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  1. Na, Aledo was D1 last time but since schools opted up we got pushed down. If anyone opts up I think Crosby goes D2.
  2. Cowboys giving a shoutout to Oak Cliff during the Sunday night game.
  3. Has the time for opting up finished? Because Crosby is literally the smallest school in 5AD1. If teams opt up they will get pushed down. Barbers Hill is not far behind them either if I remember correctly.
  4. If youre gonna run your mouth at least know what you are talking about. Crosby will be D1 and Liberty Hill D2. Just sayin'.
  5. Oddly enough I think LH expected the need to kick the onside and be unconventional but they didnt need to. LH played their game and it worked. They got in their own way when they were trying to do "extra". Simple execution on the field goal tries and things like that would have gone a long way to help them win the game.
  6. LH did much better on defense than I thought they would do. They did not let SOC really get a rhythm most of the game. LH battled and were doing really well. Couple bad breaks down the stretch that made the difference but LH played tough. They did not backdown and took it to SOC.
  7. All things considered I think the SOC defense did the best they could do. I did not see a lot of errors by SOC. I saw a lot of execution by LH.
  8. Since the SOC/LH kinda died down, how do yall think an Aledo/Crosby game would have turned out?
  9. State game picks Me, a highly sophisticated txhsfb enthusiast: 2-2 My boss, who picks teams based off what region of texas they are from: 4-0 wtf...........
  10. Well, they cant do that against SOC lol. They'd need 18 on defense haha.
  11. I was surprised #14 for yall didnt dominate those kids in the secondary when he was at WR.
  12. Well, Liberty Hill is the more prestigious program. SOC has never been to state before and LH has won twice.
  13. Oak Cliff has rose to the occasion this playoff run. They wanna showout in front of the city! I'd think they will be locked in. 2nd round- beat Frisco who knocked them out last year 3rd round- beat Aledo who was the 3 time defending champ 4th round- beat Lovejoy for their first region title since 1970 5th round- beat Lubbock Cooper for their first semifinal win in program history
  14. Only way I see LH winning is if they have zero turnovers and have 35ish minutes of the time of possession. They have to be able to drive the ball and convert. They wont hold up on defense. SOC will probably score 80% of their drives. SOC is too explosive for LH. Draining the clock and grinding it out is LH chance to win.
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