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  1. Barbers Hill 42 Manvel 62/FINAL

    I just wish Sterling could make the playoffs 7-4 and first round loss to Manvel sounds a lot better than 2-8 from where I sit. good job BH, maybe at realignment in 2 seasons we will play y'all. 
  2. The Hill vs Manvel

    lol GCM trying to talk about run defense, I don't think any of us Baytown schools should be critiquing a playoff team. BH is 7-3 none of us (Baytown) have a winning record obviously they are doing something right that we are not. I don't think anyone expects BH to win but that doesn't mean they didn't have a great season.  
  3. CROSBY vs. LEE

    he almost left this last summer he was offered the deerpark job and then decided to stay. If he almost left before all this i can easily see him leaving now. 
  4. The Lone Ranger Calvin Hill goes for 200 yards rushing and three scores in his final game of High School, but its not enough as Bruins take the Win. Its basketball time in Baytown.   
  5. PNG@The Hill

    I’ve seen that every week this year unfortunately, poor rangers have no shot every week. Most of the players are looking forward to basketball or track or baseball already.
  6. PNG@The Hill

    Okay good call, I'll bring my ipad so I can see also. 
  7. PNG@The Hill

    My rangers are at C.E. King this week, So I think I am going to come watch this one instead. Where should I sit if I'm neutral?
  8. PNG@The Hill

    I feel ya man
  9. PNG/rumors

  10. PNG/rumors

    hang on ya'll I'm out of popcorn and soda i'll be right back.
  11. PNG/rumors

    They obviously knew it was wrong why is there a big red door in the window trying to block it? Unless it’s always like that?? Wow!!!  
  12. PNG/rumors

                         District       Nederland.      5-0    Crosby, PNG PNG.               4-1      BH,NED Barbers Hill     4-1      PNG, Santa Fe Santa Fe         3-2      Dayton, BH Crosby            3-2      NED, Lee Lee                 1-4       Vidor, Crosby Vidor               0-5       Lee, Dayton Dayton            0-5       Santa Fe, Vidor IF BH wins out and Ned Loses to Crosby and PNG. BH could win the DC, So now all three teams at the top have a legit chance to finish as the one seed with two games to play. This is better than Jerry Springer!. I'm enjoying watching this instead of my team (we have had a bad year. but Go Rangers!)
  13. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    All good I thought maybe weather had cancelled a game or something 
  14. 12-5A II. Playoff Situation

    Barbers hill only played nine games this year? The overall record says 5-2 with two to play. What happened was a game cancelled or something? 
  15. Rangers can’t find their shirts, the deer run away with this one!