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  1. 2017 CFB Texas A&M Aggies

    That’s Mack job, Mack the Knife
  2. Texas A&M vs Florida

    WOW espn2?
  3. Okie St at Texas

    Remember last year, What idiot would play game on Sunday Night? ND @ Texas one the mostest watched games of 2016!! ”This ain’t last year” Remember this year, What idiot would play game on Sunday night? Prime time audiences witnessed the 2nd largest meltdown in FBS history.  I really think Aggies deserved the #1 spot. November is looming on the horizon 
  4. Okie St at Texas

    Expect watching sec football for brunch lmao
  5. Nebraska

    NU’s triple option didn’t exist.  They ran option plays from power formations. It pounded you with powerful tailbacks and QB’s scooting around the ends.  Runs by the fullbacks were called plays and not reads.  You need dominating OL to run this type offense. I loved this offense, but it is just not seen anymore
  6. Okie St at Texas

    11:00 am on ABC for the “Channel Challenged” reminds me of always playing arkie after Sooners, sore, tired, and ready to kick ass
  7. 2017 CFB Texas A&M Aggies

    Meant to say post bamer
  8. 2017 CFB Texas A&M Aggies

    Did Sumlin mention “moral victory” in his post game presser?
  9. Nebraska

    Chip = “show cause”  
  10. Oklahoma @ Texas

    Just like Aggy!!!!! lmao
  11. Oklahoma @ Texas

    Just like Aggy!! lmao
  12. Weekly LSU Games

    Just like Aggy lmao
  13. Texas A&M vs Florida

    Just like Aggy lmao
  14. Oklahoma @ Texas

    FG  Sooners 10-0
  15. Oklahoma @ Texas

    Sam is the starting QB He could join Peter “the great” Gardere