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  1. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    He walks on
  2. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    Yeah ya know what you mean by the quote button I have trouble with it to sometimes.
  3. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    Putting all our eggs in one basket on this one.Defense,defense,defense.Not going to win a shootout with these guys but got to find a way to put up at least 4 td's,maybe more and hold them to less.That's a tall order but achievable.Will see.
  4. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    I can't speak for coach T but I think that's exactly what his game plan would be.Long drives,burn the clock and rest the defense.If that don't work open the play book...they ain't no tomorrow. 
  5. I think ya'll should have won that game too.Most people think our run stops next Friday and that doesn't upset me at all.Matter of fact I'm glad we are playing Wimbo rather than Cuero.You are correct our offense want set the world on fire but with our defense they get the job done.Watching the Cuero/Wimbo game I think Cuero had the better team.Both teams made big plays but Wimbo had to make them all night long.Wimbo got a big break on a punt where two defenders collided as they were about to tackle the runner for little gain.That sprang the runner and he went all the way to the Cuero 8 or 10 yrd line.Hence the go ahead score.Cuero had no rush on the qb and he had all the time in the world to throw.Receivers were pretty much open also.I'm thinking we can put pressure on the qb and make him release early and have tighter coverage than Cuero had.Weeks is going to make some throws no doubt,we just have to limit those.Cuero great defense they have had all year just didn't show up.It will be a task for our defense but I'm confident they will once again arise to the occasion.Oh.Don't think for a moment the players don't know what happened in 2005.
  6. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    Just got through watching Cuero/Wimberly game.Cuero had no rush to speak of.Cuero seemed to have the better balanced attack and Wimberly just lives on the big play.Cuero missed a big play that the receiver dropped the ball at Wimberly's 4 yrd line and would have scored.If they make that it would have put them up by two scores late and I don't think Wimberly comes back.Wimberly's QB takes a very deep drop and most of his receivers were wide open.I really was not that impressed anyone could catch those.If we can play their receivers tight, get a good pass rush I think we will be ok.
  7. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    I know this is irrelevant but wasn't it Robinson last year that had a QB setting the world on fire with his passing.We all know how that turned out for them.Salado completed some passes on us because we weren't really defending the pass.After coach made the adjustment they were ineffective with the pass.I am concerned about our offense so we can't get in a shoot out with Wimberly, so if we advance it will be on the defense once again. I'm sure they wouldn't mind a little help
  8. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    ATTITUDE I like your attitude.
  9. West Orange Stark vs Wimberley

    I don't mind telling you I'm a little nervous about this one.This ain't no slot T team and a little harder to defend.They going to be jacked up after their come from behind win over Cuero.Once again our defense is going to have to win this game for us.We have to find our passing game so we can be more balanced on offense.Cut down on penalties and ect,ect.In other words the Stangs are going to have to play one of their best games.I see it as a toss up.
  10. They going to be a handful that's for sure.Our D going to have to do it again.
  11. You always going to have haters.smh
  12. That will do it.We going to a lot of passing.Int time.
  13. Defense doing their thing.Has held twice on first and goal.
  14. They ( Salado ) doing a good job passing.They have 1 yrd on the ground.Our passing stinks.