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  1. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    I believe that Crosby will win this game, but WOS will only get better from it. I see them starting out (1-3), which is not bad considering who they have played and how they're somewhat down, then winning out and going 4 to 5 rounds deep! If this team keeps getting better and finds their offense, then they could very well be playing in the title game once again. I just don't think they're there yet to handle a clicking Crosby team. I am rooting for WOS here! Prove me wrong!!!!
  2. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    I think Woodville wins this one by 2 scores. They are pretty solid and have a very good running game. Though, I do not think Woodville can get past a top 3A team with just their good running game. With their athletes, i think they should spread defenses out a little more at times. Solid, fundamental, athletic 3A teams will knock them out again. 
  3. Silsbee vs Bridge City

    Silsbee 48 - BC 7 Silsbee is a lot better than their 0-3 record. They have played 3 solid teams that would give a vast majority of 4a teams an 0-3 record as well. Number 2 and 4 will score all night. I think number 2 will be the next big time recruit for Silsbee. 
  4. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    I agree. I think he’s going to be very good. He just may be the guy that tears Newton apart next year, who knows? He played against a team that rushes 5-6 guys every play, has a very talented secondary and the field was a mud pit. After a tough Crosby team, he will start gaining confidence and looking better. The schedule gets a lot easier, so that is a time I believe he will grow and be a different player by playoffs.
  5. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    Jasper will not beat WOS. Look at who each team has played and will play before they meet up. WOS has a great pre-district and holding their own. Jasper has possibly the worst pre-district and possibly district in 4a. Don’t get me wrong, Jasper is a good team, but don’t let these scores and records fool anyone. WOS would go undefeated with Jasper’s schedule too. WOS is still the better team here.
  6. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    He actually came back in the game, so he should be okay.
  7. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    Both teams are solid. Both teams have taken losses to solid 5A teams and then Newton, so their records honestly aren’t as bad as they look if you look at the teams they’ve played. I give the edge to WOS. They have a lot of athletes on the field and can stop the run for the most part. Barlow had a lot of yards, but a lot of those came on two big runs. 
  8. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    By the way, the big 4star defensive end did not play tonight, so Newton only had 4 of their D1 guys out there. I expect WOS to make a long run. 
  9. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    I definitely agree. 
  10. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    It took a good team to beat a good WOS team. Enough with your young stuff. WOS was young last season and had so many new starters, yet, they played for the title. It’s just the fact that Newton is solid and won the game plain and simple. WOS is still very good.
  11. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    WOS is still a very good team and only getting better. Newton is just a really, really good team. Sloppy night hurt both teams, but the best team is winning the game. 
  12. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    WOS fans are clearing out with 8 minutes left in the game. 
  13. Newton 21 West Orange-Stark 7/FINAL

    Spoke too soon, buddy. 
  14. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    I sure wish we could see this game played on turf, rather than a wet and soon to be torn up field. 
  15. West Orange Stark vs Newton

    What about the game being played at Lumberton? I believe they're on the road tomorrow and that is somewhat of a neutral site.