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  1. Texas A&M Basketball 2017-2018

    Don’t tell Smitty!
  2. Texas A&M Basketball 2017-2018

    -4.5 is stealing money.....
  3. Texas A&M Basketball 2017-2018

    Put him on a poster
  4. Texas A&M Basketball 2017-2018

    Robert Williams looking good in his 1st game back.  Dunking on everyone for 9 points.   Hogg hot from outside with 4- 3’s   29-18 Ags with 4 min left in 1st half 
  5. Texas A&M Basketball 2017-2018

    Ags vs Okie Lt on ESPN2.  This could be a good one   When did Okie Lt’s school colors include baby blue?  Those uni’s Are awful
  6. Coaching vacancies

    Sumlin might be interested in that job
  7. Coaching vacancies

    UCLA open. Jim Mora fired today.  Look for them to go hard after Chip Kelly
  8. Herman's Texas Longhorns
  9. Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    That’s should do it.  Ags in victory formation.   31-24 Ags
  10. Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    Beth is actually pretty good with her commentary, but that high piched voice just kills me. 
  11. Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    Ags playing for OT by kicking the FG   Ags lead 31-24
  12. Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    Tubs is openly rooting for Ole Miss now
  13. Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    A&M need a TD here and put this one away
  14. Texas A&M at Ole Miss

    Aggie DB goes low on a tackle and blows out the guys knee.  I would think most of the players would rather the tackler go high than low.