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  1. I think Silsbee wins somewhere in the vicinity of 95-80
  2. 1st qtr killed the Dragons. Valiant effort to claw back in it. Great season, Dragons. Way to represent Shelby County
  3. Dragons trying to make a run. Gotta get some stops
  4. Looking at hoopinsiders stats on Twitter shows rebounds were even at half at 15 a piece. That's surprising.
  5. West's bigs are dominating the boards. Even when their 6'8" guy has come off, the Dragons have been virtually a non-factor on the boards. 
  6. We literally just got finished talking about this
  7. Shelbyville playing very sloppy. Several  nonchalant passes have lead to several dunks/easy buckets for West. Dragons need to soomehow weather the storm, and get theyre shooters going to have a shot
  8. Watered-down Playoffs

    Is this a boys score for 1st/2nd in 15-4A?
  9. CH started the game on an 11-0 run in the first couple minutes. Seemed like they got every hustle play. Woodville just wasn't able to weather the storm early and never could recover. Pretty sure they were down 30-12 @ half. CH made several 3's and Woodville really didn't have an answer for their guard play
  10. Final Central 46 Central heights 41
  11. End 3rd Central 33 Central heights 32
  12. Center 46 central heights 44 final
  13. Central heights vs center @ 930 this morning @ Whataburger tourney
  14. Central heights beat bowie 38-33. Will play the winner of Center/Liberty Christian
  15. Center 76 Silsbee 74/FINAL

    Silsbee had little to no answer for center's jaterious Evans and kaleb parks. Center did a fairly good job of beating silsbee's pressure without making too many turnovers. Center played 8 players, with the starters playing 90-95% probably. Both teams had a couple key players in foul trouble down the stretch. Neither team shot FTs very well, although center probably made more down the stretch, including the 2 that would eventually win it. I think Silsbee rebounded a little better, especially on the offensive boards, which puzzled me, since center has 2 kids down low at 6'6" and 6'7". I don't know the count for sure, but I think center had around 6 or 7 dunks to silsbee's 1...I think. Obviously this was my first time to see silsbee this year, but the majority of the offense they ran was just to spread the floor and let McCain, Bush, or Adams dribble/drive to the rack and either take a contested layup against the center bigs, or kick it to the 3 pt line. But the most of the time, Center was able to contest even the 3 pt shots   Silsbee is a dang good team. I'm sure they missed some shots that they normally make, as did center. Both teams made some very difficult shots too, though. As most of you guys have said, Silsbee will be just fine moving forward.