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  1. Anything new on this? Getting to be kind of late.
  2. I have also heard the name Troy Espirit. Use to be the old head coach at Legacy. He made a couple of playoff runs with the Warriors and was always competing with such low numbers. This could be a good fit for the Kelly Dogs.
  3. The only name I keep hearing is Larry Haynes. I’ve never heard of Nick Rizotto. Last I heard is that Larry Haynes was talking to them.
  4. Lets talk about who might be the next head coach at Kelly. Who do we think it’s going to be? What coach would want to take this job without a QB and two receivers. (All three with D1 offers?) when was the last time Kelly even had 3 kids with D1 offers? Sounds like someone could be stepping in to a very bad situation over there! When is Kelly going to open the job up? Almost two months out from august 1 with summer workouts approaching! They better get on it. Not looking good for the Kelly Catholic Dogs!
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