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  1. Herman's Texas Longhorns

     Chris Simms was a "rich boy" If he took $100 handshakes he was a "stupid boy" too I know you understand stupid just like sunflowers are "gold" sure glad "This ain't last year"  
  2. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Texas will have more wins this year than Texas A&M.  Easy bet, no math, and for some delicious chicken!!
  3. It does appear that Aggies respond to headlines but are just a little "slow" in comprehending the article.     
  4. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    The "pursuit of greatness"      
  5. 2018 recruiting

    No chirping from this fanatic.  YOU because the MIA!
  6. 2018 recruiting

    Where is Sunflower when you need him?
  7. 2018 recruiting

    And now #2 after Epps.  And Herman hasn't won a game yet.  Hookem
  8. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    4* TE Epps committs http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2706384-4-star-te-prospect-malcolm-epps-commits-to-texas-over-fsu-texas-am-more hoookem
  9. 2018 recruiting

    Texas is now #4 http://247sports.com/Season/2018-Football/CompositeTeamRankings "This ain't last year"
  10. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    4* DT Coburn https://twitter.com/i/web/status/894666734854168576 hookem
  11. CBB Longhorns

    Another Longhorn at birth http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/20247694/brock-cunningham-commits-texas-longhorns I remember his father well!  
  12. I believe your right, Buddy Garritty
  13. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Day 5 FULL pads https://www.burntorangenation.com/2017/8/4/16096912/texas-longhorns-practice-pads-injuries-kirk-johnson-reggie-hemphill-mapps-tom-herman PJ says "pads were popping"  
  14. It's August ..