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  1. What a great Coach and man!  
  2. Lamar at Incarnate Word

    I'm hopeful that Coach Shultz can turn it around. He didn't even have a full recruiting season. He was hired late. I will tell you this, he is working them. Gotta get a little enthusiasm. Play with fire in their gut. Winning is fun!
  3. Lamar at Incarnate Word

    I thought they had a chance at winning this one. 
  4. You mean like when the fastest kid in the state held our guy to keep from getting ran by. Everyone gets beat on a play every now and then. Only happened once on both of them that I can remember and it was a good hold on both sides. 
  5. This isn't news but the field is horrible. 
  6. It was a bad snap. The holder got it and did the best he could. Chad tried to kick it on timing instead of letting them catch it and putting it down and then going. He pulled it.
  7. I have time. I can wait. lol
  8. What about since 1978? I mean really, what else do you have to do?
  9. Jasper 2018

    Great post!!!!
  10. Jasper 2018

    Or send him back to WOS. We would love to have him.
  11. I agree but when a moderator or director of the site does it, it's just bad. Sounds like a guy that's no longer on this sight. Starting to sound just like him. The guy that this guy dogged out for the way he acted. It's just sad to see. Unless it's Silsbee he has nothing positive to say especially against WOS and BC. Anything you say in any thread he brings up basketball. 
  12. If you're speculating, why even post? This is the kind of crap that gets people stirred up. 
  13. District 22-4A Shame

    According to actually being there, the umpire threw out a guy that was there just as a fan. A guy that would be thrown out of a game after a grandmother. That guy did nothing. He wasn't yelling, all he did was raise his hand up and was saying the pitch was high. The umpire accused him of flipping him off. Not even a little close to being true. The dugout warning was for speaking on balls and strikes. All I can say about that is, if you had been there you too may have gotten a warning. I can't speak on any of the other situations but maybe our district is very passionate about our sports because we are that competitive. I can agree that we (22-4A)had a few things happen that shouldn't have happened. Those were kids not making the right choice. Let's not go overboard and say the whole district is out of control and should be ashamed because of a couple of incidents. I'm very proud of 22-4A and the way they compete at every sport.