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  1. PNG @ Vidor prediction

    I for one am getting a little tired of the defense bashing going on here.  There is not one kid on this team who is perfect (offense or defense). Correct me if I’m wrong but the objective of the defense is to win possession, which is necessary for their own team to score and also to prevent the other team from scoring. At 5-0 I think both the offense and defense have done their jobs.  They may not do them like some of you think they should, but they’re getting it done!   Now let’s go Indians...BEAT THE PIRATES!!!
  2. My view on PAM vs PNG 2017

    That goes both ways...what about the blatent hit on our qb in the end zone after the touchdown or the hands to the face on our offensive lineman on multiple occasions or the holding by PAM’s o-line all night long as well as the numerous blocks in the back.  Quit whining about the refs because there were many more times when flags should have been against PAM.  The refs didn’t make PAM lose this game and anyone who was there should know that for a fact. 
  3. That statement goes both ways as there were several other holding penalties, blocks in the back, etc against PAM which weren’t called. 
  4. Time should’ve already ran out before this TD was made!
  5. Vidor @ Lumberton

    You mean those chop blocks they’re notorious for?
  6. PNG vs. Barbers Hill

    Thanks...had a little insomnia last night and started typing.  Lol
  7. PNG vs. Barbers Hill

    SCALP 'EM!!!
  8. PNG vs. Barbers Hill

    True...I remember people talking about that.  I got out around the back of the school.  I guess no one knows about the road that goes all the way around back.  
  9. PNG vs. Barbers Hill

    We already did...at PAM!  
  10. Stadiums of 22- 5A and 21- 5a

    You may have a parking lot, but what good is it when it takes 45 minutes to an hour to get in and out of it?
  11. Stadiums of 22- 5A and 21- 5a

    I think #4 and #5 are backwards...Lumberton's stadium is much nicer than PAM and the parking at PAM and Lumberton are just as bad as the Reservation.