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  1. Another Mass Shooting...

    Bringing up race, huh? 
  2. See, here is another reason why I can't take you guys seriously. It's bad enough that you are radical Trump supporters, with his *Birther* movement.     First of all, the shooter is from Puerto Rico.
  3. Colin Kaepernick's 'I'm With Kap' Jersey Sold Out

    I respect yall opinions because this is what this country is all about (hmmm!) Well, what it is *suppose* to be about.
  5. Nike’s new face

    In the end, you Trump supporters picked a doozy. His own people turning against him. So, you support the guy and that says a lot about his supporters. Hard to reason with people like this I must admit, I love messing with yall.
  6. Nike’s new face

    Chicago has a long history of killing people with stray bullets. Its all wrong. See what you don't want to look at is this: When street disturbances started in the Baltimore Harbor District a couple of years ago, the incidents were squashed in a matter of weeks.Because they didn't want to lose the tourist factor.
  7. What You Need to Know About Beto O’Rourke

    Stevie, what was your college prank? Hmmm? Stevie, what were your college pranks?
  8. Nike’s new face   White Americans are nearly eight times more likely to die from illicit-drug overdoses than murder, the CDC statistics show, a proportion that undoubtedly reflects the heroin and opiate epidemic. But according to FBI data for 2015, when whites are murdered anywhere in the country, the murderer is five times more likely to be white than nonwhite. (This ratio counts only murder cases in which information about the offender is known by law enforcement.) Overall, white Americans who live in predominantly white and Trump-voting counties are 50% more likely to die from murder, gun violence and drug overdoses than whites who live in the most diverse and Democratic-voting counties. The more white and Republican a county is, the greater the risk for white Americans.
  9. What You Need to Know About Beto O’Rourke

    Dude, Really!! Nice try!!!!! How many of us can say we never participated in a college prank? They pulled an alarm on UTEP's campus. Sheez!! 
  10. Nike’s new face

    Oh okay, so Colin's kneeling was a sign of freedom of expression. What's your point?
  11. Nike’s new face

    Colin doesn't need to be in those communities. He can't "police" every community. There are people there already working in those high crime areas. Farce? Do you think this started just within the past few years? It's been going on for years. Everybody has video capability now. So, its being caught on video now.
  12. Nike’s new face

    So, you're saying Black males are killed because of freedom of expression?
  13. Nike’s new face

    Yep, but especially among Black youths and others of color.
  14. Nike’s new face

    The impact and the timing to get across a very serious message was the point. You saw and now you're aware of his protest.  And most of yall are descendants from people who protested against the British flag and thus, the American Revolution. But I get it, its to suit your agenda that makes it right.
  15. Nike’s new face

    So, I guess you noticed the young white male kneeling  before the American flag at McCain's funeral?