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  1. Why does West Brook dominate BISD football?

    Spring game Bryce had his own package on offense. Pretty much Lil Rays package. Kid scored twice and lead his team to 4 tds. He also had a pick that ended the game and secured the win for his team 
  2. Why does West Brook dominate BISD football?

    I heard LSU offered Bryce Anderson 
  3. #2 for sure or just have #6 play press coverage with safety helping over the top
  4.  They also have a 6ft 3in jr that runs 4.6 and a 6ft freshman that runs 4.5. 
  5. 6ft Freshman point guard Ashlon Jackson is a highly ranked freshman in the nation. Recruiters and scouts follow her every move 
  6. North Shore and Allen has 5k kids.  West Brook is in the bracket they need to be in 
  7. Defensive Line is ok. Its the Linebackers and Dbs that are tremendously undersized and get pushed around. They're tough and most of them will hit you but I don't think any of them are taller then 5-9 besides the corner Drew (6-3) and the safety Hawk (5-11
  8. North shore with a pick six.  North Shore 49- Katy 31  4 min left in the 4th
  9. Katy going for it on 4th and 11 a critical mistake.  Had a chance to pin North Shore deep with plenty of time remaining.  North Shore makes them pay with a back breaking long run to go up 42-31. 
  10. Zach Evans likely seals the win for North Shore on a 59 yard TD run for a 42-31 lead on Katy with 4:33 remaining
  11. Zach Evans. House call.  North Shore 42. Katy 31.
  12. North Shore scores on a 13 yard TD pass from Davis to Jordan Revels. 35-24 Mustangs lead on Katy. 2:01 left 3Q
  13. Shadrach Banks is the real deal. He's also ranked as the #1 Ath in the Nation in C/O 2021