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  1. 10-4a DII

    Also WO-S had several big plays called back due to penalties.One for a td.PG executed their offense with a minimum of mistakes.    
  2. I'm buying it.Aussie was
  3. Ya'll played em pretty close.At least looking at the score...43-38,only lost by 3.So I'm thinking we can hold em to about half that ( maybe ).But we are going to have to keep it where it is more than a one score lead if we are leading late.Will have to wait and see.Never no how that ball is going to bounce and in who's favor.
  4. Yeah...that's just what everyone needs is for the Buckeyes to start playing defense.Nooooo thank 
  5. I also saw they played 3-7 Tatum for bi-district and only won 21-7.Now that's impressive.
  6. Sounds like this guy is trying to convince himself.Think he forgot were all his pro's but he forgot to list the con's....Only one baby...WEST ORANGE STARK AND THAT'S ENOUGH!!!
  7. AT&T Roll Call!!

    Think I'll see if Jerry will loan me his club house for this one.I'll use Harvy to try and sway him,lol
  8. Those people really need to find a new
  9. Really unheard of.What a job these kids have done. Just a side note.I saw Coach T at Walmart after the 2014 game.I told him then I don't think I have another 14 years to wait for another shot....He said me either,lol.I just wanted to see one more and now look what we have done.
  10. Congrats Newton.WO-S Is pulling for ya.
  11. Well here we go again. The other boards have jumped on the PG bandwagon and say we have no idea what we are fixing to face.Think I have heard that
  12. I should have never doubted you
  13. The best kind.Another wing T.That's all I know.
  14. That Weeks kid had over 300 yards passing.We stopped that big play in the second half.Weeks had me holding my breath every time he threw the ball.
  15. We left some scores on the field.I don't really care.