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  1. Aggies vs Gamecocks

    And we survive.
  2. Aggies vs Gamecocks

    Field goal, after field goal, after field goal...have got to be able to finish off drives. Time of Possession: A&M: 34:56 USC: 15:48
  3. Aggies vs Gamecocks

  4. Aggies vs Gamecocks

    Aggies win by 10
  5. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    Buna won’t beat EC
  6. Looking ahead...EC @ Woodville

    Still think that? I know OF QB is out, which is terrible for him and them, but I don’t think even he would have made a difference tonight. 
  7. Garland has a 2 headed monster, plus some other really good players. They honestly might have the best two players on the court. Maxey is unreal.
  8. ALCS- Astros vs Red Sox

    Astros in 6 Red Sox lack of pitching depth hurts them. 
  9. Team to beat?

    Andrew Hubbell. He comes to EC from Hitchcock. He actually beat EC last year in the regional quarterfinals.  High energy young coach with good experience.
  10. Red Sox/Yankees

    I’ve watched this series close to see how the winner liens up against Houston. As weird as it may sound, I’m pulling for Boston. Their pitching depth will hurt in a 7 game series against the Astros. Yankees bats could knock enough long balls in the right games to compliment their pitching. Either way, don’t see anyone beating the Astros in 7 games. They are just too complete as a whole. But baseball is weird. 
  11. Team to beat?

    EC will be a team to watch. A younger group, but have some good athletes. And a new coach that really likes to play fast tempo, and press. EC will now run and press both boys and girls. 
  12. Week 7 Polls

    I agree
  13. Week 7 Polls

    Don’t forget about the trip to Lawrence 
  14. #19 Texas vs #7 Oklahoma

    It’s all up to Dicker the Kicker