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  1. Beaumont United Applicant List

    I accept your explanation....But come on man lol...BISD voted to merge Central and Ozen January 19,2018...They hired the football coach 37 days later Feb.23,2018...Here we are nearly June nearly 5 months after the announcement to merge still with no official announcement on the boys and girls head basketball coaches. I do realize basketball playoffs were in early March. 2 months have passed since then. Truth be known some serious deal making took place to keep Boutte at WB and a sweetheart deal to land Green from North Shore. It is what it is...Hopefully we'll have Joe Clark (Morgan Freeman)  hired before August 2018...jmo...
  2. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Wow its getting Hot in here time out for hot buttered popcorn and a cold Heineken i'll be right back lol......A little trash talk and axe grinding wakes up things lol....
  3. Beaumont United Applicant List

    For you old hands as myself LoL who can remember "ACE" says it best "How long has this been going on"...Well friends with their fancy persuasion dont admit this is part of a scheme but i cant help but have my suspicions.....jmo....
  4. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Coach Carter (Samuel L.Jackson) from the movie "Coach Carter" if BISD drops the ball on this hire we'll need a coach Carter and Joe Carter(Principal) from the movie "Lean On Me" to fix the mess....
  5. Beaumont United Applicant List

    SMOKE - SCREEN.....
  6. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Bisd school board meeting just adjourned no announcement made about The "U" head basketball position. They did approve funds for new gym floors at The "U" $127K and Westbrook $123K...
  7. Beaumont United Applicant List

    After watching paint dry for an extended period time maybe the Board of managers will reveal their decisions on the head coach positions for United boys and girls basketball at tonights 6pm school board meeting. An agenda item is Approving Personnel Recommendations...
  8. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Build it and the (Kids) will come despite some disgruntled parents antics....I wish the new school the best regardless who's named the new coach. 
  9. Beaumont United Applicant List

    LoL for you to reply the cat is out of the bag sort of....The old head carousel coach stayed put and the fix made sure of that LoL...I'll still support the new hire at The "U"......
  10. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Your opinion is respected...My opinion is the old coaching carousel coach that went (28-4 and 14-0) at Westbrook with must talent than United will have this season is desperately needed to build a solid foundation at this upstart program. I have no axe to grind with young coaches but I'd take my chances with an old proven coach to mold this new school into some very special. I was hoping the board of managers were on the same page to make this happen by whatever means...Success will cure most  "WOES" that may occur combining once rival schools.....jmo
  11. Beaumont United Applicant List

    On the boys side of United basketball would it be beyond the realm of possibilities to think/ponder what was a deal couldve changed to NO DEAL and the door could be still open to applicants that didnt apply for the position ?
  12. Beaumont United Applicant List

    Talked with Coach Tammy Brown-(Ozen) at 3:10 pm today the rumor that she'll retire or not seek the Head Coach Position at United  if Tony Brown gets drafted is absolutely Not True. She is an active applicant for the position.  
  13. The Challenges and Expectations may be more than some are willing to deal with at this stage in their career....
  14. United is 6A...WB is 6A United has the better facilities United will have the better athletes and top shelf feeders South-Park,MLK and Odom....WB feeders will be Marshall and Vincent United fan base will be off the chart Maybe there's a better offer to stay at his current job...Nothing would surprise me.   
  15. I'm in total agreement with your analysis which is correct and on point. My follow up response is the board of managers made increased salary adjustments for both head football coaches positions in the district. Would it it be unrealistic to do the same for both basketball programs. The student-athletes are worth the investment. FY...I i'm an advocate for Teacher pay raises as well. Academics first then Athletics makes productive citizens...jmo