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  1. Anahuac Open?

    Wow, didn’t see this one!
  2. What were their numbers?    Nevermind looked it up in Maxpreps
  3. East Chambers 49 Brock 58/FINAL

    EC forced 18 turnovers. And only had 10. The press created a lot of opportunities to score. If we would not have pressed, we would have got beat by 20 and it wouldn’t have been competitive. Brock would have dominated that game. EC shooting 2 for 19 from 3, was the difference. 
  4. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    Our time boys! Let’s go get it #CompleteTheMission #UnfinishedBusiness 
  5. #1 Brock vs #2 East Chambers State Semi

    After watching some film on Brock, I really like EC’s chances. Bucs need to play their game, mix it up defensively like they do. And keep rebounding like crazy. They were impressive on the boards and flying around this weekend. Those have a lot to do with effort and their will to win. This team wants it bad! 
  6. Argyle Sports Question

    Argyle, Aledo, Brock, and Lipan seem to year after year win consistently. Brock addds football and wins a state title one year later. Argyle and Aledo seem yo to win on everything they do. I don’t know the real reason why, but they have expectations year after year and they seem to work relentless to fulfill them.
  7. #1 Shelbyville vs #10 Hearne

    I’ve seen both of these teams play. Should be a good matchup. Hearne is athletic, but Shelbyville is the better team. 
  8. East Chambers headed to state!

    The school will get tickets, also I’m pretty sure you can but session tickets at the gate....don’t hold me to that last part. But I think that is correct 
  9. BTW he was 14-for-14 shooting from inside the 3pt line this weekend! 
  10. East Chambers headed to state!

    Yes, it will be for the 3A session on Thursday. You will get to watch both 3A semifinals.
  11. Thursday 1:30pm Alamodome  Should be a good one! Let’s go Bucs,  
  12. I just want to say, Jayce Guillory was the MVP for EC this weekend. That kid took control of both games for EC, and when his team needed a bucket he went and got it. Controlled the rock with authority, and led this team. He had 20pt and 13 rebounds last night. Probably had around 15 points today. He was the best player on the floor both games!
  13. I’m not knocking Crockett, but saying they over looked EC is crazy. Just ask their coach, he wasn’t looking ahead!
  14. East Chambers headed to state!

    The seeds and semifinal games have not been set. Won’t know until tomorrow!
  15. This might be the funniest thing I’ve read lol