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  1. I was wondering if you knew when the third round game would be played, Friday or Saturday? I am asking this because I have to work that weekend and I need to ask off this week. if you have any clue I would appreciate it.

    1. NewtonNation


      It won't be decided until Friday night or Saturday morning after the round 2 game. Both coaches have to agree on the day, the stadium, the kickoff time and who will be home team/ away team.

      Last year every game in the playoffs was on Fridays but this year the first round is already on a Thursday. lol I wish I could give a better answer but there are too many variables. 

      Also I have seen stadiums and days get changed mid week too!

  2. Newton 47 Frankston 0/FINAL

    Newton 47 Frankston 0 Final 
  3. Newton 47 Frankston 0/FINAL

    Newton 41 Frankston 0 Halftime 
  4. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 11

    Let's put it this way, all three are tied for first. WOS = back-to-back state champs Newton = because we're awesome PNG = because they have the same colors as Newton  
  5. Newton 75 Hemphill 0/FINAL

    Newton 75 - 0 Final  
  6. Newton 75 Hemphill 0/FINAL

    Halftime Newton 39 Hemphill 0
  7. Former WO-S players indicted in Spring Break beach brawl

    I hate to see any young men or women do stupid things and get into trouble. Football players or not. 
  8. Newton 52 Corrigan-Camden 0/FINAL

    52-0 Newton  final
  9. Newton 52 Corrigan-Camden 0/FINAL

    Halftime Newton 40 Corrigan-Camden 0
  10. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    Don't worry Backer, the pain will go away with time. 
  11. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    I figured you would have a water proof computer by now, with all the BS that you comb thru!
  12. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    Don't waste your time Grad. He's not going to get it. 
  13. Enterprise Top 10 Rankings: Week 9

    Lufkin plays big boy ball at the brook. 
  14. Newton's opponent wasn't updated. I'm sure Garrison doesn't want to play us two weeks in a row! 
  15. Picture

     You should burn your computer, phone, tablet or any other device you used to post with that picture. Then create another account, that should rid you of the burden. lol