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  1. Great job players and coach, both boys and girls. You have started something great, I say this with much LOVE I worked the Central campus and the Ozen lol and some Lil Brook, some know what I mean Brook not West Brook , even played at HEBERT you make me feel like I'm walking the Panther grounds when watching you and walking your campus with you  Thank You Champions make Champions   
  2. You have combine Ozen and Central let's give the kids and coaches time, lol this is not AAU  or Summer basketball. As I remember Silsbee and Memorial are the only teams to have go to State and won in the last 20 years and Memorial coach came from Green and Green started at Silsbee . West Brook played up like the6 would against Ozen and Central. Green has sets for offense and a defenses system the kids will get it down but I do understand I'm   UNDERSTAND when a team lose the coach can't coach and when they win he has great players.
  3. Lamar Night of Champions

    Great Time
  4. Lamar Night of Champions

    Lamar football ,The Night of Champions , Tuesday 04/24/2018 6pm
  5. Central Jaguars vs West Brook Bruins

    just like Silsbee will beat Png
  6. Central Jaguars vs West Brook Bruins

    Thanks Coach, I remember the practices I think we found out then he was going to play football, lol still have pictures man you do a lot for kids we both was doing teams and league before  the great aau money sweep came in lol. I think that I have said THANKS before but to all my son coaches I thank you for helping my family make him a man first then an athlete.
  7. Central Jaguars vs West Brook Bruins

    True he (Whaley) ran on his own, the OL is better at this time of year then last year line was at mid-season. But last year line had three defense linemen that had not played OL before, but they worked , this year line has 2 -300 ibs and 2- 270 ibs  and the RB's with Deshaun 1300 yards Theo New comer of the year its going to be fun to watch,  but Friday will tell ps it's hard for the a defense to have key stops when an offense don't get at lease 9-12 first downs. This year lets just KIS it (keep it simple) don't out coach the other team yourself and your own team.
  8. Central Jaguars vs West Brook Bruins

    This group don't play not to lose I'm not saying any past group were playing to lose, but they had a lot of things going for them at lease 6-9 played basketball so they were different I would see them workout with Brook players  fine too. This group have worked out for 3 summers in the weight room and track now we bar no one we match all 6a and 5a schools in track and strength in our area  -- now I'm not saying that the above things will make a different but Beardown - - Jeteye mind games will not help or our offense running a flexbone, spread, I, power I -- lol we can run a wishbone and beat Brook. I'm telling you bring your lunch and  trainer.
  9. Central Jaguars vs West Brook Bruins

    Thanks', Yeoj this  is his last Brook game -- shi I wish we had a superbone offense but after watching Png and Brook--both of them need work. lol, man its been a fun ride I have also enjoyed this site with you guys . It's not much I can say about the Brook vs Chs games --I can see how fans feel its how Chs feel in B ball lol  
  10. Central Jaguars vs West Brook Bruins

    Cant argue with any of you on this site, but man our Flex look good Friday lol,  and West Brook has been King of the Hill ,  BEAR DOWN ! BEAR DOWN -- this group that just left Brook won with good defense I think maybe 6-9 of them or playing D-1;  I liked those young men. But BG ,Yoej   BEARDOWN
  11. Central Jaguars vs West Brook Bruins

    if I was you guys I would be there I heard Noah with be there also ---(BG) lol