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  1. Dayton at Vidor

    They can get ruined after tonight, hoping for an injury free ball game with the Broncos on top. Let’s go Broncos!!!!!!
  2. Dayton at Vidor

    All i know is Baytown threw for 515 yards against them, We also are a passing team,  so looking forward to this one, 600 yards in the air, yea that would be nice, but I’ll take a win over stats.
  3. Dayton at Vidor

    Go Broncos!!!!!!!!
  4. Ok for moderators I guess

    I could care less about the subject of this topic but that was a good video, brought back memories of my high school jam fo sho 
  5. Sub Varsity Scores 11/1

    Glad we’re on your mind, Always.
  6. Season Stats, Y'all?

    Baytown Sun for some districts, every Thursday
  7. Baytown Lee 38 Dayton 14/FINAL

    Its all good, what can we do, just pick it up and move on to the next one.
  8. Baytown Lee 38 Dayton 14/FINAL

    I can’t speak for the whole program but what i talked about is Aj. And i think he has backed it up. Last year was 2nd team all district Qb, this year has led the stats for 4 districts as QB for 3 or 4 weeks in a row, with 1870 yard with 15 tds, without tonight’s game, so he gives it his all, but that shouldn’t concern you too much, should it. We also have some other players on the top 10 receivers and running backs list. No wins though so all that really don’t matter, not to this players anyway. But they will give their all’s for two more games regardless of what you or anyone else thinks. So please stir the pot, join in those trash talks putting down these kids that bust their asses on that field, Mr. Moderator.
  9. Baytown Lee 38 Dayton 14/FINAL

    All I’m gonna get on here and say is that AJ goes out every game night and pours his heart and soul in every game. Your not an average QB putting up 1870 yards and 15 tds before tonight’s game, yea this is a game we needed to win, wanted to win, and probably should’ve won. We didn’t. You can take a dang good running back and play him at QB (Crosby and Angleton did it for years) all night long and what you have is a dang good running back taking snaps,or a receiver, or whatever. My point is, Aj loves his team, period. He has two more games, in his high school career left, and he will continue to do his job, and that’ll be whatever his coaches decide. The close ball games that we have been loosing, well, if it weren’t for Aj and his ability, we would’ve not stood any chance, the kid has put together some damn nice drives, and has put the ball where it needs to have been many many times, he can only do so much. But he has big shoulders and a short name Aj, so it gets hollered quiet a bit in every sport he plays,  and he isn’t bothered by any know it all fans that only finds the negative stuff to gripe and moan about, and forgets to acknowledge the good things he does. But it is what it is and it’ll be whatever it’ll be. As always Go Broncos!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Toilet Bowl

    If i only had time, that last one got me in trouble and was time consuming.
  11. Toilet Bowl

        take your time BHFAN
  12. Toilet Bowl

    Is that your definition of a true fan, one that only supports when the team is winning, see , my point exactly my pitiful neighbor to the south. I called it. You wouldn’t make a pimple on a true fans arse. My bad moderators, he pushed my button. As far as supporting my Broncos, that’s not up to you, I’ll be supporting two teams next year, one being the Broncos, and the other is yet to be determined, well 3 teams i always support the cowboys also.
  13. Toilet Bowl

    BHFAN is a trash fan, from the hill, ask anyone. I do take offense to most of what he says. But he is one of those fans that talks the most s#!+ on here from behind his desk top but don’t make the effort to go to every game and bare the elliments like some of us do. I used to have more fun on here but i kept it classy trash talk in fun, he was one of the fans ready to sale the team the first couple of games this season when things weren’t going the way he thought they should. Well we have had a few games to many like that but it never made me get up and leave a game or miss one either. Some our best football has been in the last 5 minutes of the games, pretty regularly.   Baytown Suns Stats Leaders into wk 8   1. Aj Nail, Dayton, 1850 yards 15 tds 2. Hayden Johnson, BH, 1717 17 tds 3. Igeanea Wooley, Lee, 1548 12 tds 4. Reggie Branch, GCM, 876 9 tds 5. Kobe Coker, CHS, 738 6 tds Congrats to these young men!!!!!!!! Aj Nail has lead this category for 3 weeks straight. 
  14. Dayton Broncos come to play like they did Friday Night against PNG, we cruise to our first victory. Dayton by two tds.