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  1. Nope. The appointed board of managers and TEA's superintendent. Smdh...
  2. If what I'm hearing is true, then Jackson screwed United big time!
  3. Does Rosie know she is a snowflake?

    Not really. I don't know you or think about you. I can tell from your post that you're just a Nazi loving trumper that only sees solutions along party lines when it' your party that benefits. A typical selfish self serving person on right that lies about being for everybody. And you won't get much for your brain. It' full of old useless one sided info that doesn't conform to ration or reason. 
  4. Does Rosie know she is a snowflake?

    After 8 years of this from the right, it was a lesson learned well! So hey pot, meet kettle.
  5. Gun Control

    The right are the biggest hypocrites there are. You say guns don't kill people, people kill people and then blame the violence in video games and want them banned. And I know several teachers that are  adamantly opposed to arming teachers. Smh... Funny how you pick and chose what is shallow. And what you're offering isn't a solution, just more BS!
  6. Gun Control

    According to Google there's roughly 3.2 million teachers. Trump wants to arm 20% of them. That's 640,000 guns that has to be purchased. At $500 a gun, it comes to $320,000,000. His plan has nothing to do with keeping kids safe!
  7. Gun Control

    Lmao... So guns don't kill people but video games do! Lol... Oh and let' have a shootout with the gunmen and the already stressed out teachers. Yes that would work. Lol... Thanks I needed that laugh today.
  8. Yep the new school will stay getting beat. It will be ridiculous how much that new school would lose under his direction. 
  9. He got lucky one season and applied for a job else where every summer he was here.
  10. What looks bad is when at least two of the refs have a serious conflict of interest. And where did you get that foul count from? lol...
  11. What number was Jones? I figured out who Parquet was pretty quickly.
  12. Don't forget the refs. Ozen will go undefeated if those 3 call all their games.
  13. Way to play them strong Brook! Fumbles and some serious home cooking cost us the win. They wore our defense down at the end but it was a good game. Lufkin up next for D2 seeding. Go get em Bruins!!!
  14. I'm starting to think that...

    Dude, I'm just messing with you. I actually like your brother's game and noticed him two years ago when the PNG JV scrimmaged WB's JV. We are all bias in our opinions. I just happen to admit mine and don't have to lessen one of the players to see how good they both are. Anyways, good luck against PAM.