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  1. What would be the reason for letting him go?
  2. After reading all the posts mostly from Tiger fans it is comical, first Ned coaches are bad, then in the end Tiger coaches are bad, Ned QB is bad, but he did beat you didn't he and he is a junior.
  3. Didn't they cancel last year and we picked up Jacksonville ?
  4. Luke (No. 32) may be a junior but the program has him listed as a soph. So if someone knows for sure let us know.
  5. It seems to me that the dogs defense has shown a tendency to get better as the game goes on and after that one personal foul late in the game, I think it just pissed the defense off because they just jacked their intensity up another notch.
  6. Ned Fresh was leading Dayton 40-20 with about 5 min left in the game.
  7. Does anyone know if KLVI will be doing the game tonight?
  8. Been a lot of juggling of schedules all I know was Ned played HF last night.
  9. Nederland Freshmen 28 Hamshire Fannett 12.
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