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  1. PeeWee Scores..

    Ned Black will beat P.A Red. This game was lobsided and PA Red didn't even have a 1st down in the 1st half. It was getting ugly until 2min left in 3rd when Bmt G fumbled inside the 10 on 1st down looking to go up 26-0. PA  Red got a break and finally broke a long one on 3rd and long with several of BMG G main players resting with 5min left in the 4th. Pa Red  recoverd the onside kick, then took 15+ plays for them to finally score again with 2m left to play. Bmt recovered the onside kick, ran 3 plays and that was the game. The game was not as close as the final score indicates.  Bmt G man handled them for 3.5 qtrs and forgot to finish the game. Now PA Black coaches. Let's hear the excuses. Was it the refs, missed tackles, BMT G Speed, or is BMT G is the real deal. Beat PA R worst then you guys. This should've been a running clock game. Real Talk 
  2. PeeWee Scores..

    Bmt G vs Pa Red final was 19-13 
  3. PeeWee Scores..

    I watched the Bmt G game vs PA.  Bmt man handled them in the 1st half 19-0. Then Pa woke up battled back and scored 2 tds late in the 4th. Mainly because of BMTs depth. Game could've easily been 40-0 if Gold had more then 15 players 

    PA excuse will be "If Red didn't miss all those tackles, they would have Won!" 
  5. This is the dumbest quote I've read on here in a long time. Give Gold credit. Those kids can play and based off your logic, if all the teams they've played thus far don't miss any tackles on 2nd, 3rd and 4th down against them they'll be 0-5 instead of 5-0 ... I guess the same theory applies for P.A Black. If P.A Black huge Qb don't break 100 tackles in the backfield on 2nd,  3rd and 4th and long, then they just might not be undefeated right now. 
  6. I might be exaggerating a little. Best teams ever are: Wos team led my Kj Miller  WBB team led by Bryce Anderson Png W team led by Blake Bost  PA Black team this yr 
  7. Yes. More experienced and well balanced.  They are a machine 
  8. Port Arthur Black is the best all around Pee Wee team that has ever come thru the STJFL 
  9. WEEK 4 1. P.A BLACK  2. WBB- GOLD 3. WBB-WHITE 4. WOS  5. WBB- BLUE 
  10. STJFL PeeWee week 2

    WBB-GOLD had their way with PA Black and Wos peewee teams at PAs Jamboree. I guarantee you P.A Black don't wanna see them in the playoffs. They have way more speed then P.A or any other team in the league.  If you didn't know, you better ask somebody. 
  11. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    Incoming freshman Bryce Anderson debut for the Bruins was impressive. Started at safety all 6 games and made numerous bigs plays throughout the day 
  12. Summer 7on7 Tourneys

    27-13 WestBrook 
  13. St Pius X is Open

    And why is he lying. Cursing out lesser talented kids and majority of the parents started a petition to have him fired. 
  14. Best 8th graders 2018

    Kerwin Benn "Special K" & Colin Dorsey..Special K is a dog   
  15. Boutte slides over to the "U", and Mr. Jackson brings in Brian English or Dewayne Joubert