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  1. Barbers Hill 58 Nederland 49/FINAL

    BH has shutdown Hefner in the first half with box and one defense.....1 point i believe. Gotta make adjustments or have someone else step up in the second half
  2. JAN. 18 PICKEMS

  3. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    I'd guess about 25 points #21 had about 15 points
  4. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    FINAL: Nederland-57 PAM-58   The way PAM started out i thought it was gonna be a route. Nederland came out strong to start the second half but when you miss 10+ free throws its hard to beat a good team
  5. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    END OF 3RD: Nederland-39 PAM-40
  6. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    HALFTIME: Nederland-21 PAM-33
  7. Nederland 57 PA Memorial 58/FINAL

    END OF 1ST: Nederland-11 PAM-21 I think Memorial only has 1 miss so far. 5-5 from 3 
  8. 1 minute till tip-off For the record i still think bands at basketball games is annoying
  9. JAN. 15 PICKEMS

  10. Nederland 58 Cleveland 50/FINAL

    FINAL: Cleveland-50 Nederland-58 Cleveland had a 5 point lead with about 2:40 left. Then tried to start playing stall ball and fell apart. 
  11. Nederland 58 Cleveland 50/FINAL

    END OF 3RD: Cleveland-41 Nederland-38
  12. HALFTIME: Cleveland-29 Nederland-30   I couldn't find a thread for it....
  13. FINAL: College Park-34 Nederland-33
  14. Who does Nederland play tomorrow morning?
  15. Felt like about 20 turnovers in the first half for Nederland....down 36-19