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  1. Lamar

    I have sat through some crappy football the past 4 years at Lamar. This year I actually stayed after the band performed. What a drastic change. Pecker Tech!
  2. Ye ole Weedeater

    Let us know when LSU has one.  
  3. Ye ole Weedeater

    Kansas instantly becomes a national championship contender since Les has won a NC. That is the prevailing logic, correct?
  4. Herman's Texas Longhorns

  5. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Something we can agree on.
  6. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    If you have never snorted coke off of a stripper, have you even coached in the NCAA?
  7. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    When I want the real news, I go to Bucknuts.
  8. The Hill vs Manvel

    Big Mac's. We get Bonus Big Mac's. 

    Maybe they just don't count t-shirt fans. Aggy seems to take issue with t-shirt fans.
  10. Kingwood Park 63 Goose Creek Memorial 6/FINAL

    Nah. We lockin'em down now.
  11. Kingwood Park 63 Goose Creek Memorial 6/FINAL

    OL did not move. Just chose not to play football. QB/ATH was hurt prior to New Caney game. Every little bit helps.
  12. Kingwood Park 63 Goose Creek Memorial 6/FINAL

    5 starters moved just before school started- QB, RB, OL. GCM was behind the 8 Ball to start the season. Add on multiple injuries and it is what it is.  Bren Jones is a good coach and a better man. Not going to panic after a few seasons. 
  13. The MIGHTY SEC

    Cookin' the books.    
  14. The Hill vs Manvel

    I'll bet my Christmas bonus that Manvel beats the Hill.
  15. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    Damn Russians!