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  1. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Jake Smith Longhorn Commit http://twitter.com/TXLonghornSport/status/1072734625787797504 National Gatorade POY
  2. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    And the Aggies have been recruiting him since the 4th grade! This ain’t last year  Same story on this guy too!!
  3. Herman's Texas Longhorns

     Needs/wants for 2019 https://hookemheadlines.com/2018/12/08/texas-football-recruiting-3-biggest-positional-needs-fill-2019-class/ This ain’t last year 
  4. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    Enough said @Whoopi Goldberg's Lips   btw LTD The last time I had wine in my mouth, I was in high school and it was Boone’s Farm Stawbery Hill!!
  5. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    Ignorance which can be seen by all is not ignorance 
  6. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    He has been playing with some serious injuries since the fourth game.  Never giving in the urge to quit! btw Hager and Sterns are playing!     Aggie jealously runs deep.  
  7. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

  8. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    Obviously more watching than posting. Why would a Aggie care about Georgia?  @Bandwagon Rangermentions Texas record against the might sec teams.  You shouldn’t only watch SECN!   Texas will never shy away from any opponent, regardless their conference affiliation or record.  As an Aggie, you cannot understand!!!  
  9. Texas at Georgia- Sugar Bowl

    So Aggie amlumi,  You’re saying that Texas is doomed.  Never underestimate the Hermanator and the Horns.  This ain’t last year 
  10. College Football Playoff

    This thread  tires my brain.  Like remembering the great Longhorn Wishbone QB’s! Street was the first, but Atkins the best. At least the current playoff exceeds the previous...enough said       
  11. Texas owns a 3-1 record against the Bulldogs. They last played in the 1984 Cotton Bowl. Georgia prevailing 10-9 on a botched punt return very late in the game. The 1983 Texas defense I consider their best ever. This loss cost us a National Championship!!! Looking forward to the matchup.  
  12. Bowl Matchups

    Double post
  13. Bowl Matchups

    Looks like  Sugar  Georgia and Texas
  14. Big XII Championship Game

    I am very PROUD of the Longhorns’ performance yesterday.  This team overachieved to be in this game. This staff has shown the ability to recruit talent and teach it to win.  No moral victories here. We like real wins.  Be proud Horns let’s go win another bowl game.  HOOKEM    
  15. Big XII Championship Game

    It’s Gameday Todays attire is the 2009 Big XII Championship shirt and hat.  This ain’t last year  Who could have imagined after Maryland? 1-0 equals Championship Game