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    probably had to do with what he was teaching. if it was an non essential elective they probably got rid of it but I don't know for sure. 
  2. 21-6A

    If sterling can’t win a game with Calvin this year imagine how bad it will be next year. This is what gccisd wanted though. They rezoned the first year of realignment so that in two years all three schools will be 5A so they can win by playing each other. This and next year is going to be hard to watch. GCM is 1-5(0-3) sterling is 2-4 (0-3) and Lee is 2-4 (0-3) the state of Baytown football is just really really bad and that is sad because there are talented players in Baytown they just end up being split between three schools or they transfer to neighboring schools 
  3. this is what you said earlier.."" I'm not using titles as relevance.  I'm showing that ANY team out of region 4 still can't compete with the rest of the state these days.  The original point was that LP has fallen by the way side because of dropping enrollment and a demographic swing.  Someone said.."well Judson has a lot of Hispanics".. Well.. All of South Tx does.  SOMEONE has to be the best team in region 4.  Still can't beat the other regions." *hence my post since Calallen just went to state in 16-17 If your one of the last two teams that means you beat the other region in the regional round Correct? 
  4. Have you heard of a team called Calallen and a guy named Phil Danaher?  check the history - http://www.theathleticsdepartment.com/schools/Corpus-Christi-Calallen/Football/history/
  5. La Porte calls in the Rangers to help find lost bulldogs. 
  6. 21-6A

    The confusion on O has been bad, but that's what happens when you change offenses every two years. this is this seniors class Third offense in 4 years. Their Freshmen year Under Gareri they were I formation, with the last two years under Sawyer they went spread,  and now new head coach new OC new terminology, I don't care how good you are or are not. that is just not how you build a successful program. You have to have the Jimmy's and Joe's and Consistency so they can get good at something. 
  7. Crosby V. PNG

    Go ahead pay me like a baby sitter. I’ll charge $10 dollars a hour times 30 kids. That’s $300 a hour right? So 7:30-3:30 that’s 8 hours but I’ll go ahead and take a hour lunch (which all teachers get right?) so let’s say 7 hours. 7 times $300 that’s $2,100 a day. We “only” teach for 162 days so 162 times 2,100 = $340,200. I’ll gladly take babysitter pay. Sign me up man! 
  8. 21-6A

    Good luck this year United. 
  9. 21-6A

    I’m still here just learned not to say to much on here. If your a fan of a team in Baytown it’s hard to support when you have a new head coach every two years and don’t have a true feeder pattern so it’s impossible to build a middle school-high school program. Add in all our best players playing at Crosby, North Shore, la Porte, deer park. It’s tough. I’m a loyal fan I still support Sterling financially and by attending games,and want them to do good. 
  10. I usually stay quiet on here I watch and keep my mouth shut, but no one was giving Sterling a chance so I figured I would speak up. I just think with United not being able to throw the ball in bad weather the better run game goes to sterling. Since we don’t really throw the ball anyway. This may be a low scoring game I just am rooting for the Rangers to play tough and come out with a win. The last two years the rangers have missed the playoffs by one game I want them to get over the hump for Calvin’s last year. Go Rangers! 
  11. Sterling by 7, Calvin Hill is the real deal, and when teams start to key on Him. EJ can make plays as well.  Everyone in the stadium always knows who is getting the ball and it hasn't stopped him yet. add in the rain on Friday which will kill the limited passing game of United and the Rangers should win this one. 
  12. 21-6A

    My guess for now 1  Galena Park North Shore 2.  Beaumont West Brook 3. CE King 4.  Deer Park 5.  Baytown Sterling 6.  Channelview 7.  United 8. La Porte
  13. SETXsports Pick'em Schedule - Week 5

    1.    Crosby 2.    Woodville 3.    Evadale/ 4.   Baytown Sterling 5.   Beaumont West Brook 6.   Port Arthur Memorial 7.   Barbers Hill 8.   Port Neches-Groves 9.   Nederland 10.  Buna 11.  Kirbyville 12.   13.  /West Orange-Stark 14.  Tarkington 15.  Liberty 16.  Hardin-Jefferson 17. Silsbee 18. Newton 19.  Hemphill 20.  Kountze 21.  West Sabine 22.  High Island 23.  Calvert 24.   Beaumont Kelly 25.   Baytown Christian
  14. Magnolia 43 Barbers Hill 13/FINAL

    It’s at eagle stadium in Barbers hill not at Stallworth