans of teams.  What do you expect people to say about there team.  I see trash teams fans hype there teams more than PA.  All and all PAM was robbed of a 3rd round win last yr with a bad qb that's playing at Tulane and we're 5-0 with another bad qb that will be in someone's college next year.  Only someone stupid would say that about Johnson.  Not sure many PA fans said that bcuz a lot of us know him or have coached him. What are you talking about???
  12. Block in the back.  Kid was legally blocked, then fell in front of the ref.   Flag.....Bogus
  13. 2 offensive TDs were called back for bogus calls.
  14. Easy to say.  NC lost to a team that should have lost to Nederland.  The TEAM is avg 42 pts a game.