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  1. College Baseball 2018

    LSU wins 10-5.   The Texas defense let them down in this game.   
  2. College Baseball 2018

    Jordan and Shugart had been going back and forth the whole game
  3. College Baseball 2018

    Texas defense is falling apart behind Shugart.  1 officially scored an error, but should be 4.   Game tied at 5 in the 5th   Beaux Jordan with a single.  Flips the bird to the Shugart all the way down the base line.  That will get you tossed every time.  
  4. College Baseball 2018

    Shugart is looking good through 4.     Texas leads 4-0
  5. Florida Shootings

    Actual transcripts of people calling about the guy that were ignored by the FBI
  6. Gun Control

    Armed teachers with pistols won’t work.  The bullets are too slow......Talk about a special kind of stupid
  7. College Baseball 2018

    13-2 LSU in the 6th.  Ouch 
  8. College Baseball 2018

    Andritsos hit for the cycle tonight for A&M.  Last one for A&M was Tuesday.   Before that it was 2010.
  9. Florida Shootings

    This is terrible.  How many lives could he have saved if he had only done his job?
  10. ESPN: "Kolby Linstenbee suing Gary Patterson, TCU for pattern of abuse, harassment"Former TCU wide receiver Kolby Listenbee filed a lawsuit Wednesday against TCU coach Gary Patterson, several university employees and the university itself, accusing them of pressuring him to play through an injury.Listenbee also is suing the Big 12 Conference for a "lack of policies, procedures and protocols" in safeguards against coaches pressuring athletes to play through injuries.Listenbee is seeking monetary relief for more than $1 million, according to court records.In 2015, Listenbee injured his pelvis during a game against SMU. As he sat out the next two weeks, Listenbee claims he was "continually harassed, humiliated, pressured, and threatened" by Patterson, then offensive coordinator Doug Meacham and others to return to play before he had recovered.Listenbee asserts in the lawsuit that he was diagnosed with pelvic instability, which "requires a minimum of six months of rest and rehabilitation," but was cleared after only two weeks and still in pain. According to the lawsuit, Listenbee claims he was given "continuous injections" by the TCU training staff of local anesthetics and corticosteroids, sometimes before games and during halftimes. Listenbee says this later forced him to undergo surgery to repair two sports hernias and that he had to have a metal plate placed in the "area to fuse his pelvic bones together." Listenbee says that he was "never able to play in the NFL due to his pelvic instability."TCU issued the following statement in response: "As a practice, Texas Christian University does not comment on the specifics of pending litigation. However, TCU takes tremendous pride in its long-standing tradition of excellence in providing a positive experience for its student-athletes, especially in the areas of care, prevention and rehabilitation of athletic injuries."Among the defendants named in the lawsuit include former TCU athletic director Chris Del Conte, now the athletic director at Texas.
  11. There may be something to this the more I read.  I’m interested in TXHoops thoughts on this.  If this kid wins his case, I have a feeling you will start seeing this all across the country.  Kids are different these days
  12. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Leak leak got him an agent.  What could go wrong?
  13. The MECCA Of Liberalism!

    This is a Target store in San Fran that had to lock up their tents because so many homeless were stealing them.  Liberals are losing their minds because Target is a big meanie and is not nice to the poor.
  14. Gun Control

    Eric Holder talking about brainwashing kids with anti gun message many years ago
  15. College Baseball 2018

    Lamar’s defense is having a rough night.  4 errors so far   7-1 Texas B5