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  1. This just ain’t right

    Sorry, I meant the girls.
  2. This just ain’t right

    i KEEP HEARING THAT school in Sour Lake is getting transfers.
  3. US and North Korea meet.

    Okay, I'm beginning to think there is a conspiracy to keep me quiet on this forum. Laptop and cell phone having problems trying to text on here. I'm trying to comment and it keeps bring me back to Nash's post above. Anyway, I'm just posting here to try and get out from Nash'r control on this forum. Obviously he had paid off for more control. Trump Jr. Hmmm?   Help us if it's really Nash telling Trump what to do.
  4. Interest rate hike

    Almost Nash! My knees trembled a bit leaning towards the 4%, but I realized with repub cultist rates, nothing is guaranteed. 
  5. Interest rate hike

    Yep! Just when I used credit cards to pay off tuition. Nash, I need a quick loan!! 
  6. US and North Korea meet.

    Trump praises Kim and says US media is America's WORST enemy. Hmmm! 
  7. US and North Korea meet.

    Run scared? Really? Trump praises Russia and N.K. and divide some of our traditional allies.
  8. US and North Korea meet.

    Trump and Kim are best friends now. Trump declares N.K. is no longer a nuclear threat! We can all rest easy now.
  9. When Michael Cohen Flips

    Cutting the military budget? I wonder if the Pentagon had knowledge of his decision? But, the man lies so much, who knows!!
  10. When Michael Cohen Flips

    Just when Trump makes his historic visit, Michael Cohen will flip soon and poor Trump will be back on a hotter seat. And on another note, Trump don't like athletes kneeling but he kneels to North Korea.
  11. US and North Korea meet.

    Lawd, if this was Obama. Obama told Trump NK was dangerous. Well, at least we are getting some info on MIA from the Korean War.    .
  12. Trump is such a racist

    Strom Thurmond was a racist and they made a play about him being a non-racist.    Where are the roling eyes emoji when you need them.
  13. My Trump Supporters

     “I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.”   This guy has no clue. Donald Trump wasn't in office yet. It's more out of control, threatening the rights, liberties, property of people and too much grandstanding  NOW !!
  14. Yall gonna have to call off the police traps. Even the silver-haired Wonderman has no control over your town.