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  1. His throwing hand.  Now I'm surprised he threw that much.  I saw him grimacing a few times.  Didnt know why tho.
  2. Morgan said the qb was dealing with a lot after the game interview.  I didnt know what that meant.  I just heard he was playing with a sprained wrist.
  3. Ugly game offensively PAM.  Hats off to both defenses.
  4. Yea, SETX is talent rich, especially PA.  Always been that way. He got an earful from the old school cats by us.
  5. Those linebackers are some mean son of a guns too man. Lol.... I had a cousin from Atl that came with us to the game.  He asked if we recruited players from other areas.  Naw bro, this is home grown. Lmbo
  6. Ladia and McMillan.  If these 2 kids stay healthy throughout the year, they can go to state. BOLD PREDICTION Neither has a backup that can do what they do. There's a big drop off.  Without McMillan, the D is damn good.  With him, they're dominant.  The dropoff at the helmet is pretty big.  Without Ladia, they're one dimensional. Jones was an ok passer last year, but they were pretty much a running team.  You add a passer to that team and they could have easily went to state last year.  That was a big discussion at work last year. Lol
  7. It's cool to be positive about your team, but I'm more realistic bro.  I gave my prediction and I'm a prick?  Grow up young man.  Don't take something so simple to heart.  Before the game, I'm pretty sure you will see more of the same predictions as mine.  Don't take everyone's prediction personal.  Smh
  8. PAM by +35 They will be amped for this game. 
  9. Same thing we said.  They ran on the field non chalont.
  10. Port Arthur Memorial 48 Deer Park 20/FINAL

    I said the same thing about McMillan.  Wouldn't have happened with Harrison, but I do give Morgan credit for benching him the 2nd half. Hopefully he learns from it, because he was having a great game.  I thinks 3 sacks in the 1st half. Smh
  11. Port Arthur Memorial 48 Deer Park 20/FINAL

    Qb drops back, avoids the sack and rolls out to the left and makes a throw off of one leg with a defender in pursuit.  Qb's tackled to the ground as the ball's released and drops a dime to the back of the end zone to #17. TD!!  Man, what a play!!
  12. Port Arthur Memorial 48 Deer Park 20/FINAL

    Game should/could have been 60+to 3. Toooooo many penalties.  Defense was dominant but had tooo many penalties.  Almost embarrassing with that talent.  Offense comes a little slower than defense, so if this is considered slow, I cant wait to see how they look when they get it together.  Ladia had some awesome throws, I mean awesome throws and some dropped balls, and a few missed passes. Overall really good for a first time starter along with the young running back that runs that hard. (WOW)  He will have an awesome career.  He'll be the next great PA runner.  Looks to be a complete team, just make those adjustments and theyll go far.
  13. Port Arthur Memorial 48 Deer Park 20/FINAL

    Adjustments.  That's what I took from the scrimmage.  Something that wasn't done before.  They're going to be fun to watch.
  14. Who are SETX's best returning quarterbacks?

    I'm just going to put a name out there for you all to remember. Kam Ladia from PA Memorial.  I've seen some video from spring ball.  Quick release, very strong arm, accurate, and the ball zips from his hand.  Not saying he's better than this or that kid, but he's definitely a kid to keep  on your radar.