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  1. Lawsuit filed against TCU, Patterson, Big 12 and others

    Boy, we are about to blow the lid off of Pandora's Box. I wonder if he was a "paid" college athlete (outside of room, board, and tuition at about $60K/year for TCU) if he would have felt differently.
  2. Baytown Mega Scool

    RB is already back at RSS.
  3. College Baseball 2018

    Losing the opener to Holy Cross is a great start! FYTW
  4. Baytown Mega Scool

    Might be the dumbest thing I've read.  How many players is Crosby, with their new facilities, sending to college for free every year? 3? 4?  Stop pretending that winning a playoff game or two puts you in some sort of elite company.   
  5. Baytown Mega Scool

    I think the RB will be back.
  6. Baytown Mega Scool

    All Baytown schools will benefit from 5A. I am just saying it is not a guarantee of success.  
  7. Baytown Mega Scool

    5A in our area is not necessarily a step down. People confuse 6A enrollment number with 6A participation numbers.  
  8. Baytown Mega Scool

    I was replying to the wrong thread. However, I am disappointed the district caved on the consolidated high school.
  9. Baytown Mega Scool

  10. College Baseball 2018

    Here's hoping Todd goes 0 fer. 
  11. 2019 Recruiting

    I'll Grant you this,  that's a good clue.
  12. Post area round info here!

    Friday, Feb. 16th 6:00 P.M. Phillips Field House Pasadena, Tx GCM vs Alvin
  13. 2019 Recruiting

    No. That's not it. 
  14. 2019 Recruiting

    Anything exciting happen last night?
  15. CBB Longhorns

    Maybe he should aggy it up and smoke a doobie.