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  1. Melania Trump's parents

    I thought that Trump opposed chain migration. This is interesting
  2. Trump, a White Supremacist?....

    He doesn't speak for all black people. 
  3. Trump-Putin meeting

    I know you googled the term projection. I know you didn't know what the word meant. After reading the definition, it should be clear why I stated that you are projecting.
  4. Trump-Putin meeting

    Fox news is not a credible news outlet
  5. Trump

    I need credible sources. Politifact said that it is not true.
  6. Trump

    You know that Trump made a fool out of himself, admit it.
  7. Trump

    You guys are weird. You all believe all of the right winged conspiracy theories. Are any of you capable of independent thought? How many of y'all trust Alex Jones?
  8. Trump
  9. Trump

    NY Post?
  10. Trump-Putin meeting

    Just because you think I run, doesn't mean I do. Feel free to believe what you want. It doesn't matter.
  11. Trump-Putin meeting

    So, you are siding with Russia?
  12. Trump

    Illegal immigrants cant vote. You are grasping for straws.
  13. Trump

    Trump admitted that the Russians interfered. I am not outraged. I think that the situation is hilarious. He made a fool out of himself, again.
  14. Trump-Putin meeting

    Did you all agree with Trump when he said, "Why would they", or do you agree with him since he has said "Why wouldn't they?
  15. Trump-Putin meeting

    You are projecting. How can i answer a question if i am no longer on the thread? I post things, and may not look at the thread for weeks at a time, because I am bored; due to, your lack of knowledge.