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  1. EC 103 Campbell 35 Final
  2. EC 60  Campbell 16 half 
  3. West Sabine 51 Evadale 80/FINAL

    Heard he and Williams both got technicals for mouthing at each other lol 
  4. Cleveland 72 Leggett 81/FINAL

    He said 17-1 the other day...who knows with this guy! 
  5. West Sabine 51 Evadale 80/FINAL

    Evadale by 20+ not sure of score. 
  6. Wow. Saw Legacy this weekend they looked much improved, didn't see this coming. They took down a Woodville team that I think is pretty solid. Bad loss. 
  7. Want to congratulate EC Lady Bucs' head coach Eddie Michalko on his 1000 career victory. Coach Michalko is in his 4th season at East Chambers. Prior to EC he coached in Louisiana at Lacassine and Hackberry. EC is sure glad to have. Great coach, an even better person! Congrats Coach Michalko. 
  8. La Marque over FTCA  Jasper over WBJV La Marque over WBJV Jasper over FTCA  
  9. Woodville beat Liberty by 10. Not sure of score, know it was exactly 10 points. 
  10. Nederland - UIL

    Several families have packed up and moved from HF, over the last several years. H-J, EC, PNG, and Nederland have all seen a few of them. Hard times in H-F school district is starting to feel the effects. 
  11. Coaching vacancies

    Chad Morris hired by Arkansas. Also yesterday Rice hired Stanford OC Mike Bloomgren. 
  12. Cutoff Numbers

    EC will likely stay west, unfortunately. Rumors are EC, Anahuac, Hardin, Hitchcock, Hempstead, and Columbus.
  13. Orangefield 43 Kirbyville 28/FINAL

    Orangefield is a solid team! Defensively they are scrappy and dictate the pace. They will force some close games, due to how they play. Probably will pull off a few 'upsets'. 
  14. They played that matchup zone against HJ.