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  1. Buna 73 Woodville 71/FINAL

    According to someone at the game. Woodville was down 2, with around 30 seconds to go. Buna ball and Woodville on had 4-5 team fouls. They never tried to foul. Then Connell took a shot with around 10 seconds remaining. Then Woodville turned the ball over on the other end.
  2. East Chambers vs Newton Bi District

    Gameday, keep rolling Bucs! 
  3. Favorites to win state

    In their respected regions, I see EC and Silsbee the same. The only team that can beat them is themselves. They are the best team in their region and arguably the best in the state (time will tell)
  4. Favorites to win state

    Just as stated about 1A running through Lipan, can’t talk about 3A without. Brock. Although if EC continues to shoot the ball at the high level it has, no one will beat them. 
  5. East Chambers 82 Shelbyville 66/FINAL

    Nice win Bucs! Let’s keep rolling. Best of luck Shelbyville, hope we can all celebrate state championships together in San Antonio! 
  6. East Chambers 82 Shelbyville 66/FINAL

    16-6 run by Shelbyville to open 3rd. 2:30 left in 3rd 59-47 EC. 
  7. East Chambers 82 Shelbyville 66/FINAL

    A lot of teams are going to be against this EC team. And they are really just starting to peak! 
  8. East Chambers 82 Shelbyville 66/FINAL

    That’s fine, we need to see that! 
  9. 74-70 Atlanta with 33 seconds left Back to back inbounding turnovers. Lay up and an ‘and one’ 
  10. 38-31 Atlanta at half 
  11. Thought I was going to make it, but too much work to do. 
  12. Was really hoping for some kind of broadcast!