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  1. http://www.totalprosports.com/2017/10/17/celtics-gordon-hayward-broke-his-entire-leg-during-game-video/
  2. E C vs Hardin

    If EC plays the way they did against Hempstead, they will win by 20+. Hempstead is way more athletic than Hardin, not as well coached. EC's defense will be in Snell's face all night long. I do think Hardin might get a big play or two, but EC's ground game and defense will have too much speed and discipline for Hardin. 
  3. TABC Preseason State Rankings, 2017-18

    Not saying the students their aren't smart, but the smaller classes and more one on one with teachers were better for them. Small fish in a big pond, or big fish in small ponds 
  4. TABC Preseason State Rankings, 2017-18

    This wasn't a free agent signing, lol. Their families though EC was better for them from an education stand point. It just so happens they can dribble a ball decently  EC would have been loaded with or without them. 
  5. TABC Preseason State Rankings, 2017-18

    Central. One senior and one freshman, both having good seasons on the football field. Also a junior that plays just basketball. I believe their dad's side of the family is from Winnie, and they wanted to get out of BISD. So they moved in towards the end of last season.
  6. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Things just not going the Astros way tonight. Kinda like game 3 against the Red Sox. Astros will be fine, still think we get one in the Bronx and Verlander finishes the series out in game 6.
  7. TABC Preseason State Rankings, 2017-18

    Should be a good year for the Runnin' Bucs! This group flies around and causes a lot of turnovers, they fit the Sutherland style. They looked good this summer, and will only get better once the new players figure everything out. 
  8. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Keuchel & Verlander were incredible! Need 3 more starts like that from each of them. A good sign for the Astros is that offense has won majority of the games this season, while their pitching and defense has been questioned. The defense, especially by the outfield, has been terrific this postseason and the pitching has been lights out minus game three versus the Red Sox. That is a great sign moving forward. I'm not sure of the exact number, but I don't remember many games the Astros won this season only scoring two runs. I feel they can close this series out in New York, maybe even a sweep because how rested the bullpen is. If we win game 3, depending on how that game goes, I feel like we would see a lot of the bullpen in game 4, due to Devo and Giles the only two who have thrown. Bats need to get hot, so we don't have these close games the rest of the way!
  9. DCTF's Matt Stepp Playoff Projections

    LaMarque as 2nd place out of 3A-D1 District 12?? Don't see that happening. 
  10. EC vs Hardin

    I do believe Hardin is much improved from last season, but I also think EC is as well. Last season was the worst team EC has had in a very very long time, but it was also one of the youngest ever. This team is also very young, but has a lot of varsity experience for their youth. EC beat Hardin 56-6 last season, and if my memory serves me right, EC lost 3 fumbles inside the Hardin 15 yard line. I feel the score to be around the same Friday night, but I know the defense would love another shut out. EC's defense will keep Snell off balance all night, and our secondary has a good bit of speed. This will be a win for EC, but we need to get a big lead early and stay healthy. 
  11. Cavs/Celtics Opener

    Bron reportedly to miss this game with his tweaked ankle. No IT and no Bron, no drama. 
  12. ALCS- Astros vs Yankees

    Keuchel was lights out tonight! Need Verlander to deal his stuff tomorrow. Need Morton or Peacock to have one solid start in New York, five would be nice. I'll still say Astros in 6. 
  13. 12-3A

    Well the first night of play was a little surprising to me.  EC shut down Hempstead. I thought this was a game we should win, but did not see a shutout.  LaMarque is worse than I thought.  Anahuac-Hitchcock are two solid teams, which I already thought.  My playoff thoughts have changed:  Hitchock, EC, Anahuac are the front runners, IMO. LaMarque and Hempstead will play for the fourth spot.  What do y'all think? 
  14. ****Newton @ Crockett****

    Don't worry EC learn how "overrated" the Eagles are two weeks ago!
  15. East Chambers 19 Hempstead 0/FINAL

    Phone died. Nice win for the Bucs. 3 home games, 3 shutouts.