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  1. Invasion of America

    Back in the day Mexico would stop these people and send them back home.  What’s different now?
  2. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Strike 3 blown by the umpire.  Next pitch Hr for Martinez.  This is such a joke it’s not even funny anymore.  
  3. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Kemp tries to stretch a single down 3 in the 8th.  Multiple hits after that would have scored him.  Just bad baseball 
  4. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Wild pitch leads to another run.  Boston is a great team, but Houston is giving them this series.  Too many dumb mistakes.  
  5. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Rule 6.01(e) Comment (Rule 3.16 Comment): No interference shall be allowed when a fielder reaches over a fence, railing, rope or into a stand to catch a ball. He does so at his own risk
  6. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Thats a screw job if I’ve ever seen one.  The fan doesn’t have to move. He didn’t reach over the fence so it should be a HR
  7. MLB Playoffs

    The Brewers just pulled their starting pitcher after 1 batter.  He’s a lefty so the plan supposedly was to announce him as starter so the Dodgers sent out a lineup go face the lefty.  They yanked him and he’s scheduled to start the next game on Friday.  
  8. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Hitch messed that bullpen all up tonight.  Sox blow it open in the 8th   8-2 Sox T8
  9. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Ball hit the wall.  Astros finally got a break
  10. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Kuechel with his typical 1st inning    2-0 Boston mid 1
  11. Week 8 Polls

    Bosa quits to prepare for the draft.  I hate this for college sports, but I have a feeling we may start seeing it more.
  12. MLB Playoffs

    Brewers win 4-0 to take a 2-1 series lead. Milwaukee has really outplayed LA the entire series minus a late game winning Hr in Game 2.  
  13. Pocahontas

    Cherokee Nation shoots her down  
  14. Week 8 Polls

    The A&M v Texas bowl game is also still a possibility.  It will be tougher this year though since the Cotton Bowl is a CFP semifinal.   Other chances Sugar- It will be tough for A&M to get there without help    Liberty and Texas Bowl are probably too far down the line