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  1. Lumberton Football

    Prayers sent to the young man and his family, from Winnie!
  2. Roschon Johnson commits to The University of Texas

    Did not realize he was the ESPN Top QB for 2019. Congrats! 
  3. Coach English Leaving The Pound?

    He's not going anywhere. He is happy right where he is at.!
  4. They are all three still at HJ, and will be.   
  5. Hefner receives UofH offer

    Is this the blonde kid? Going to be sophomore?
  6. Coach English Leaving The Pound?

    Doesn't this topic come up every year lol
  7. Kirbyville prayers

    Sending prayers to all the Kirbyville community, these situation hit small towns very hard. Prayers for his family, has his son already graduated or what grade is he in? 
  8. East Chambers 12 Port Arthur Bob Hope 2/FINAL

    12-2 Final/6
  9. Tourney Thoughts

    Thank God, he only has derogative statements to make. 
  10. Now that the season is over, any moves so far? Or coaches on the hot seat?
  11. Tourney Thoughts

    Enjoyed it! Hope to not have to make such a long trip to see a game with you next year, lol, San Antonio is decent drive. Either way see you back in SA next year.
  12. District 20 standings and results

    Do we know who won the girls?
  13. Teams to watch for in '17-'18

    Hope to see them back at the EC tourney this year!
  14. What does each SETX team look like for next season?   East Chambers returns basically everyone, and will still be pretty young. They will compete for a DC next year. 

    Championship Saturday  8:30am 1A - Happy vs Lipan  10:00am 3A - Dallas Madison vs Brock 1:30pm 2A - Muenster vs Clarendon 3:00pm 5A - Mansfield Timberview vs FB Marshall  7:00pm 4A - Brazosport vs Silsbee 8:30pm 6A - Cy Falls vs SA Wagner