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  1. Herman's Texas Longhorns

     No track for Burt   i believe this a good decision for him and the TEAM   
  2. I know it's super early,but...

    But if Miami gets beat, you will be in a bad mood all weekend 
  3. Fake Fanatic

    This is the gear from the "Real Fanatic" http://br.fanatics.com/COLLEGE_Texas_Longhorns/partnerid/14422 horns up and Hookem 
  4. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Herman is definitely trimming the wicks in all the right places   horns up and Hookem 
  5. CBB Longhorns

    This will help   horns up and Hookem 
  6. Texas A&M Rivalry

      LHN 29.6 TV rating  2011 Texas - Texas A&M Game everytime.......... That Tucker kid can kick!
  7. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    I am sure glad that Herman held out for his dream job and Applewhite becomes a head coach   Just like every recruit is not sec good, the same came be said about Coaches.   
  8. Tom Herman To LSU

      so now tiger fans should feel better about being rejected by Herman. He had only been thinking about it all year.  BTW  Saints fans know real gold, not yella   Horns up and Hookem 
  9. Fake Fanatic

    Someone  must have hacked my accounts  A real fanatic would not be caught dead wearing or selling these items http://br.fanatics.com/COLLEGE_Texas_A_And_M_Aggies/partnerid/14422 Horns up and Hookem 
  10. Texas A&M Rivalry

    Tamu certainly has come a long way from land grant college! whooooopppp! From figs, dewberries and animal husbandry into a military Goliath among rotc's everywhere  
  11. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Herman's first commitment    and the previous staff couldn't sign a kicker
  12. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    No quick easy fix.  "winning is hard"  https://n.rivals.com/news/no-recruiting-quick-fixes-for-herman-longhorns Tom Herman is quickly becoming the fanatic's  dream coach!!!! horns up and Hookem 
  13. Herman's Texas Longhorns

      good interviews with the new staff.