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  1. Week 8 Polls

    I would rather not win out and play the Aggies in the Music City Bowl! lmao When you beat OU, it means something!  When you beat Aggies, it’s just another win.  
  2. UT vs. bye

    As AAW would say ”I am taking bye and the points”  
  3. Notre Dame

    I did say BEST, not HIGHEST RANKED 
  4. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    Bowl eligible in the second week of October  In the old days, if you beat OU, then here comes Arkansas. 
  5. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    championship      I can’t edit my posts 
  6. Notre Dame

    Notre Dame deserves it only if, the Irish are one of the 4 BEST teams  Same for anyone 
  7. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    Today’s attire includes a 2005 Big XII Championship shirt.  Winning is hard Winning champions is harder btw This was Mack Brown’s first conference championship  He won a Rose Bowl first
  8. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

  9. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    Laying out my “Championship” wardrobe for tomorrow  This ain’t last year  1-0=5-1  
  10. Week 7 Games

    Teenagers can be unpredictable 
  11. Rape aggy vs #9 TEXAS

    The wins continue, but the 4 straight “victory formation” streak is over! This ain’t last year  1-0=5-1 hookem  
  12. #13 Kentucky at Texas A&M

    DONE  He’s now unemployed 
  13. Week 7 Polls

    If a Championship is at stake, there will be no Kansas letdowns.  You can quote me 1-0 = 5-1 
  14. #19 Texas vs #7 Oklahoma

    A RRS Championship 
  15. #13 Kentucky at Texas A&M

    Great win for the Aggies Jimbo finally learning to use that home field advantage. Almost the BIGGEST upset of the day.