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  1. Coaching vacancies

    I guess all the coaching vacancies have been filled. SECondtoTexasLonghorns
  2. Jimbo fisher is now an Aggie

    https://247sports.com/college/texas/ContentGallery/Ranking-the-Top-25-facilities-in-college-football-for-2018-112072412/33 Jimbo is going to be pissed.  Someone in college station told him Aggies’ facility’s  were #1. To him this mean in the Nation, not Texas!  
  3. Oh I always do SECondtoTexasLonghorns
  4. It’s hard with ALL the great things associated with The University of Texas!!! I assume that why you chose lsu and your associated post count is low. Charles want to meet you! Maybe at Hamburger Depot SECondtoTexasLonhorns
  5. I just read on another site that the students at tamu on the MSC grass protesting that John David Crow’s Heisman Trophy was not recognized by PM19 (before his lifetime) oh well
  6. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Chris DelConte - AD watching his presser now on LHN right before the 1963 Championship Show. ”Texas is the epicenter of intercollegiate athletics” ”I am here to win championships”
  7. Jimbo fisher is now an Aggie

    It would be a recruiting downgrade for the best recruiting staff in CFB. Tim was in Atx and chose to leave.
  8. SECondtoTexas   I am only here to “tell the truth”.   Why does a poster, who struggles with the truth, even bother?   My profile says being facetious!
  9. At or near in all sports  read ^^^ Never said I am happy with 6-6 just like Aggy taking time out his busy day to respond so admiralty  this is why TF fits so well in aggyland
  10. I have watched all four of Texas’ Championship games  I have also watched Texas lose a bcs Championship game and two bowl games losses which resulted in NO championship  Mack must be madddd about something  1) Texas rejected his application  2) having to blend into that Aggie culture  3) Marvin Zinder shuttling down the Chicken Ranch  4) The Aggies invented “cold fusion” without him hum???
  11. No one on this board is happy with 6-6 and a bowl invite, especially this fanatic!!! I proposed an easy bet with AAW, maybe you’re interested.    But there is an expectation that things are on the rise.  How’s that championship shirt?  
  12. Texas has experienced some of their worst football in the history! Aggy elated to have better record! Texas>Brown, Strong and Herman tamu>Sherman, Sumlin and Fisher If Aggy is so elated, why the same number of coaches? and the year ain’t over yet   or why has college station become a deathbed for young football coaches?  
  13. Why would skip history  71% next you will be taking down monuments 
  14. 2018 recruiting

    Unfortunately so!
  15. Who? If you mean Texas, 71%