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  1. FBM seems to be scoring a lot of points this season. Hard to tell how good they are due to the level of competition though. Started to change my mind on A&M but they lost. They remind me of Lufkin. Huntsville lost. Not sure what to think of region 3 as a whole just yet. But region 4 is not as good so the state rep will be a region 3 team.
  2. Maybe he was saying y'all have a little Arkansas in y'all...... If you know what I mean.
  3. Crosby still not in the top 10 either. Surprised by that a little. I'd take Crosby over Lubbock Cooper, Liberty Hill and Boerne Champion today.
  4. A&M had a very impressive win over Judson Friday. Kinda shocked. They have allowed a total of 28 points threw 3 games so far. Maybe it isnt time to write them off just yet.
  5. 2020 State game: trouble stopping the run. 2021: no one is running the ball on us!
  6. Do you feel like the extra practice time from last season has given yall a head start this year? Or is that a stretch to say.
  7. I was defending WOS against a terrible opinion. I wasn't saying anything against Carthage. That's y'alls problem. You think if I have an issue with a Carthage fan than I have an issue with the program. I don't. I couldn't care less if (and probably when) y'all pass us for most state championships. We were the 1st to win 10 and the first to 3peat twice. That's always going to be ours. We've made 5 title games in a row lmao. I'm good. Unlike y'all I'm very humbled by this experience.
  8. The list gets updated after every season. So it's current right now.
  9. Yeah, going 4-4 in state title games really does show how bad they are lmao. How many programs have ever been to 8 title games?
  10. I have no dog in the fight (WOS vs Carthage). Just thought it was a ridiculous statement that needed to be rebutted.
  11. You're ignorant if you think WOS is not close to being an upper echelon program. Also, who are all these other programs that WOS pales in comparison to? WOS has an excellent resume. All time record: 424-101-3 Playoff record: 74-28-1 State Championships: 4 State Championship appearances: 8 Best winning percentage in txhsfb (minimum 500 games): .8030% 40 game winning streak: 2015-2017 Pretty good formula and thread on the 6A site. WOS checks in at #8. *
  12. If I'm Manvel I double team #14 and make the Crosby o-line and RB beat me. I dont know if they can.
  13. I respect the Carthage football program. Just not some of yalls fans.
  14. What do you think Crosby can take advantage of against Manvel?
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