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  1. LCM is putting on a show....LCM 44 TO 18.
  2. 11-4A-D2

    I see ya'll have Royal this week...That's a win for sure.
  3. 11-4A-D2

    Just the opposite of last year.Last year Madisonville finished 3-8,Shepherd 7-3 and Bellville10-3.To date Madisonville is at 5-1,Shepherd 4-1 and Bellville 2-4.I see in 10-4A Smithville has had a huge turnaround at 5-0.Last year they went 0-10. 
  4. I said one team  was going to make a statement after this game.I think both made a statement.D1 is going to have their hands full with Kennedale and WO-S is...WO-S.Coach T said we want see another team better the rest of the season...just as good but not better.  
  5. There is going to be a statement made Friday night by one of these teams.Problem is....I don't know which will make it.I'm with you
  6. Our point output is 2-3 touchdown fewer and we are giving up more points this year.But Goblin on the other board pointed out even with that we beat all but one team by that margin or more last year.Kennedale scored 21 on us last year and has basically the same team back.You would think by what they have coming back and what we have lost player wise they will score at least 21 plus.This game will put things in perspective for the moment but rest assured the Stangs will only get better as time goes on.  
  7. Well Silsbee has a pretty good team and even with the loss I fell they are confident.Bridge City has just come on as of late and they to are confident.To answer my on question I don't either are sweating....geeze
  8. That makes it a one game series for the Tigers and two games for the Cards.Who's sweating the most right now?  
  9. You Tigers are tough.Great pitching Jack.
  10. Chad Dallas

    Kind of funny.A lot of people were on Chads case for his inconsistency on extra points...and yet his field goal could have been the difference in this ball game and for the extra point he made.Way to come through Chad.
  11. Just got home and worn out so I'll keep it short.This was the true meaning of defense wins championships.Congrats to the Mustangs and thanks for a great three year ride.
  12. WOS - Sweetwater

    Watched a video of the send off.Have to admit gave me chills.Go Mustangs....FINISH IT!!!!!!!
  13. WOS - Sweetwater

    But they still yellow.Couldn't they find sliver &
  14. Betting Lines For State Games

    You ain't going to make any money by betting on WO-S.