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  1. PNG/rumors

    Oops, sorry 
  2. PNG/rumors

    That tells you all you need to know about SF integrity. I hate this I wish it would of never happened. For Crosby, PNG & for our our district to have to vote on the issue. Personally I don’t want the playoffs because of a technicality I would rather see us earn a spot & we got big Ned ready to eat so we would still need to win out. Which is easier said than done.  
  3. BH Vs. Crosby

    Yes we are in a funk, 5-2 & it’s a bad season that says a lot right there. After what I witnessed last Friday in the stands people calling out players & fans calling out each other it is embarrassing. The situation with the district has touched everything in CISD, I’m hurting for my community.   My opinion: Last Friday is the first time we got BEAT. We lost to PNG due to coach not managing the game better. BH has a coach that knows what he is doing and if our coaches or whoever is left don’t get it right then it’s 3 losses in a row.  Warning: Rant begins now I don’t talk trash but I’ll say this, keyboards make weaklings bold.  I don’t think most of this crap would be said face to face.  This goes to Crosby posters and the others.  Now some will say it’s free speech or just some fun, I say you are what you spew.   Back to football: Oh I hope we win but I just don’t know, I agree if we line up & run, run, run l like the chances better. Probably going to be another shoot out, I hope we got enough.          
  4. BH Vs. Crosby

    I’m hoping for injury free game & for those kids that are being considered to have good showings. I may have to go sit on BH side...not. I’m not proud of behavior of some of our fans last night. Then again I think heck no I’m gonna to tell them to knock it off because youngsters are watching but some people are just...   BH you got the knife to our throat. I hate it for our kids we have the talent but... Still gonna stand proud even though we are down, Code Red!  
  5. Santa Fe 27 Crosby 20/FINAL

    It feels like we are just going through the motions. I’m not going to stop supporting our kids but I do see & the frustration on/off field. Maybe we are sleep walking but this is not a dream. 
  6. Santa Fe 27 Crosby 20/FINAL

    Yes it’s sad  
  7. Santa Fe 27 Crosby 20/FINAL

    Yes & into the stands, community everywhere it’s taken something. I hate it. 
  8. Crosby @ Santa Fe

    Yeah I heard that before but forgot.  
  9. Crosby @ Santa Fe

    No!  We have more going here in our community that needs board situation. I spend too much time reading & trying to investigate this crap. It’s really bad but when times are tuff you find out who and what people really are.  So back to football, I hope for a injury free win. It’s kinda hard to focus on sport at this point in time     
  10. Crosby @ Santa Fe

    Man don’t even start...I was against that $&@# scoreboard from the start. We had a scoreboard that worked just fine but oh no “we have to keep up with the Jones”. I’m so disgusted with all this mess I sure hope some prison time is coming for the responsible. I hate this for our community the teachers & staff let go are now victims. I feel bad for our kids too but hey your right we got a freaking big scoreboard & some sweet ball fields.  I know nothing about SF except the obvious so I would just like a win. Good luck to both teams. 
  11. Port Neches-Groves 48 Crosby 45/FINAL

    I’m too lazy to read posts so this may have been said already.    PNG thank you! The donation was classy.   Good Game!  Congrats to PNG! IMO our coach gets out coached by yours the last two times. I don’t want to talk about clock management...smh People say defense has to improve and again IMO our defense did enough to win. They got the interception & a punt.         
  12. Crosby V. PNG

    Under water welders, “the lowest profession” & proud of them. 
  13. Crosby V. PNG

    Oops sorry I messed up 
  14. Crosby V. PNG

    What about the best beard
  15. Crosby V. PNG

    Those of us that get out an experience the outdoors have the advantage in life... a bad day fishing is better than a good day at work.