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  1. My first time seeing both these teams play and I don't believe either can make it out of the region.
  2. lol... My initial question was really just to get information. I just was wondering why such a low output. As far as the smack talk, yeah I will always come back with something. 
  3. Yeah, I would to and I would also take a head to head win over the Beaumont super team. lol...  
  4. My son's 11 year old little dribblers team scores in the 30s every week. I just thought the scoring was low. I wasn't there that's why I asked.
  5. How does a high school varsity basketball team only scores 49 pts? Was the stall used?
  6. Did you even watch the game? All that kid's big plays were made with the coverage backed off him. When they put him in the slot, we covered him man to man with a Safety the was ten to thirteen yards off of him. Smdh...
  7. Seriously? Sorry but Harper wasn't good at Kountze and Ozen. And he's not good at West Brook. 
  8. One WR had eight catches for two hundred and eighteen yards for Longview. That's how you question the coaching. I mean damn every time number eleven went into the slot they covered him with a safety that was thirteen to fifteen yards off him. Sorry but if that kid is killing you an adjustment has to be made. And why let the Longview QB sit back with just a four man rush? We should have started blitzing. We had Longview and let that championship get away from us.
  9. Nah, Peevey has earned his job and a raise. I just want him to upgrade his defensive coaching staff. With what the Bruins have in the pipeline this could be the start of some consistent runs to the state championship. 
  10. Hell of season West Brook!!! Came up just short. 
  11. Here's an article and list of 6A and 5A coaches salaries around the state:
  12. I never said I wanted him gone, I was against his hiring. It wasn't personal, I just wanted a more experienced head coach with a winning record. Peevey was a 1st time head coach. I also stated I would admit if I was wrong about him, which I have done on several West Brook football threads. As for paying him more, there's no way in hell Louis deserves more money than Peevey. WB's head coach gets $86,000 and United's head coach gets $97,350. That in itself is complete and utter bullshit. Peevey has earned a raise in salary.
  13. Well seeing how they were paying three head coaches $87,000 plus a performance stipend. And now they only have two head coaches. There's at least $90,000 in the budget that could be used to up Peevey's salary and hire United a competent coach with a history of winning. Hell they could pay each coach $125,000 and still be paying less than what they were paying three coaches.  
  14. BRU... INS... Bruins, Bruins Yes, Yes, Yes   Way to go West Brook!!!  
  15. Come on Bruins, two quarters away from the region 3 championship!!!