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  1. Hey jag I’ll be at the king united game tonight second half. I’ll be the Ukrainian in tweed jacket and tan cowboy hat. Would love to talk football, holler at me.  Coach Bear 

  2. I guess what he is trying to say is that our coaching is a HANDICAP. United has a very good coaching staff and personally i will put them up against any in the area. Everyone is quick to say the coaching, oh they will get out coached. What does that really mean being at a school that has the demographics as a United, Central, or Ozen. You got my point. So I guess You're basically saying Pevey staff is better than Louis staff, well that's what i get out of it since you cant say it. WB staff is ok but as you know a good QB make any coach look good. Ask BB in New England a loser until he met Brady!!! Back to my point, out coached. Lets make a lil list and see who would you take on paper not knowing their school!! HC= Louis- Everyone knows his story SOUTH PARK LEGEND!!!! Mic drop DC= Franks - local star in the late 80,s: went to Baylor as a DB and played over 10 years of pro ball, via NFL or Canada. High school coach for over10 yrs as well Jones- played at WB went on to play at Southern in BR, was on Stump's staff we they were making deep playoff runs as a LB coach 10 yrs coaching experience OC= Bevil - Local QB star at WOS; went to JC and one a national championship as the QB. The starting QB at LU when program started back up; trains almost every QB in the area. Grad Ass on the college level were he honed the skills of the entire offense. OL, RB,WR and QB. Can coach it all!!! 7 yrs exp @ HS coaching Ceasar- Local star at WR, went on to play his college ball at Arkansas. Hes as good as it gets coaching kids regardless of the QB play hes consistently has had a D1 WR. 10 yrs HS coaching exp Dotson- Cant speak on what i truly don't know (college career), but the other school wanted him just as bad as BU needed him under the circumstances, Great OL coach and hes doing a great job as the run coordinator. 10 yrs HS coaching EXP. DB- BT- Local star for Central went on to play on LU's first team as well. Was a standout player at LU, all conference performer. Will be coach Stowers DC we he get into coaching, so that says a lot in itself. Played for Coach Stowers!!! Most wanted this past summer, glade he stayed!! 6 yrs exp DL/LB- KT- Local stud as well from central, played ball at SFA. Performed at a high level in college, super good energy will be a DC in the near future if he want!! 6 yrs HS exp RB= Nelson- Local star at the Brook, don't know his college career. said all that to say this, that out coached stuff is a thing of the past. They said it against Nederland and Memorial and we see what the outcome was. I know for a fact WB coaches don't have the Credential that i mention in the above caption!! WB head coach is from OF, they didn't hire him prior to the sub varsity parents going to a school board meeting and petitioned that he get the WB head job when Flanagan left. No HC exp at all but now hes the hottest thing in the GT!! The COACHES i mentioned above were all Scholarship student athletes, meaning they didn't walk on the teams they were recruited by those schools. Not saying just because a person played football he can coach football!! I am saying these guys have proven they can coach and AL is allowing the young coaches to grow their wings and right the ship and hes the master coach; input only when needed and necessary. AL knows one way, old school do the right thing kinda of coach, we know its an ERA of 7 on 7, camps, and one sport players. They train all off season on one sport, that's what the younger coaches bring to the table is that extra stuff. Which means doing stuff that's outside the norm. Friday game is going to be BU coming out party Mark my word.
  3. The BU staff has been assigned to different campuses throughout the district so picking kids up is out of the question. Every Coach have to be at a middle school or even WB at 815am and they cant leave until 415 initially but i think its getting changed. The whole thing about that is, WB is getting certified teachers to aide their classroom for the next few weeks and our kids are at home doing nothing. Said that to say this, no one looks at the big picture!!! People can say what they want, athletics are very important at school. Successful athletic programs are even better because the students want to be successful in academics as well. why not highlight the week with academic competition as well, debate, robotics, and anything else. That's how you improve your district, just like we should have had a split day at WB, meaning the WB students go to school for the AM/PM shift than United students come the other shift. GP and Summer Creek did it. There are always better options but its a sports forum so sorry for rambling but i think the community needs to know stuff like this. There are other options. Coaches already pick kids up, i just feel every coach that has CDL should be able to pick kids up and drop them off because if school was in session they would have transportation!!!
