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  1. Duncanville and lake travis

    Yessss! That means my boys are winning it all this year!
  2. New Caney vs Port Arthur Memorial

    This game decides who wins district no doubt about it. I could see this game going many ways but a close Titan win is the most plausible. 31-21 is how I see this one shaping up to be. If the offense plays like it did that first game against Deer Park then this will be a blow out but unfortunately I haven't seen anything the last few games that would suggest that they will. Last but not least, PENALTIES!!!, we had  around 4 touchdowns last game called back over dumb penalties, that wont cut it against NC and it sure as heck won't in the playoffs either. 
  3. Nice try, except those teams that WB and PAM have lost to in the playoffs over the years would've made Newton look like a middle school team. 
  4. Yes sir, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as when we played United but the center/QB exchange was responsible for 2 turnovers during this game. That's 2 too many.
  5. Porter 27, Kingwood Park 28/FINAL

    KP should finish third in the district after this win. 
  6. Crosby 42 Vidor 36/FINAL (3 OT)

    I'll pitch in on that lol
  7. 28-0  PAM 1:52 left in the first
  8. 21-0 PAM 4:12 left in the first
  9. Lol, bet you've been saving that for the first bad game he has. Everyone you mentioned has had terrible passing games before as well and I doubt they'd do much better with a 3rd string center. He'll improve, although I don't necessarily agree that he's the best passer in the area but he's solid for sure.
  10. Did someone rub oil all over the ball or something? Lol
  11. PNG vs Tomball

    I always give him his props, I'm a huge UT fan so naturally I will be an RJ fan once he gets there. 
  12. PNG vs Tomball

    Nice try, except there were about 4 penalties that weren't called on that play. 
  13. Muffed punt by Deer Park Recovered by PAM 17-0 PAM 11:44 left in the 2nd.