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  1. Bridge City Tournament (Week 1)

    You would think that would happen.  The girls have a home game for Feb 11th.  But since there is mounds of dirt and rocks sitting on their field right now, I'm assuming that home game won't happen.
  2. It's actually not easy to ride a stud pitcher deep in the playoffs without being a good team.  Good teams with good pitching go deep in the playoffs. Having a stud pitcher helps, but you better have kids that can play defense behind her or she's useless.  I'm sure they are a bunch of "stud pitchers" sitting home after the first round of the playoffs because the team behind them was terrible. 
  3. 2B is committed to Navarro College.  Senior RF is committed to a D2 not NAIA school in Arkansas.
  4. Yes there is.  One bad half inning and your season is over.  Most teams around here don't have one really good pitcher, much less what would be considered an ace.  The bigger classifications could get lucky and could have two really good pitchers. But the lower classes are lucky if they have someone that can throw strikes, let alone move the ball and change speeds. If the "ace" has to come out then it's a walk fest because most schools don't have anyone else that can pitch.  Even big D-1 colleges ride their aces for well over 300 pitches in a weekend series.    There is no need for a pitch count in high school or any other level of softball. 
  5. UIL rules prevented them from playing a Wednesday/Thursday series that's why it was changed.
  6. I just watched the same video and it made me want to puke.  A suspension for the rest of the season is the only way to go.  Absolutely disgusting and cowardly.