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  1. College Baseball 2018

  2. College Baseball 2018

    Dang it!
  3. College Baseball 2018

    Texas Baseball‏Verified account @TexasBaseball 8h8 hours ago More Texas Baseball Retweeted James Barton James, this is very nice but @JakeMcK13 actually has a 3.95* in petroleum engineering. Texas Baseball added, James Barton @jamesbarton10 Walks on. Makes team. Becomes everyday player. Two-year starter. Plays all 9 positions in one game. 3.8 Petroleum Engineer. MAD respect @JakeMcK13!! Impossible is nothing #hookem @TexasBasebal   Direct message
  4. College Baseball 2018

    McKenzie walked on at UT- It’s a Texas Longhorn record: Jake McKenzie played all nine positions tonight, and did it in seven innings. McKenzie closed it out on the mound as Texas defeats UT Rio Grande Valley in seven innings, 13-2.
  5. 21-6A 4/17

    Sorry. These are baseball scores. 
  6. 21-6A 4/17

    Finals RSS 5 CE King 0   Summer Creek  5 Atascocita  16
  7. College Baseball 2018

    Texas currently projected as a 2 seed in the College Station Regional. That sounds fun. I expect them to host when it's all said and done.
  8. GCM

    In my opinion, everything in your program feeds off of #4. Unfortunately we are in a "look at me" society with Twitter, SnapChat, and social media in general. Too many times we put our individual accomplishments above the accomplishments of the TEAM. Not sure how you fix that. Baseball is one of the most humbling sports there is. It's a sport of repeated failure. Where being successful 30% of the time can put you in the Hall of Fame. You have to lean to accept failure without accepting defeat. Losing should hurt. For some reason GCM has not played up to their abilities. Pointing the finger at the coach as the sole reason is not 100% accurate or fair to him. However, like all sports, the coach is ultimately responsible.
  9. GCM

    You can place the blame wherever you want. The fact is, this team has underachieved.
  10. College Baseball 2018

    Just beat Cougar High this week. Please.
  11. GCM

    With 2 quality starters and 1 relief pitcher I can make the playoffs at any level. 
  12. GCM

    You're telling me you have to have 5 quality pitchers to win in 6A?

    Per Twitter: Carl Padilla Pending Board Approval tonight, Jared Sloan will be the new Head Coach at Rice Consolidated! Hardin-Jefferson will Be Open! #txhsfb @glere53 @ChargerEmpire @ProfessorDiggs @ICMurrellPANews
  14. GCM

    They have won 4 games in district. They have an outside chance to make the playoffs. Based on talent, most underachieving team the past 2 seasons.
  15. A&M vs Texas/Updates

    I agree. However, it is always better when they meet in a Regional or Super Regional.