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  1. College World Series

    Michigan is on fire   3-0 Michigan T2
  2. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Most thought the same about David Beaty 
  3. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    I didn’t write the article guys so chill out.  I believe it’s one of your websites.   Kansas does have a real coach now, so y’all better watch out.  It may happen again.....
  4. College World Series

    That cocky pitcher for Louisville was running his mouth 1 inning too early.  Karma came back and got him in the 9th   Vandy vs Michigan in a best of 3 series starting Monday for the CWS Title.  
  5. Global Warming Update!

    Ireland is banning the private ownership of cars to save the environment.  Liberals will have us back in the Stone Age before we know it      I love Ireland, gorgeous country but it looks like they are fully committed to UN Agenda 21.
  6. College World Series

    Michigan is a legit team.  Most are calling them a Cinderella story, but they are solid all the way around 
  7. College World Series

    Michigan is fun to watch.  
  8. Herman's Texas Longhorns
  9. College World Series

    Arkansas is the 1st team sent packing from Omaha.  Tech lives to fight another day.  
  10. College World Series

    Good field next year at Minute Maid with Texas finally coming back.    SEC vs Big 12 LSU, Arky, Missouri  Texas, Oklahoma, Baylor
  11. Media Bias  
  12. College World Series

    I’m rooting for Mike Martin to win the whole thing 
  13. College World Series

    Michigan and Florida St with upset wins today.     Arkansas vs Tech.  Loser goes home early 
  14. College World Series

    TD Ameritrade Park - Omaha, NED1 ScoreboardNCAA D1 College Baseball Scoreboard2019 NCAA Division I Baseball Tournament - Wiki PageNCAA Interactive BracketAll Times Central - All games on ESPN unless otherwise notedSaturday June 15th - Bracket 1G1 1:00 PM Michigan vs tech G2 6:00 PM Florida St. vs Arkansas Sunday June 16th - Bracket 2G3 1:00 PM Louisville vs Vandy G4 6:30 PM Auburn vs Mississippi St.(ESPN2)Monday June 17th - Bracket 1G5 1:00 PM G1 Loser vs G2 Loser (Loser eliminated) G6 6:00 PM G1 Winner vs G2 Winner Tuesday June 18th - Bracket 2G7 1:00 PM G3 Loser vs G4 Loser (Loser eliminated) G8 6:00 PM G3 Winner vs G4 Winner Wednesday June 19th - Bracket 1G9 6:00 PM G5 Winner vs G6 Loser (Loser eliminated) Thursday June 20th - Bracket 2G10 7:00 PM G7 Winner vs G8 Loser (Loser eliminated) (ESPN2)Friday June 21stG11 1:00 PM G6 Winner vs G9 Winner (Bracket 1) G12 6:00 PM G8 Winner vs G10 Winner (Bracket 2) Saturday June 22nd if necessaryG13 1:00 PM G6 Winner vs G9 Winner (Bracket 1)G14 6:00 PM G8 Winner vs G10 Winner (Bracket 2)Monday June 24th - Championship Series Game 16;00 PM Bracket 1 Winner vs Bracket 2 WinnerTuesday June 25th - Championship Series Game 26:00 PM Bracket 1 Winner vs Bracket 2 WinnerWednesday June 26th - Championship Series Game 3 if necessary6:00 PM Bracket 1 Winner vs Bracket 2 Winner