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Baytown Goose Creek Memorial (14) @ Humble Kingwood Park (41) - FINAL


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Game Info:

Start: Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 7:00:00 PM
Home Team Name/Class/District/Division: Humble Kingwood Park - 5A-8-1
Record: District Wins: 3, Overall Wins: 3, District Losses: 0, Overall Losses: 1

Visiting Team Name/Class/District/Division: Baytown Goose Creek Memorial- 5A-8-1
Record: District Wins: 0, Overall Wins: 1, District Losses: 3, Overall Losses: 4

District Matchup: Yes

*Standings do not include this game.


Type !!score: or !!: as your "command" then Visitor's Score/Home Score/Quarter

Example: !!score:10/14/4 would be 10 to 14 in the 4th quarter
!!:21/28/2 would be 21 to 28 in the 2nd quarter

Use h or H for halftime, and f or F for final
You may also use - , or | in place of /

Extras: Post the time left in the quarter as minutes/seconds.
Ex:7/0/1/13/25 = 7 to 0, 1st quarter, 13 minutes, 25 seconds left. 

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    • Slightly more black than white in Section 8.    This is the hidden content, please Sign In or Sign Up But that’s completely understandable based on the percentage of single parent households  in those respective communities. 
    • How does the doorman’s decision make Trump a racist?
    • But this is the type of thing I’m talking about. Are black people to stupid to get a photo ID? That’s what liberals would have us believe. Requiring everybody to provide a photo ID when voting is discrimination towards blacks? Gimme a break.    It’s a proven fact that black people commit the majority of violent crimes in America, despite making up only 13 percent of the population. But racism is the reason that there are more black people in jail for committing violent crimes? Duh.    The majority of individual wealth is comprised of our homes… but it’s exceptionally hard for single moms of any race to achieve home ownership. When 75% of AA kids are born to single moms, it’s not surprising that more black kids grow up in rent houses and apartments.    I know a young man that dropped out of high school, got arrested a couple times, has three baby mama’s did some actual time, likes to smoke a lot of weed, has neck tattoos and can’t speak the King’s English. You’d say “well, that’s institutional racism, the legacy of our original sin of slavery, and the effects of growing up in poverty.” I’d say, “hold up… you’re completely wrong-this kid is white and he’s just an eff-up.”  But you give no possibility to the idea that a lot of problems are self-inflicted, not the ol’ racist boogey man.    And there wasn’t a current racist policy in that article. There was a lot of conjecture on the part of the author, trying to pin outcomes on racism, without a single shred of evidence, other than the outcomes.    Racist laws and policies against minorities have been illegal since 1964. You can’t point out a single policy that’s discriminatory to minorities in 2024. Racism is imagined at this point. 
    • There are black and whites on Section 8. Probably more white people.
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