  4. They were super RUSTY, Coach as you know an offense need quality REPS in a practice setting. They had roughly 6 hours of practice in a 12 day period. Their entire bye week was a wash and i mean that literally!!!! Monday a 3 hrs practice at the butch with no sleds for the O lineman to get quality work. Offense is timing and rhythm and 6 hours total which really means about 2.5 hours of offense and that's including individuals. I know the WR practice stalk blocking but without practice this is what you get from 15-18 year old kids. At no level is a Thursday game pretty: NFL, College, and High School football is not made for Thursday because everything is condensed, which is call a short week. Defense is more reacting than timing and all the players need to do is get their game speed up to par. United did that after the first two drives. The kids will be challenged mentally for the next couple of weeks because of the school situation but believe me they have the right COACHES who can make it happen. my biggest concern is transportation for practice. Like today, they have a 1:00 practice and that's going to be difficult for 100 percent participation because some kids parents work!!! That's just my opinion. This is a very talented team and the sky is the limit, they need our support to the fullest. We have a few kids who got flooded so just imagine whats on their mind, this team is Destine for success just bc of what they have been through. Just let it sink in DEATH and STORM!!!! This is a playoff team and as we all know anything can happen in the playoffs but we will never know if we don't get there!!!
  5. He was out rest of game!! He has a knee injury. Mcl!!!!
  6. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/09/15/stepp-s-ten-thoughts-from-week-3-of-the-txhsfb-season?ref=article_preview_title
  7. https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/09/15/stepp-s-ten-thoughts-from-week-3-of-the-txhsfb-season?ref=article_preview_title Not a problem!!!!!
  8. MOD edit: You cannot copy and paste from another website. That's violates copyright laws. You have to post the link to that article.
  9. Congratulation to all of the local schools that are ranked in Dave Campbell's top 50 in their respected class and division!! 6A WB 13th BU 49th 5A I PAM 28th 5A II PNG 8th NED 32th 4A I LCM 42th Lumberton 43rd 4AII jasper 2nd WOS 3rd Silsbee 7th 3A II Newton 1st https://www.texasfootball.com/article/2019/09/17/comprehensive-texas-high-school-football-computer-rankings-week-4?ref=article_preview_title
  10. Enough SAID! i told the word it would be a blowout, yall going to start listening. LOL
  11. Well i guess I can say it in a different way about the QB spot. He's a very athletic kid with tons of upside and he has the opportunity of working with AB all day everyday. He's one of the best QB coaches in this area for sure so with that being said he will have no choice but to get better. Secondly, you cant teach speed. The kid ran a sub 4.3 this summer at the Under Armour Camp, and as you can see BU's rival went to the State Finals and they were led by a talented QB. I'm not saying he's WB's last year QB but i am saying he has the potential. He's lacking game experience but he's getting more and more comfortable as each game passes. Hes the perfect RPO QB that everyone is looking for, believe me: he will get a D1 offer at QB!!!!!
  12. Whats dumb, explain!!! Its to early in the week to be your last post!!!! lol
  13. Not at all, just know the team is playing good ball. My scouting report is that yall get down early and your QB play is not going well at the moment so that to me means a blow out. I just don't agree with PAM offense being better than BU according to some of the people on the tale of the tape!!! I feel we have the best QB in the area because hes is the best ATH. We all know what a athletic QB can do!!!! # best RB's in the area and one of the best WR. WB has two great WR's but I put him in the same conservation as well. All District TE and a seasoned OL. Do not think PAM offense is better than BU's and the real key is that youngster along with his Run and Pass coordinators are making it happen!!! just my opinion
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