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  1. I heard the kid ran a 4.4 laser forty at a camp and has D-1 offers for CB and WR.
  2. Last season T. Johnson played WR and CB all through the playoff run.
  3. 21-6A in 2019

    That little small middle school coach you talk to is not a reliable source. lmao...
  4. Unless Strake gets some new players. WB blew out every level except Varsity last season.
  5. 21-6A in 2019

    More like the Greater Houston and surrounding area waiting on their shot.
  6. 21-6A in 2019

    If United doesn't make the playoffs this year the whole staff needs to be replaced.
  7. Yeah cause all those people that get paid to judge whether his talent transfers or not are wrong. Or maybe the 60+ touchdowns he scored as a freshman playing against his grade level are not an indication of his talent transferring over either, right. SMDH... The kid is as good as advertised. Barring some significant injury you hear his name on Saturdays and Sundays in the future.
  8. WB vs PA Memorial football

    lol... Its like those old video games. You have to work your way up to the big boss. That's why y'all keep playing United. 
  9. He'll be starting at Safety. They'll move him around on offense. The skills positions are loaded with speed and talent.
  10. That offense is going to be crazy explosive.  
  11. WB vs PA Memorial football

    Dang its fun watching y'all battle it out down there. lol... Us big dogs are sitting back and enjoying the show. 
  12. Wos jumbotron

    Physical speed is tough speed. It will fight you. Regular speed is nice and friendly. lmao...
  13. Vidor Turf

    A Pirate ship with their flag would be the coolest around.
  14. So let me get this straight... it's really "white" of you to tell me what words you can and can't use, but you can tell other people what they can and can't say?

    Like I said...You don't have a problem with the word, you have a problem with white people.  


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    2. Yeoj


      You are trying to tell me what I should and should not be offended by. Just stop! You are so full of shit its ridiculous. Fact is black people have turned something white people used for hate, racism, and demeaning and turned it into something positive between black people. So now you have a problem with it. Smdh... What's moronic is your insistence on being able to police the word. Again that's mighty white of you.

    3. Yeoj


      Hey do me a favor and watch this video and see if it helps you understand better than I can explain it to you:



    4. CardinalBacker


      It’s okay if you want to use the word... but stop pretending to be offended when somebody else uses it. 

      If you and your friends use the word, or your favorite artist uses it...: that’s awesome! Good for you! But your the fool if your somehow offended when somebody else uses it. Your problem obviously isn’t with the word... it’s with other races. 

      There is no disputing that... it’s a fact. 

  15. Texas refs news

    Seriously! You ever hear of "connotation"? And that's really white of you to tell me how I as a black man should feel and what words I can and can't use. I and my friends use the N-word all the time. And yes I very much would have a problem with someone of another race calling me that. Smdh...