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  1. Austin Eastside Memorial out of 14-4A has not scored a point in 6 games.They average giving up 51 points a game.I would think their main goal is just to score instead of winning at this point.
  2. Liberty @ H-F

    H-F leads the district in scoring and Liberty has only given up 66 points in 6 games.Which is for real????

    Well I know it's early but the runner up and third place teams in 12 4A go to the top bracket with Jasper/WOS.Runner up in 12 will be in the Jasper section and third in 12 in the WOS side.Winners will play Jasper/WOS in the second round.IF all take care of business.1st round would have runner up of 12 4A playing third in 11 4A and third in 12 4A  playing runner up of 11 4A.Both 12 4A should win these.
  4. I agree.Funny but our kicking game cost us the game with Nederland.Didn't make one extra point but the kid has really improved.
  5. I said this was a toss up game.These two were evenly matched from what saw.Could have gone either way.That 4th down call to go for it by Silsbee with 30 something seconds left was really stupid.Punt the ball and try to win it in overtime.Mustang still having problems scoring td's when they're in the red zone.Great win for the Stangs.   
  6. One was 1998.We played twice.First game WOS 17-0.Second game for Bi-District....Silsbee 21-20.Still not over that
  7. Second thoughts about the game.WOS loses have been to undefeated teams which are a combined 20-0.Their two wins have come to teams with a combined 2-8 record.So Silsbee being at 3-3 looks doable.With all the hype about their 500th game,highest winning percentage, shooting for their 400th win,at home and on top of that if they want to win district they have to win this game.I think they will be a little more motivated than usual.Advantage Mustang. Oh.Did I mention they were in all those games they lost to undefeated teams to.Just needed a play here and there and cut out the mental mistakes. 
  8. I would rather pay to get in and they ear mark that money to fix the score board that has not worked properly in years.A team that has been to 4 straight trips to state and won two of those should at the very least have a working score board.Rant over!!!

    Well except for Giddings...Sweeny,Bellville have had a pretty easy schedule and Giddings wasn't that much harder.All I'm saying is after Jasper it could be anyone's ballgame.I don't see a clear cut favorite.
  10. JASPER

    Now that's funny.You have to include Silsbee,WOS in the average column as well to be fair.Right now Jasper is the favorite and everyone else is capable of beating each other.And the teams you listed all have fewer points allowed by a wide margin than WOS or Silsbee.Sweeny has only allowed 41 points.
  11. JASPER

    If we win district that wouldn't happen until the third round.If we don't we will be in the lower bracket and it would be the 4th round.In any case the outcome will be the same....WE WILL NOT MAKE IT THAT FAR.
  12. Well I see we finally fell out of the polls...Where I said we needed to be before the season began.If we don't see much improvement by the end of district and don't get any help from kids coming up...back to back might happen to coin a phase. Anyway.We don't win district we are one and done in the playoffs.
  13. I think they are pretty much evenly matched.Problem for WOS is the red zone play.They get in scoring territory  and start getting flagged or snapping ball over the qb.They could have had 3 more scores in the Jasper game if it weren't for red zone mistakes.Low scoring game would suit me because we have yet ( Except for LCM game ) to score more than 3 Td's.