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  1. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Newton vs. Daingerfield highlights for those that have not seen it.     
  2. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    Man, I should have read my comment before posting. hahaha. I was talking about EB and not Bellville; sorry about that. PS, I went to the Astros opening day with you when they won the World Series. 
  3. Newton vs. E. Bernard

    I don't think Bellville will score at all. I can see the halftime score being 35-0 and then the final only being 49-0. That offence will not get many yards on this year's Newton defense. I know that you know they have athletes, but I think this group plays their role and the best assignment football i have ever seen from a Newton team. 
  4. WOS vs Jasper - Friday 7:30 @ LAMAR

    I'm going with WOS. 21-7. 
  5. WOS vs Jasper - Friday 7:30 @ LAMAR

    I think WOS wins this match-up by 14 points. It is hard to beat a good team twice. WOS is having a "down year", but i think from playing Newton, Jasper, Crosby and Nederland in the pre-season will have helped them be ready for this match-up. Yeah, WOS has lost four games, but they lost those games from really good teams and while being young and trying to find their identity. With that being said, I am going with WOS to advance to the 4th round. 
  6. Jasper vs. Bellville - Area Round

    I see Jasper winning by a couple of scores. I am interested in seeing them play against an above average team though. They are a good ball club and very well coached. We shall see when tougher opponents come in the next few weeks, but I am rooting for them! Could someone tell me who Jasper and WOS will draw in the 3rd rown (being that both make it)?
  7. Newton Eagles aka purple beast

    The Elam kid at A&M got his 2nd start two weeks ago. Hopefully he will go into his senior campaign and start the entire year. Great young man and all he's worried about is getting his college degree. Though, all he needs is one break out senior year and who know's what could happen. Just filling you in there. Thanks for the good words about T. Brown. He has offers for both WR and CB; definitely a great ball player and i'm glad he's back this week (along with 3 others). This team is the best to come through, but I still think the huge success comes from our new offensive coordinator. He's a master mind and a true offensive guy that shares the ball between all of his athletes. It burned my eyes seeing how we used to eliminate our athletes on offense by only running 2 guys the entire game and not passing the ball to our now and past D1 defensive backs. It made no sense to me. They're ball hawk DB's for a reason, yet we wouldn't pass them the ball and spread teams out. Thankfully we do now and that's why we can win championships. Hope BC has a good year in Baseball, bud!
  8. West Orange-Cove CISD Bond Passes!

    Awesome! WOS surely deserves it. Their athletes deserve it. When will this take place? Will they have it for next season? I wish Newton could get turf, but we all know that will never happen. Hopefully a couple of these guys on the team make it to the NFL and they go in on it one day. Wishful thinking on my part though. 
  9. #8 Franklin (4-0) @ Diboll (4-0)

    Franklin by (2) scores. 
  10. JASPER

    I'm no Silsbee fan what-so-ever, but I think they made it to the state tournament two years in a row (2013 & 2014). 
  11. JASPER

    Little ol Newton beat Silsbee by 42 points this season (56-14). They were definitely ranked higher than they should have been. They aren't a horrible team, they aren't a good team either though. Jasper has been handling their own pretty well this season, so i give them props and my support. I do think they will get knocked out as soon as they play a quality team that is above average though. They will compete with anyone in 4A D2, i just think they get knocked out in the 4th round. That is still a great season if that were to happen. It would be pretty dang awesome from them to make it along with Newton though. 
  12. JASPER

    Congratulations, Jasper! I sure did hate when all the firing speculations were coming out about Coach Barbay. Those people are now probably being hypocritical and cheering for him. He is a good coach. He just hasn't had an overall talented group that could truly compete in 4A football since he's been there. Now that he has a handful of good ball players, the Jasper team is looking sharp. I wish they played better competition throughout the year though. Playing one good team through the regular season could come back to haunt them against a top team. Good luck!
  13. Hahaha! Yes, the standardized testing results would definitely suffer. But, the football and basketball team would be better. For baseball, all 9 starters would still be from BC. lol
  14. WOS@Jasper

    I hear WOS is young. So, i have a question for you WOS fans; how many starters on offense and defense will you guys graduate this year? Surely not many? 
  15. WOS@Jasper

    Two solid teams going at it. I know nothing about Jasper this year. Do they have a passing game or any good receivers that are above average? I see they have a tall baseball kid at QB.