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  1. Disagree. Then you make them execute, just like when they fumbled at the end of the 4th qtr. Make them make the play, Abseck made it easy for them. Awful call
  2. and head coach, offense was awful too. Two total collapses in last couple of games. Zero game management and going for 2 there was totally uncalled for.
  3. Have to wonder did they say every playoff team has to have someone get an award? Even the coach of the year, how did that one come about? If you scratch my back I'll scratch yours?
  4. District 17-5A All District Team Co MVPs - Peyton Fadal Setter Barbers Hill -Katy Barger OH Sterling Offensive Player of the Year - Sanaa Donaie MB Goose Creek Memorial Defensive Player of the Year - Kamryn Smith OH Nederland Blocker of the Year - Chloe Morgan MB Barbers Hill Setter of the Year - Ava Martinez Goose Creek Memorial Newcomer - Kylee Whittington Setter Sterling Coach of the Year - Alicia Nava Goose Creek Memorial 1st Team Mia Rivers - BH Libero Peyton Spahn - BH OH Kynlea Gibbs - BH RS Briana Galvan - Sterling - Libero Bailee Payne - Sterling - OH Kate Valt- Crosby OH Blakeley Burks - PNG OH Shyla Houston - GCM Aracely Nunez - GCM Jolia Williams - Lee Meagan Wilson - Nederland Naysa Arnold - Nederland 2nd Team Malia Martinez - BH OH Ada Ingvarsen - BH DS Kennedy Birdsell - Sterling S Kaly Adair - Crosby Maya Grace - Crosby Addison Bost - PNG Shaelyn Cobb- PNG Allie Wright - PNG Ava Patrizi - Ned Reagan Friesz - Ned Dekarra Anderson - PAM Islyn Edwards - GCM
  5. Finishing tied for 5th in State is a heck of a run. Fulshear is definitely a solid team with only 4 losses all year but it didn't appear BH ever hit on all cylinders in either game at regionals like they did against Friendswood.
  6. Nope. Did Texas play a "great game" today when they won based on incompetence from Kstate or their own mistakes to keep them in the game? They won but it was not a "great game". Porter was dominated for 3 qtrs and BH has no one to blame but themselves.
  7. It was 21-0 in the 4th qtr. They did not play a great game lol.
  8. Abseck might have to fire his buddy DC? Got a much better DC on staff having to play second fiddle to buddy. Smh
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