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  1. Down right pitiful performance from us making me question some things by watching this.
  2. WOS JV 27-6 they won.
  3. Silsbee @ Navasota

    I don't think Silsbee will be able to stop Navasota's passing attack but i hope i am wrong. Would love to see 409 pull this one out.
  4. West Orange Stark vs Hardin Jefferson

    Funniest post of 2017.
  5. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    No one said anything about WOS or Newton beating westbrook. 
  6. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    Seen y’all play versus Silsbee
  7. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings

    That’s 3 years ago. Promise you y’all wouldn’t do that again. The next year we ran y’all up and off our field for the DQ game of the week. Y’all are good but no better then kennedale.
  8. AAW, now that you've seen them both....

    Keep in mind you're talking about a junior in HS that hasn't even turned 17 yet and hasn't reached his prime. You never know what can happen.
  9. AAW, now that you've seen them both....

    I’ve been seeing this kid for years now. Johnson is something very special. Kid has the mechanics to be something good at the next level 
  10. West Orange Stark vs Hardin Jefferson

    WOS by as many as they want 
  11. I'm starting to think that...

    The woodlands defense is not that good and nowhere near the same as last year...
  12. Not really. But they’re better than anybody else in our district 
  13. I'm starting to think that...

    After watching these 2 play this weekend , it’s a no brainer who’s the better QB. Johnson hands down!
  14. I called Chris Winters having a big game 
  15. Wrong about the points but right about the win and the best offense in the area like i said. The numbers talk!