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  1. College World Series- 2018

    No bias on ESPN's part.  
  2. There may be a delay in the Previews

    Prayers for you, your family, and your doctors.  
  3. Stories about Texas and other in state schools

    Aggies have had some turmoil over the summer. Show leaving was a bit of a surprise.
  4. Stories about Texas and other in state schools

    Yes it is. Del Conte is making all the right moves.
  5. Stories about Texas and other in state schools

    Who's "y'all"? 
  6. MLB Draft

  7. College World Series- 2018

      With the exception of Miss St, those have been the best teams all year.     
  8. RIP Blain Padgett

    Far too many of us are afraid to talk about the real issues, especially as parents. This story is not about trashing a young mans death. Its about identifying and understanding the "who, what, when, where, and why" of his death.  Young people need to see the results of their actions. Far too many of them are either truly ignorant of the repercussions of their actions or believe they know how to avoid the downfalls  . Especially high level athletes who are always looking for a competitive edge. High school sports are very competitive. D1 sports are on another level. They will be asked to do things and will see other players doing things to get that "edge". It's scary what happens on our college campuses.  Bottom line- talk with your kids. Be involved and be alert. Do not rely on the village to raise your child.
  9. TAMU student sues over rape alligation

    This is bad, but I am not sure we will ever see anything that is as bad as Baylor. 
  10. College World Series- 2018

    Probably the Horns last day in Omaha. They just do not have enough arms and for the most part can't swing the bats consistently.  Hoping I am wrong though. Hook'em!
  11. College World Series- 2018
  12. THSBCA All State Teams

    These are the players that will play in the 5A/6A All-Star game in Round Rock. David Denny(Barbers Hill) and Chris Rupp (Deer Park) will coach the South team. South Team:   North Team:
  13. End of the Wayne Graham Era

    Joseph Duarte (Joseph_Duarte) Tennessee Tech coach Matt Bragga is a candidate for the #Rice baseball job, a source confirms. @KendallRogers and @MarkBermanFox26 were first to report. Fox 26 reporting he has interviewed for the job
  14. THSBCA All State Teams

    Coaches have to be members of the THBCA and then they can nominate a player. Once nominated, the other member coaches select the team. 
  15. The Dark Side of 7-7

    Based on personal experiences, and I could be wrong, the elite "select" baseball coaches are not being paid to "guide" players to schools. The biggest difference is the MLB Draft. Since an elite high school kid can be drafted right out of high school, there is very little interference by the select coach. The good select programs (Banditos, Sun Devils, etc..) do provide exposure and give guidance in the recruiting and draft process. Most high school baseball players, not drafted in the first 8 rounds, are going to at least go the JUCO route to either improve draft status or to play at a D1 school in 2 years. You just don't see coaches getting paid to influence that decision based on a lot of probabilities. Scouts do a ton of research and know who is and who is not college material. They have a pretty good idea of whether they can sign you or not if they draft you. They also know if you can qualify to get into school or not. In other words, in baseball, going to school is a bargaining chip- it'll cost you this much for me NOT to go to school (assuming you can get into school). Football players have to go to college for three years and basketball players usually have to go for one. To me, that's where this situation gets messy.