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  1. United 69 NS 59 final
  2. BU 48 LaPorte 25 end of 3rd
  3. BU 28 Laporte 19 halftime 
  4. Mid Season SETX Top 10

    United has beaten every team they played by at least 15+ that's including district, where they are picked to finish 4th.  Now I'm not familiar with HJ schedule so, I don't know what was the outcome of there loses.
  5. Mid Season SETX Top 10

    I'm still trying to figure out how you keep putting HJ #1 over United.
  6. Mid Season SETX Top 10

    I have to disagree with you on that one United has a freshman that's pretty darn good.  
  7. Freshmen  BU 33 Sterling  24 Final
  8. I'm sitting by some NS fans and one lady keep yelling what happened in football.  I told her this not