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  1. Biden allegations?

    At least he didnt grab them by their vaginas
  2. Welcome to the Republican Party

     You all want to force a woman to have a baby, even if he is going to starve to death, or die from a preventable illness, once he is born, because Republicans want to decrease funding to WIC, SNAPS, CHIPS, and Medicaid. These programs help to sustain life. Republicans are pro birth not pro life.  
  3. Welcome to the Republican Party

    I agree, wholeheartedly.
  4. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    If there is an "original" wall, why is another one necessary?
  5. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    What about people who work and receive food stamps,WIC, or CHIP. Or, the people that work and receive a healthcare subsidy. How do you feel about them?
  6. Here's the WHITE MAN....

    She was wrong, just like Susan Smith, who said a black man kidnapped her kids, yet she killed them. Did you ever watch the movie Rosewood? A white lady had an affair with a white man, but she told her husband that a black man raped her. How do you feel about that?
  7. Build Wall or Shut Down the Border

    This is a great idea. We should let children starve, so that we can pay for the wall. Let's get rid of that program. (Sar asm). Maybe, they should get rid of FEMA; as well. What will some of you all do when it floods in your area?
  8. Trump To Finally Visit A Combat Zone!!

     Did you see her outfit? She looked lime a hooker.
  9. I don't know the details of her story. What is she saying?
  10. Her story is inconsistent.
  11. She is guilty of killing him. That is not being disputed.
  12. I can't understand why her story changed. First she used her key to get in, then she states that the door was ajar.
  13. Why did she tell the Dallas PD that her key opened the door, and the Texas Rangers that the door was ajar.
  14. I agree. Imagine that.