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  1. Hopefully the kid Jones will get a scholarship offer.  The kid can play!  I remember him playing as a freshman.
  2. Yeah I just found out about Xavier.  They call him X.  Said he can fill it up.  
  3. Why are we playing at 6:00 p.m.?  Folks need to get off work and travel.
  4. Wow!  Major upset!  I didn't think Ozen would win this game.  Crosby had lost a few games and Ozen lost a lot.  Coaches at Ozen are doing a great job to say they lost the Jones kid, the big sophomore post player who can play, and the tall kid with the goggles.    
  5. Just losing Parquet?  Parquet is a big time player.  Any team that lost him will take a hit.  That type of player is not easy to replace.  Last year he didn't play.  This year he did play.  Look at the records. I have never heard of Boutte bouncing on any team after 2 years, but the team he would be bouncing to would be the school he attended high school and left Port Arthur Lincoln to go to .  And from what my co-worker told me, with the new school being formed and having the new school boundary lines drawn, most of West Brook talent will be going to the new school starting with the 8th graders this year. 
  6. North Forest vs Silsbee

    My Tigers will be fine until they see Yates.  Just stay focused Tigers. I am gonna make sure that I am off work for the Regional Final game.  
  7. CY Fair Hoops Tourney

    I just found out that this tournament has several ranked teams in the state which includes the #1 ranked teams in 4A (Silsbee), 5A (Waxahachie) and 6A (Cy-Falls). This has to be one of the best tournaments of the year.  I will be there to see my Silsbee Tigers against Wagner @ 9 tomorrow morning if both teams win their games today.
  8. I expected a bigger win for us last night.  The guy sitting next to me told me that Ozen actually had 3 starters that were missing last night.  Dotson, Jones, and somebody else.  
  9. Central vs Silsbee

    Silsbee-lite by 25.  With Barnes and the rest of the team it would be Silsbee by 40.  
  10. 2017 Texas High School Jamboree

    Despite my Tigers being the so called "Silsbee-Lite", we still had a chance to win the game.  It is not what you do in November but what you do in March.
  11. The foul count was 16 to 2 in the first half?  You gotta be kidding me!  I have never heard of a foul count to be that lopsided in a game.  Bottom line is Ozen won the game.  
  12. OK I am eating crow.  I thought West Brook would beat Ozen by 20 because I didn't think the Jones kid could do it by himself and Parquet and the 6'9" kid would be too much.  I didn't go to the game but I heard Ozen had a good game plan.  Ozen vs. my Tigers next month.  
  13. West Brook vs. Ozen Predictions

    Too much Parquet and the 6'9 kid
  14. Dist. 9 #4 Center vs Dist. 10 #1 Silsbee

    Silsbee 28 Center 7