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  1. Invasion of America

    What happened here?  It’s almost like this crisis just went away after the election....
  2. Health Warning

    He’s spewing that false prophesy all the way to the bank.  Global warming/climate change/global cooling pays very well for Al.  He had a net worth of $1.7 million when he ran for president in 2000.   Now just 18 years later he’s worth over $300 mil!  He’s the highest paid weatherman in the history of the world.   
  3. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Anyone want to guess when Texas started to recruit him?     hint- I bet it’s around the time he jumped up 1,000+ spots and added some stars.  
  4. Russian Collusion

    For reference  Russians spent $4,700 Hillary spent $700,000,000 (that’s $700 million) and lost!!
  5. Russian Collusion

    The Google CEO just testified that’s Russian Operatives spent a whopping $4,700 in 2016 to influence our election.  Their rate of return for that money is astronomical!  Those Russian agents could be Billionaires if they started a marketing company and continued to deliver those kind of results.  Businesses all over the world would be lined up to hire them!    
  6. NCAA Basketball- ‘18-‘19

    #7 Tennessee beats #1 Gonzaga.  Kansas will probably be your new #1   9 unbeaten teams left including #13 Texas Tech.  We will see if they are for real in a few weeks against #3 Duke.  
  7. Championship Gold Bracket of #hjmarathon  Nederland 48 Spring Hill 38 Final Big Ned avenges their loss to Spring Hill in pool play with a W to win the Ship
  8. This was about 15 min ago  Championship Gold Bracket of #hjmarathon  Nederland 36 Spring Hill 26 End of 3rdQ
  9. College Football Playoff

    Before the Heisman award tonight Offensive snaps this season, Heisman finalists - Dwayne Haskins 962, Kyler Murray 785, Tua Tagovailoa 575... Tua played against four top 35 defenses. The top def OU played was Army..
  10. Coaching Carousel

    Temple coach Geoff Collins takes they Georgia Tech job
  11. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    Fumble WOS ball.  It’s not over yet 
  12. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    Not very smart on the play call.  Silsbee is giving WOS life 
  13. Silsbee 19 West Orange-Stark 9/FINAL

    Pat returned for WOS   13-2 Silsbee
  14. Nederland wins 61-46   Nederland gets the winner of HJ-Huffman tomorrow at 12:30