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  1. Porter 10 Barbers Hill 7/FINAL

    I feel ya on all this your saying and thinking. We lost 12 starters, offense and defense, going into the last game of the season, and lost 4 more that last game against Caney Creek. Some people get on here and say that those type of things, a coach just has to deal with and move on, HOW!!!!!!!! I think when a team looses critical players it most diffenantly effects a team, no matter what level. We have already started working towards improving for next year, mostly lower body and mentally for my son, we got 4 more weeks, but when that day comes, look out.
  2. Dayton 27 Conoe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    I’m serious, you know your stuff, I hope we get healthy and have a better season next year.
  3. Dayton 27 Conoe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    Collarbones,ankles,broke big toes,and concussions,  all the conditioning in the world can’t knock out those types of injuries, it is what it is. As for your ideas and solutions, bring them up to someone who can consider them, you know your stuff pride, just you go about it wrong.
  4. Dayton 27 Conoe Caney Creek 7/FINAL

    16 starters hurt through the year, that’s a tough one for any team, the 4 hurt last night I hope for a speedy recovery and the seniors, y’all will be missed. To the rest, well offseason starts Monday Or so, and y’all know what we gotta do. Gotta work hard to compete, and gotta get bigger and stronger. As always, Go Broncos!!!!!
  5. Kingwood Park 26 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Thanks we do appreciate your thoughts.
  6. Kingwood Park 26 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Thanks pride 
  7. Kingwood Park 26 Dayton 7/FINAL

    Injury plagued all year. Lost good players all year and last night was no different. Injuries hit us again, This time it was my son. Aj played his heart out all season and went down in the first quarter with a broken left collar bone. My main concern is to see that my son gets the best treatment and rehab if need be, to continue to chase his dreams. I don’t have to explain a damn thing, just was wanting to give a little update. We will find out shortly what’s needed to get Aj back healthy. Thank everyone out there for your prayers.
  8. Dayton @ Kingwood Park

    Just counted 20 on an outdated roster. Some names didn’t ring a bell, and like I said several seniors are hurt and some have been for the majority of the season. No excuses from me, just the way it is. I do know that at least 6 senior starters are out. No kool-aid or at least none since the last time.
  9. Dayton @ Kingwood Park

    Well we don’t have too many players that have to worry about making a decision this year, we are young, and had less than 10 seniors this year, 6 I think.
  10. Dayton @ Kingwood Park

    That was a conversation between me and broncopride92, who was asking where those JV kids were at I used to talk about. Well they are part of the varsity squad now. Young but learning and growing, and  building.
  11. Dayton @ Kingwood Park

    That’s the stat leaders I’m talking about, last years JV. First year in varsity play and they fair well as area stats leaders. And we have lost some close ball games, when we change those outcomes look out. Lost one game by 2,6,10, injury plagued all season, just gotta stay focused and work hard. 
  12. Dayton @ Kingwood Park

  13. Dayton @ Kingwood Park

    I know we have several players being considered for the next level, and they will have another year to grow, build, and improve.
  14. Dayton @ Kingwood Park

    We have heard that a couple times the last couple years, it will be a shocker. 
  15. Dayton @ Kingwood Park

    Last year we had a 9-1 JV squad, not too shabby in my book, this year I haven’t had time to worry about all this setx talk and it’s all I can do to keep up with varsity. We have two more games for sure this season and then we have 95% of our varsity returning, so I’m looking forward to that. As I stated we do have some good stat leaders in this area and they will be back. I’ll still be wearing my Bronco Purple proud, damn near everywhere I go.