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  1. West Orange-Cove CISD Bond Passes!

    Awesome! WOS surely deserves it. Their athletes deserve it. When will this take place? Will they have it for next season? I wish Newton could get turf, but we all know that will never happen. Hopefully a couple of these guys on the team make it to the NFL and they go in on it one day. Wishful thinking on my part though. 
  2. #8 Franklin (4-0) @ Diboll (4-0)

    Franklin by (2) scores. 

    I'm no Silsbee fan what-so-ever, but I think they made it to the state tournament two years in a row (2013 & 2014). 

    Little ol Newton beat Silsbee by 42 points this season (56-14). They were definitely ranked higher than they should have been. They aren't a horrible team, they aren't a good team either though. Jasper has been handling their own pretty well this season, so i give them props and my support. I do think they will get knocked out as soon as they play a quality team that is above average though. They will compete with anyone in 4A D2, i just think they get knocked out in the 4th round. That is still a great season if that were to happen. It would be pretty dang awesome from them to make it along with Newton though. 

    Congratulations, Jasper! I sure did hate when all the firing speculations were coming out about Coach Barbay. Those people are now probably being hypocritical and cheering for him. He is a good coach. He just hasn't had an overall talented group that could truly compete in 4A football since he's been there. Now that he has a handful of good ball players, the Jasper team is looking sharp. I wish they played better competition throughout the year though. Playing one good team through the regular season could come back to haunt them against a top team. Good luck!
  6. Hahaha! Yes, the standardized testing results would definitely suffer. But, the football and basketball team would be better. For baseball, all 9 starters would still be from BC. lol
  7. WOS@Jasper

    I hear WOS is young. So, i have a question for you WOS fans; how many starters on offense and defense will you guys graduate this year? Surely not many? 
  8. WOS@Jasper

    Two solid teams going at it. I know nothing about Jasper this year. Do they have a passing game or any good receivers that are above average? I see they have a tall baseball kid at QB. 
  9. No one played them within 10 points in the regular season. I don't see anybody playing them within 24 points the rest of the season. 
  10. City War

    West Brook should win this easily. Beaumont United is not too good of a team, but maybe they will find some identity withing a few years of playing ball together. 
  11. Yes. West Brook would win the 3A state championship every single year if they played in it. I don't think anyone would disagree with that. We all know they would wipe the floors, as Newton is doing too. Too bad WB can't do it in their classification. I would like to see them do something good for a change. At least WB is the best team in Beaumont, though. 
  12. I agree with you. I just don't consider Vidor, Nederland, PNG, and Beaumont United being in that category and to be above average this season. Neither of those teams are honestly that good THIS SEASON where you could put them above THIS years Newton team. In years past, of course, i'd predict those teams to win. In 2018, I just can't see it. I do agree with you that the larger quality playoff teams would edge Newton, but not the teams here in SETX. That's not a knock to them and I hope all the teams do well around here. 
  13. I totally understand where you're coming from and I would agree with you in most cases. Though, Newton has a total of (0) lineman that start both ways and a total of (2) skill guys that start both ways. So...... From 2016 and back, Newton has had several of guys start both ways. In 2018, Newton has 2 guys that start both ways. They have plenty of options this season with extremely talented kids. Next season, we will see several kids start both ways i'm sure. 
  14. PNG, Nederland, Vidor and Beaumont United would NOT beat this years Newton team. I believe that West Brook is this only team in SETX that would beat Newton, with PAM in a true battle to beat Newton. People say this because Newton is smaller, but WOS hands out L's to PNG, Nederland and Vidor normally. Well, the truth is, Newton is loaded with top talent this year and the depth behind all of the division 1 players are there. They have (5) big time division one kids, with (2) more about to receive big offers. No other team around has that type of talent on their team at this moment. PNG, Nederland, Vidor and Beaumont United wouldn't come out on top this season, but they probably would in other years. I'll always hold WB ahead of Newton though. 
  15. WOS @ Crosby predictions

    I believe that Crosby will win this game, but WOS will only get better from it. I see them starting out (1-3), which is not bad considering who they have played and how they're somewhat down, then winning out and going 4 to 5 rounds deep! If this team keeps getting better and finds their offense, then they could very well be playing in the title game once again. I just don't think they're there yet to handle a clicking Crosby team. I am rooting for WOS here! Prove me wrong!!!!