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  1. HARVEY - Help, Tips, Thanks, Questions

    Good thread.  If anyone has any demo or construction related questions, I will try to give you an answer the best I can.     As for Bevil Oaks I'm not sure who is requiring a mold test.  On my houses, I have been running dehumidifiers for 4 or 5 days  then spraying mold killer.  The moisture levels have all been well below 15% after about a week.  Also running your AC and the mild weather last week has helped keep mold down a good bit.     baddog, if you are looking for work I can pay you a whole dime a sq ft and keep you busy for a few years!
  2. Biggest Crybaby Ever

  3. More Illegals Found Voting.

    I'm sure Philly was the only city that had a "glitch"
  4. Venezuela: Legacy Of Socialism!

    Sounds like a good plan to keep the country from starving
  5. I'll just leave this here

    Global warming?   Artic ice is up 40% in the last 5 years
  6. Weekly LSU Games

  7. Texas at USC

    Maryland must be really, really good this year.  
  8. Texas at USC

    They need to back them up in OT to at least the 35 or 40 yard line.  You should have to gain some kind of positive yardage to win the game.  
  9. Texas at USC

    Best 1-2 team in the country 
  10. Texas at USC

    Nice play design
  11. Texas at USC

    Throw it to the 6'6" guy every time 
  12. Texas at USC

    Maybe they can get the NCAA to give them a half of a win or something.  I'm sure they will jump into the top 10 no matter what.  
  13. Texas at USC

    The won the coin toss!  That's already an improvement over Charlie