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  1. I don't know the details of her story. What is she saying?
  2. Her story is inconsistent.
  3. She is guilty of killing him. That is not being disputed.
  4. I can't understand why her story changed. First she used her key to get in, then she states that the door was ajar.
  5. Why did she tell the Dallas PD that her key opened the door, and the Texas Rangers that the door was ajar.
  6. If the door was ajar, why didn't she call for back-up. I thought that officers were trained to observe their surroundings. I have a hard time getting past the red rug in front of his door. She didn't have one in front of hers.
  7. The rug was outside of the apartment in front of his door. There are 2 witnesses that claim they heard her yelling "let me in". Initially, she said her key opened the door, now she is saying that the door was ajar. I find her story hard to believe; as well. Some speculate that she was a jilted lover. How was she in a life threatening situation?  
  8. Did I say that? I wonder why she didn't notice the big red rug that was in front of his apartment door. She said she thought it was her apartment, but she didn't have a rug.
  10. Nike’s new face

    We are arrested and convicted more than our white counterparts, so our numbers are going to look higher. if the number you posted is correct. If one is not arrested and corrected, than he doesnt become a stat. Why do white people commit more mass shootings. Terroristic acts?
  11. Nike’s new face

    Get used to the idiotic remarks.
  12. Nike’s new face

    Why don't you protest?
  13. Nike’s new face

    Yes. We are arrested, charged, and convicted more; when compared to, our white counterparts when committing the same crimes. Why is that?