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  1. DCTF Most Improved Defenses

    I’m pretty sure that he was being a wee bit sarcastic
  2. What happened to D-FW this year?

    It’s a good thing Newton stayed near Dallas last night. 
  3. Gunter folks are definitely rattled now. They don’t know what hit’em. 
  4. Beautiful pass and catch for Newton Eagle touchdown. 
  5. West Orange Stark vs Pleasant Grove

    Bring home another state championship WOS!!
  6. Kennedale vs Carthage

    Carthage takes it 
  7. State Final Schedule

    They do. Channel 676 I believe. 
  8. Liberty vs. Salado

    They were district champs and finished the season 8-2. That’s all I know. Go Panthers!
  9. Jasper 56 Atlanta 28/FINAL

    28-27 Atlanta 
  10. One of the best moves the family has ever made. 
  11. Anthony I believe was his name.