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  1. Best athlete ? One of. I’m not going to say he’s the best athlete ever for a lot of reasons but i’m sure i’d be classified as a “hater” or whatever but he sure is the fastest athlete to ever run in SETX. Congrats on an AMAZING HS career though and wish the best to the young man 
  2. Super Gold Selections

    List sounds about right. Good Job Danny. 
  3. This is pretty rare at our school. 1st year varsity basketball player Jervondrick Simmons #35 will sign with Southern University to play basketball. Way to go! We here in Mustang are super proud of you and the hard work you put in over the summer.

    Carter looked pretty good. 
  5. I will say this though , I would’ve loved to see #23 not get in serious foul trouble to see how much more competitive would’ve been. He’s for sure a bad man.
  6. All that depth, and still a L. Way to represent region 3 and 409, and you’re very hometown Silsbee 
  7. Sooooo how does Silsbee and Conally match up?
  8. That has to be frustrating for a team that’s used to scoring a lot like Lincoln
  9. 3, 4, and 5 may have to stay in at all times. It’s the bench depth that separates these two. We’ve played both and that’s the only factor. Yates bench can play. Not just defense but they can also score the rock. I still believe Silsbee will win but we’ll see.
  10. Didn’t have any guards playing whatsoever. We’re pretty screwed from the jump. We played it closed first quarter but we were sucking wind. It was times where you didn’t know who Yates starters were they subbed so much
  11. I will say this and this is just being real. With seeing the way both teams have played, Silsbee has an edge on Yates. They actually have guards that can dribble the ball. We had our star CB in football out there who is just an athlete but not a true basketball player. Yates is good don’t get me wrong, but that press is just vulnerable. You break it and it’s your free bucket. I know for a fact Silsbee will break it. #23 down low is a force to reckon with. Only thing Yates has better than Silsbee is the bench and post game. Other than that, I see Silsbee advancing on. Must have the guards to beat Yates and that’s exactly what Silsbee have. Congrats to Yates though, punished us like it was nothing tonight. 
  12. We just don’t have the depth. We’re winded. Silsbee will handle yates. 10+ to be exact. 
  13. Yates vs WOS Area Playoff Game

    For yall it would be. We won't accept that. A loss is a loss. We don't go in expecting not to get blown out. Us fans and I know the kids for sure want to and believe they can win.
  14. Yates vs WOS Area Playoff Game

    We most definitely will. That’s for certain we won’t let them have it easy