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  1. Start time moved up to 6 PM Listen live here: https://www.meridix.com/event/151149
  2. We're really hoping to do this live FREE video broadcast for everyone to watch tonight, but we are short a few sponsors to make that happen! If you'd like to contribute toward making this Video Broadcast happen tonight, you can contribute through paypal by clicking paypal.me/SETXsports We'll give you a shoutout on the air multiple times, or if you have a business, we'll run you an add on the bottom of the screen...Here's an example from a game we did a couple nights ago! We're asking for $100, but we'll not turn any help down! If you have any questions, please email jordanwilson@setxsports.com or message me right here! Thanks everyone I
  3. Listen Live https://meridix.com/event/138991
  4. Rice throwing a perfect game--74 pitches going into top 7!  
  5. New Waverly 14 East Chambers 0 Final--New Waverly Advances
  6. Kirbyville with an in the park Grand Slam---4 to 4 Still Bottom of 1st  
  7. Buna Baseball Broadcast! Area Round Playoffs- Buna vs Central Pollok (Click Links Below to Listen to Game) Friday 7:00 PM- Game 1  https://meridix.com/event/134718 Saturday 11:00 AM-Game 2 https://meridix.com/event/134721 1:15 PM- Game 3 (If Needed) https://meridix.com/event/134722
  8. KIRBYVILLE BASEBALL BROADCAST **FRIDAY** 6:00 PM- Game 1- Area Round Playoffs- Kirbyville vs Corrigan Camden https://meridix.com/event/134731 **SATURDAY** 3:00 PM- Game 2- Area Round Playoffs- Kirbyville vs Corrigan Camden https://meridix.com/event/134732 5:45 PM- Game 3- Area Round Playoffs- Kirbyville vs Corrigan Camden (If Needed) https://meridix.com/event/134733