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  1. Great choice for the number one team...United still has to play some games to show me something.  
  2. So who are the top players participating in this showcase?  I only know of the guard at Morton Ranch, the tall guard at Dickinson, and of course the big guy from PA Memorial.
  3. Silsbee is in the C.E. King Scrimmage tomorrow but who are the other teams in the scrimmage?
  4. How many games did the coach in waiting, Ed Taylor, win as a head coach?  
  5. Hamshire-Fannett @ Silsbee

    Silsbee 51  Hamshire Fannett 7
  6. WOW!  You have got to be kidding me!  
  7. Excellent Point!  And most of the time, the 9th grade coaches in football are head coaches in another sport on the high school campus.  So in reality, many of the football players are starting all over in the 10th grade.
  8. PNG/rumors

  9. South San Tournament Field

    Gonna be an AWESOME tournament!!!!
  10. Devon McCain and Jordyn Adams

    Exactly.  Character means alot!  But there is one thing that I do know,  if you have the talent, they will FIND YOU!  
  11. Silsbee vs Liberty

    Silsbee 35   Liberty 14
  12. Are Devon and Jordyn still committed to Baylor?  If not, who are recruiting them now that they are seniors and does anyone know where  they are leaning on going to school?
  13. My co-worker gave the schedule to me today.  I wish Silsbee played in it.                                RCS SPORTS SEASON OPENER                          M.O. CAMPBELL CENTER....ALDINE, TEXAS 10:30 a.m.       NIMITZ  vs.  NORTH SHORE 12 NOON        HUMBLE  vs. HOUSTON CHRISTIAN 1:30 P.M.         SAM HOUSTON  vs.  SPRING WOODS 3:00 P.M.         DICKINSON vs. MORTON RANCH 4:30 P.M.         JACK YATES vs. BEAUMONT UNITED 6:00 P.M.         CONCORDIA LUTHERAN vs. PORT ARTHUR MEMORIAL 7:30 P.M.         EISENHOWER vs. KLEIN FOREST
  14. Maxey may be great but can one guard deal with our 3 headed monster in Silsbee?  I have already arranged to take off for the United game so I won't be able to see the game against South Garland.
  15. TABC preseason rankings

    How many people return from the Dallas Carter team?  I am just curious to know if they will be a serious threat to my Tigers 3 Peat.