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  1. I always find it funny how Coaches that have a winning history talk about how they don't have many "Players/Athletes". That it is all the program.... If they were doing well in just one sport I would agree but don't let him fool you.... they got DUDES!!! In the last 2 years basketball went 62-15 (Reg quarter-finalist/ State runner up) and baseball 43 - 7 (season cut short.. ranked #2, and Regional Finalist) with out having Athletes... sorry don't buy it... sounds great in a interview though..
  2. this is the 4th round. I think you were meaning 5th (state simi-final). IMO Kilgore will win this game. They have some dudes on D. LB's and Safety are really physical and can tackle 1 on 1. If they can prevent turnovers (unlike last time they met) they will win this game by 14+.
  3. is the game going to be live streamed from anywhere?
  4. Whether you agree or disagree with the reaction to Covid-19 doesn't matter.. masks and social distancing is the reaction that we have to deal with or they will shut things down. I with some of y'all.. i believe your right... this may have been blown out of proportion by the media... this is a extremely political virus.... wearing a mask sucks and really does help that much unless you wear a N95 mask.... the Flu is worse on these kids than Covid-19... But the way I feel does not matter when it comes to the kids. The reaction is if the virus spreads they will shut down athletics/scho
  5. If they are following/obeying the guidelines set by the UIL and State/TEA this should not be a issue. Just because you have one sick, or even tests positive for Covid-19 does not mean you have or even need to cancel. If a player is masked when not actively participating in a drill or activity, that limits contact. Really its not the extra-circular nor schools that are the problem. They are regulated, controlled, and sanitized daily for the most part. Its the interaction of students OUTSIDE of school. I see people complain about Covid and yet allow their kid to go to friends house, go t
  6. need a ruling: runner at 3rd, 2 strikes on the batter. 2 outs... man on 3rd steals home, pitcher does not see him and has a legal pitch, the ball hits the man stealing home in the strike zone while the runners foot is on the home plate. strike would make it strike 3. does the run count due to he was safe before the ball hit him? is it a dead ball or live strike three?
  7. Glad to see Coog fans excited again. 2 seed in a tough district. Congratulations to players and Coaches
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