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  1. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    So he will miss the 1st quarter?
  2. Herman's Texas Longhorns

    An aggy never quits. Honor Code and all.
  3. 2018 recruiting

    No one is paying summer baseball coaches to funnel players to a college. Not while they can be drafted out of high school. AAU is the most corrupt league in sports. Even in the age of 1 and Done, they cannot keep the bag men out of the picture.  Sounds like football is heading down the same path.    
  4. 2018 recruiting

  5. 2018 recruiting

    Does not mean it's good for the sport. 
  6. Coaching vacancies

    Based on who the majority of his wins were against, he'd be a hell of an FCS coach. As for bowl wins -if you ain't first, you're last- some teams get motivated for bowl games, some do not. Unless you're in the Final Four, they are meaningless. 
  7. Lets TalkLocal 5A Div 1

    GCM is closer than you think. Played a ton of sophomores this year. Freshman teams were very competitive too. This move will help them mentally, if nothing at all.
  8. Lets TalkLocal 5A Div 1

  9. Lets TalkLocal 5A Div 1

    Shadow Creek
  10. Cutoff Numbers

    Allen HS- 6,664 How do we compete with that in 6A? Even I can find 22 football players out of a pool that large.
  11. Cutoff Numbers

    Crazy 5A is better than a perfect 6A.
  12. Coaching vacancies

    Morris at Arkansas is a very good hire.
  13. Cutoff Numbers

    GCM back to 5A. Not sad about that.
  14. Coaching vacancies

    I don't think anyone hires Sumlin. 
  15. College Football Playoff

    None of them from College Station.