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  1. Silsbee 114 Center 53/FINAL

    Now, that i could see from that coach, who by the way isnt even at center this year. In fact, both of the assistant coaches from last year that were always on twitter are no longer at center. 
  2. Silsbee 114 Center 53/FINAL

    I think youd be hard pressed to get Harrison to say much, regardless of the outcome. Congrats to silsbee. Good luck the rest of the season. I'll be expecting a 3 peat. Hopefully i can talk my wife (who is a silsbee grad) into coming to the state tourney with me this year. Its just gonna be a long year for the Riders. Out of the 8 guys that played heavy minutes last yr, 6 graduated, and 1 transferred to shelbyville.  Thanks again for the updates
  3. Silsbee 114 Center 53/FINAL

    Harrison had alot to say on twitter? I doubt he even has a twitter account. 
  4. Silsbee 114 Center 53/FINAL

    How is Center finding their offense? They hitting any outside shots, or just around the bucket? Im pleasantly suprised weve got 29 at half. Silsbee pressing us into turnovers, or just doing as they please on offense?
  5. Silsbee 114 Center 53/FINAL

    Ill just say this, those guards have just as good a shot at scoring, defending, and getting rebounds as any "size" on the Riders bench.  Im honestly surprised its as "close" as it is right now.  Thanks for the updates, btw. Keep em coming
  6. Center Vs Silsbee- MONDAY DEC 10

    Youre being very generous if you think we will score 63 tonight. If silsbee wanted to win by 50+, i dont see them having much problem doing it. Im thinking center will be doing good to score 40-50 pts.    Tigers 94 Riders 39
  7. Liberty 55 Center 38/FINAL

    I give Liberty all the credit they deserve. They played a pretty disciplined game on offense. The only times they didnt score TD's was they couple times they fumbled the ball. Granted, Center's defense has been atrocious for the better part of the season, ESPECIALLY against the run. But with that said, Center had opportunities early on that we just couldnt capitalize on. The Riders recovered 2 onside kicks in the 1st qtr, and couldnt get points out of either possession. 2nd qtr just got away from the Riders, which turned out to be the difference in the game. They outscored us 35-12, to take a 42-18 lead into half. We never could gain enough momentum after half to get within 2 scores. Good luck to Liberty going forward
  8. Liberty 55 Center 38/FINAL

    Final Liberty 55 Center 38
  9. I think Silsbee wins somewhere in the vicinity of 95-80
  10. 1st qtr killed the Dragons. Valiant effort to claw back in it. Great season, Dragons. Way to represent Shelby County
  11. Dragons trying to make a run. Gotta get some stops
  12. Looking at hoopinsiders stats on Twitter shows rebounds were even at half at 15 a piece. That's surprising.
  13. West's bigs are dominating the boards. Even when their 6'8" guy has come off, the Dragons have been virtually a non-factor on the boards. 
  14. We literally just got finished talking about this
  15. Shelbyville playing very sloppy. Several  nonchalant passes have lead to several dunks/easy buckets for West. Dragons need to soomehow weather the storm, and get theyre shooters going to have a shot