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  1. Barbers Hill open?

    Maybe so, but it sure comes open more than usual.
  2. WCWS Softball Tournament

    Texas wins the Austin Regional after losing GM1.  Next up, Alabama. Miranda Elish was an absolute beast. 
  3. WCWS Softball Tournament

    ags lose GM1 to UH 3-1  
  4. College Baseball 2019

    Texas seals their fate in a 4-2 loss last night. Crazy season. 
  5. WCWS Softball Tournament

    Just not awful. They were just as suprised. 
  6. WCWS Softball Tournament

    I have watched more aTm softball than I have ever wanted to. They are not awful per se. Just not very good. Pitching is way down and they struggle hitting the ball. My sons sister-in-law has been moved in and out of the line-up on a game by game basis. Very frustrating having to watch all of that crap again. 
  7. West Hardin

    You are correct.
  8. West Hardin

    We will see. I am always willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. 
  9. West Hardin

  10. West Hardin

    We can scheme until the cows come home. When the injuries pile up, it don't matta.
  11. West Hardin

    It's not about x's and o's. Its about Larry's and Joe's. GCM was short on the Larry's and Joe's when they gave up lots of points to New Caney, Kingwood Park and Porter.
  12. GCM is Open

  13. GCM is Open

    Well, I liked Aduddell.  I don't remember Coach Carter. I guess in some ways that's good.
  14. GCM is Open

    Coach Carter was at RSS under Troy Aduddell.  
  15. GCM is Open

    BREAKING pending board approval Goose Creek Memorial will hire Katy Cinco Ranch DC Shannon Carter as their next HFC #txhsfb @dctf