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  1. California Schemin!

    Look for California to lose even more businesses by requiring them to have women on their board of directors.  My question is who does California think they are to assume a persons gender?  Maybe all of the guys running these companies feel like women today is moving toward becoming the first state to require companies to have women on their boards assuming the idea could survive a likely court challenge. Sparked by debates around fair pay, sexual harassment and workplace culture, two female state senators are spearheading a bill to promote greater gender representation in corporate decision-making. Of the 445 publicly traded companies in California, a quarter of them lack a single woman in their boardrooms.SB 826, which won Senate approval with only Democratic votes and has until the end of August to clear the Assembly, would require publicly held companies headquartered in California to have at least one woman on their boards of directors by end of next year. By 2021, companies with boards of five directors must have at least two women, and companies with six-member boards must have at least three women. Firms failing to comply would face a fine. "Gender diversity brings a variety of perspectives to the table that can help foster new and innovative ideas," said Democratic Sen. Hannah-Beth Jackson of Santa Barbara, who is sponsoring the bill with Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins of San Diego."It's not only the right thing to do, it's good for a company's bottom line."
  2. In Chicago During obama Day...

    What a joke
  3. PGA Championship

    Tiger with a final round 64. Great to see him back.    Brooks Koepka win the PGA Championship and has now won 3 of the last 7 majors.  He may currently be the best player on the planet.  
  4. PGA Championship

    164 yard 9 iron to 1 foot on 15. Vintage Tiger 1 back with 3 holes to play 
  5. PGA Championship

    Tiger is on fire.  The crowd is into it.  He’s 1 back through 13
  6. PGA Championship

    Koepka is keeping the pressure on. Leads by 3 after 9
  7. PGA Championship

    Tiger shot 32 on the front without hitting a single fairway.  He had 10 putts in 9 holes and is 2 back 
  8. PGA Championship

    When Tiger has it going, he’s still must watch TV.  The final 9 should be great 
  9. US and North Korea meet.

    North Korea started shipping back remains of US Solidiers lost at war last week.  Vice President Pence greeted them for the solemn ceremony.  Most people wouldn’t know because the media forgot to cover it.     Why we don’t trust the media: U.S. Soldiers Caskets Arrival From Korea coverage by network:  ABC World News Tonight- 24 seconds  CBS Evening News- Did Not Cover  NBC Nightly News- Did Not Cover CNN- 58 seconds MSNBC- Did Not Cover
  10. More From The "Tolerant" Left!

    Houston restaurant owner apologizing for serving Jeff Sessions after social media backlash.
  11. Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    McMurphy denying it was Herman   Columbus radio station saying Herman paid for Courtney Smith’s legal fees
  12. Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave

    Herman knew and he paid for it?          
  13. Trump Supporters will turn violent?

    Trump was never racist until he put an R after his name and ran for president.  
  14. NFL tells players to STAND

    2 years ago I made a deal with the wife.  She doesn’t talk to me on college football Saturday and we can do whatever she wants on Sunday.  College games start at 11am and west coast games don’t end until after 1am Sunday.  It’s been great and I haven’t missed it one bit.