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  1. East Chambers 10 Port Arthur Bob Hope 0/FINAL

    EC 10 Bob Hope 0 Final 5 innings. 
  2. East Chambers at Kountze/Post updates here!

    EC 15 Kountze 7 Final
  3. Jarrell 41 East Chambers 36/FINAL

    Let’s go Bucs!!!!!!!
  4. Jarrell 41 East Chambers 36/FINAL

    Can’t get the feed.
  5. Kountze 74 Hitchcock 72/FINAL

    Congratulations Kountze.
  6. East Chambers vs Jarrell

    Starting guard Jayce Guillory for EC sprained his ankle not sure how bad.  Hope he’s ok to play.
  7. East Chambers 13 Hull-Daisetta 0/FINAL

    EC 13 HD 0 Final
  8. East Chambers vs La Marque

    EC will have a potential match up with #1 State Ranked Jarrell if they both win and Kountze possibly playing # 5 Ranked Westwood with a chance to play each other.  If they win their respective games this Tuesday it will all take place next weekend at the Regional tourney if I looked at it right.
  9. East Chambers 8 Liberty 7/FINAL

    EC 8 Liberty 7 Final
  10. Kountze 63 East Chambers 80/FINAL

    Way to go Bucs!!!!!
  11. Kountze 63 East Chambers 80/FINAL

    Nice 17-1 run
  12. Kountze 63 East Chambers 80/FINAL

    Let’s go Bucs!!!!