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  1. What looks bad is when at least two of the refs have a serious conflict of interest. And where did you get that foul count from? lol...
  2. What number was Jones? I figured out who Parquet was pretty quickly.
  3. Don't forget the refs. Ozen will go undefeated if those 3 call all their games.
  4. Way to play them strong Brook! Fumbles and some serious home cooking cost us the win. They wore our defense down at the end but it was a good game. Lufkin up next for D2 seeding. Go get em Bruins!!!
  5. I'm starting to think that...

    Dude, I'm just messing with you. I actually like your brother's game and noticed him two years ago when the PNG JV scrimmaged WB's JV. We are all bias in our opinions. I just happen to admit mine and don't have to lessen one of the players to see how good they both are. Anyways, good luck against PAM.
  6. I'm starting to think that...

    So you agree that the WB QB is doing it against better competition. Lol...
  7. I'm starting to think that...

    Lmao... Yeah cause colleges never get it wrong in recruitment.
  8. I'm starting to think that...

    Lol... The powers that be had nothing to do with it. The rules in place were set up for Ozen to succeed. But, bad choices in leadership over there is what happened to the Panthers. Parents trying to get their kids in WB has nothing to do with athletics. 
  9. I'm starting to think that...

    My opinion is bias and I know it. But, I'm taking Elia. The only things holding this kid back are scheme and coaching. Hell the WB staff is still making him split time with Johnson. As far as teams go, these Bruins would be favored against any team in this area. That includes Port Arthur.
  10. Bruins 46   Bears  20 final
  11. 3 yard TD run by Johnson. PAT missed WB 46   MONT 20
  12. 12 yard TD run by Jones. PAT missed WB 40   MONT 20  
  13. 8 yard TD run by Montgomery  WB 34  MONT 20
  14. Bruins 34   Bears 13 half
  15. 15 yard TD pass Johnson to Simon WB 34   MONT 13