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  1. College World Series- 2018

    Longhorns 36th trip!! It never gets old!!!
  2. College World Series- 2018

    All the excitement, for some, starts tomorrow!!
  3. College World Series- 2018

    Selling your tickets?   The record extends!
  4. NCAA Super Regionals

  5. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    WOW  You can hang banner from the rafters of ice cream field!! At least the sec has about 200 more CWS than your Aggies!! 2019 Preseaon polls are out and the Aggies’ rankings in the state are moving up! WHOOP    Regionals are just that,  with the best team from the region regardless conference affiliation 
  6. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Florida down by 2
  7. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Ole Miss is the BEST offensive team in the sec!!
  8. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    After watching the game for 8 1/3 innings, the ump missing every close Texas pitch, not reciprocated to Indiana, UT was due.  Can you find any more excuses for TEXAS’ win? It must really suk to discover your greatest rival is your “DADDY” WHOOP!!!!!  
  9. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Nah  I like camping out in the parking lots like Bab’s You miss the true CWS experience in a room!! 24hr/day tailgating is the true CWS experience 
  10. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Chase likes his balls rubbed by the ball boy. 
  11. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    I wonder if Mack wants to sell his CWS tickets?
  12. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Turf toes in football should also be outlawed! 
  13. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    Expert analysis from the seafaring Aggie  Why are there no bubbles with the Aggies gone??
  14. NCAA Baseball Regionals

    The Aggie Baseball has fewer June wins, than Aggie Football wins in November!   
  15. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Texas AD Chris DelConte stated last week that when Texas does a stadium expansion, it will be done right.  Also stated that he would never follow the Aggies method to attendance records.  1) stadium seat width shrinking  2) temporary seating 3) free SRO tickets to anyone wearing the right color shirt This ain’t last year