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    Bertrand will not be undercenter for the Bucs this season. Kameron Smith will be. Move was made at the beginning of 2-a-days. 
  2. Summer Tourneys

    A good one this past weekend, Omar Sneed hosted an AAU tournament. Good teams!
  3. Don’t forget about English...oh wait I forgot some don’t believe he’s an elite head coach
  4. WOS Open

    Tramaine Hancock has left as boys head basketball coach at WO-S (22-4A) and will head to Beaumont to become an assistant for new head coach David Green at United High School. — via Hoopinsider Twitter 
  5. Beaumont United Basketball Programs

    Tramaine Hancock will join Green at United, as an assistant. 
  6. WCF-Warriors vs Rockets

    With CP3 out the Rockets need Harden to score 35+, with Gordon and Ariza having big games as well. Capela, Green, and Tucker need to keep on doing what they are doing. But one of those first two have to go offf. Don’t think they can’t beat them without CP3. But with the Warriors back to the wall and back home, it’s a tough task. 
  7. Next Year

    East Chambers should be extremely good next season. I think they were honestly one of the top four teams in the state last season. Jarrell was not a better team, than EC. They won the game, and had the size to beat EC, but EC missed a crazy amount of uncontested layups and shots. They were a very nervous group going into the game. I think this season they get it done. I think EC might finally get to hang that Runnin' Bucs State Championship Banner!
  8. Beaumont United Applicant List

    If 'The U' lands Green, that would be an exceptional hire. Boutte running WB while Green runs 'The U'. BISD basketball would be in a very good place.   
  9. HF hires Matt Pace as new HC.

    From what I heard his contract was not renewed.
  10. Hate to hear that, but understand the reasoning! Best of luck to Coach Coleman he’s a great coach, and even better person. Enjoyed many conversations with him. I think Saveat would be a great choice.
  11. https://twitter.com/hoopinsider/status/988896369707487239?s=21 “Matt Pace is the new boys head coach at Hamshire-Fannett. Pace, who played at Beaumont Kelly, was a former assistant at Lamar University and HC at Sabine Pass.” Via Hoopinsider Twitter 
  12. Beaumont United Applicant List

    That is what I was thinking. 
  13. Final Four

    They have one title, and have had more talent in the last ten years than any other program.   
  14. Final Four

    In the era of the ‘one-and-done’, how many of those teams loaded with a core of freshman have won the title?? None. No matter the talent, a team with an average age 20-22yr will beat an 18-19yr old team, and win in March. Experience and team chemistry wins championships. #Facts
  15. Final Four

    We are watching one of the top performances by a player in a National Championship ever!