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  1. Newton players receiving FBS offers

    All three underclassmen that currently have D1 offers will have over 20 offers by the time they're finished. There are two more juniors that will be receiving D1 offers here in the off-season. These players are just now getting started and have a lot more to show with more years of high school ball left. 
  2. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    I live in Houston and won't get off in time to make it to Lufkin. Therefore, i figured i would go check out the Mustangs. 
  3. West Orange Stark vs Salado

    When you guys see me with a purple Newton Eagle's shirt on, please welcome me. I'm rooting for you guys. I just don't own a WOS shirt, otherwise, i may consider wearing it. Then again, i'd probably leave the purple on. Let's both be playing at the same stadium in two weeks!!!
  4. East Chambers V/S Teague Predictions

    Teague wins by 3 touchdowns!
  5. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    I'm not saying that i don't agree with it anymore. I am just saying that all 6 of them better be 4 star athletes and have big offers rolling in. If they are better, then they will be seen and do great things. I am glad to hear they have some future guys that i can watch on Saturdays. 
  6. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    I totally understand where you're coming from, CardinalBacker. But, i do not have my priorities "out-of-whack". If a kid is good enough and is getting real attention and big time offers for football, then they would care about it. I am all about education and getting your degree. Whether it is playing football or not, i want all kids to go to college. If you're good enough to earn a full ride scholarship from a division 1 school, then not many people will pass that up and just decide not to play football. I believe all kids prioritize playing football at the next level, but some kids let reality sink in and know that it's just not for them. If you have the talent and size for the next level, then why not chase it? 
  7. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    No sir, i have not. I am sure that they have great athletes though. They always do and always will. 
  8. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    Did i say that he was better than anyone at West Brook? I simply said that there will not be 6 players that is better. Hell, there could be a few better, but there won't be 6 in total.  Our guy did pretty good one on one with Barns from Silsbee this year. I am not saying the Newton kid is all that, but he is damn good player that will have 20+ offers. You're the one that is doing all of this. Don't down grade the kids. You should be uplifting for any high school did from our area that is going to play college ball. If there were division 1 kids coming out of Bridge City, then i would be rooting for them on Saturday's just as i would kids from Newton. 
  9. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    Yes. I went to West Brooks first game of the year when they barely edged out a win against a mediocre Beaumont Central team that went on to have a losing record. West Brook got better throughout the year though. They have good players. 
  10. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    I do agree with you on the local rankings being a joke. I never said that Newton should be better than than anyone just because they have a "4 star" recruit. No, i do not think Newton would beat West Brook. I was just stating the simple fact that West Brook does not have 6 players better than Newton's best. But, you do not have to down the kids that go play college ball like you just did. That was really uncalled for. For your information, the QB from 2015 started the first game against UCLA and is currently second string and just playing on special teams. He still has two more seasons after this, so his time will come. Newton actually called PNG and PAM to play next year and they declined, but WOS and Carthage will be on the schedule. At least Newton tries to play top tier teams. 
  11. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    Newton's Tamazia Brown: Junior. 4 star. Oklahoma State offer before junior season even starts. 9 INT's this season thus far. Your statement = VERY DEBATABLE. 
  12. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    So, West Brook has 6 players that is better than Newton's Tamazia Brown?? He is a 4 star defensive back / receiver that received an offer from Oklahoma State before his junior year even started this year. Oh, he also has 9 interceptions this season which is probably leading the state in all classifications if i had to guess. Now, i will sit here and wait for you to list 6 players that are better. Your statement was bold and out of reach, BMT Soulja1. BUt, i still want you to list them. I am very curious. 
  13. La Marque @ East Chambers

    EC's worse played game wasn't against Newton? The score was 60-17!
  14. Newton @ Bridge City

    Ehhh! Not so much of a great match up this season.