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  1. Liberty vs. Salado

    They were district champs and finished the season 8-2. That’s all I know. Go Panthers!
  2. One of the best moves the family has ever made. 
  3. Anthony I believe was his name. 
  4. I remember when his son was in jr high at Hardin. The kid threw a touchdown dang near every time he threw the ball. 
  5. Is Mike Morgan still an assistant at Carthage?
  6. Woodville will pull away in the first half.  Woodville 44 Hempstead 15
  7. The Falcons will try to stay within 60. Go Stangs. 
  8. Hempstead 34 Hardin 14/FINAL

    Still trolling I see. Lol
  9. Can we get him some cheese to go with his whine?
  10. Hempstead 34 Hardin 14/FINAL

    I really don’t remember all the positive comments but hey, I’ve slept since then. Every time I’ve started a thread on Hardin, it’s only caused negative comments such as referring sarcastically to Haynes as “God” and such. Oh well, my support is to the kids and the coaches who spend their time trying to make them better.