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  1. Monday night in Houston... NHS  000 100 0 = 1-2-1 SAA  000 000 0 = 0-6-0 Well played game.     
  2. Come get what you need. I have most 6A,5A,4A done... working on 3A right now, then 2A and 1A, but also got to go later to get our field ready to host Monsignor Kelly this evening. 
  3. Thanks to those of you who are posting... I have added them to our playoff brackets pages at Texas Prep Softball (www.txprepsoftball.net)
  4. 4a State Rankings

    Beeville's one loss is to my squad.. St Agnes Academy. Beat them in the Corpus Christi Tournament 

    Go to my website https://www.txprepsoftball.net/index.php/2018-schedules and get all of the schedules you want. I have almost 1100 posted. 
  6. Huffman 2, North Shore 1
  7. Anahuac 15 South Houston 6/FINAL

    Anahuac 15, South Houston 6
  8. UCLA Lisa Fernandez Suspension

    I was at the WCWS and she was close to being thrown out during the LSU game as well. The TV cameras didn't show it, but the 3B umpire put up a heck of a wall to keep her away from the home plate umpire. I think she should have been ejected then. During the game after she was ejected, the UCLA fans all had tshirts made with her picture on the front and she was in the UCLA fan section during the game. Between innings the fans would parade her down to the front to pose for pictures.  It was really embarrassing for the NCAA as far as I was concerned. 
  9. University of Katy 8, Atascocita 2
  10. Houston St. Agnes at Kelly (rained out)

    Forgot to post last week, but we did make the trip back to Beaumont again last Wednesday and beat Kelly 16-0 in 4 innings. 
  11. Garrison 12 Hemphill 0/FINAL

    Garrison 12, Hemphill 0
  12. Chester won by forfeit
  13. Huntington 5 Diboll 0/FINAL

    Huntington 5, Diboll 0
  14. Conroe Caney Creek 8 New Caney 6/FINAL

    Caney Creek 8, New Caney 6