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  1. I think it’s pretty clear the Sterling coach pulled some shenanigans with the other Baytown schools and Crosby agreed to join if they got what they wanted in return. The swing vote if you will on some of these awards. Maybe one was justified but the other makes zero sense at all. Definitely need oversight in these meetings. Stats aren’t everything but dang you can’t just ignore them either. Like pkvalt said the play and numbers were pretty clear. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a 4th place team get two superlative awards .
  2. I found this interesting - The Nederland coach who may have had her kids get the short end of the stick said she doesn't use stats at these meetings? So what exactly are they using? "Obviously, I try to tell them that if they do the work, all of the accomplishments will follow,” Nederland Head Coach Allie Crommett said. “They never worried about stats. I don’t use stats going into those things. As long as they are taking care of what they needed to on the court, then they are going to be remembered by the people we play." [Hidden Content]
  3. Key moment in the game, up 3 and driving and BH forces a throw in double coverage that is intercepted. Not sure what the thought was there. Next drive WR drops a long pass on 3rd and 16.....Defense then gives up 3 tds in a row on long runs.
  4. Just watched BH played Houston Memorial. Memorial thrashed them 74-35. BH has taken their best player and neutered her. They look like a poorly coached team sad to say.
  5. Impressive win over 7 Lakes. Cedar Park got crushed yesterday in both games so they obviously arent remotely the same team. Should be a blow out. I watched the second half of BH vs Converse Judson. BH had the lead late but sloppy play in the last few minutes let it get away. Was not real impressed with scheme. They definitely have some growing to do. Looking like it will be a Summer Creek HJ matchup at some point down the line, that should be fun to watch.
  6. Didnt Cedar Parks stud graduate early and is enrolled at Texas?
  7. [Hidden Content] This might be a relevant story here shortly for your cougars
  8. Interesting, in Nederland's win that was heard around the golden triangle, the MVP, the Newcomer and a 1st teamer were all missing that game for BH. I am sure it had nothing to do with the outcome though. Just a classic case of next man up right 😉
  9. I was wondering that, so they didnt stay the night? Surely the kids were able to change into some dry clothes before a long drive home if they didnt stay. Why didnt they just move this game to Saturday?
  10. BH is winning this game correct? Scores has it 0-7
  11. Well they better get to moving! He didnt play because he had a problem with skipping practice btw. So as long as practice is not mandatory at Crosby, yall should be good.
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