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  1. Wahhh wahhh wahhhhh 👶 🍼 since you guys hate this country so much , and are always crying, maybe.. you should leave!
  2. ITT - old white people mad that their parents, grandparents and/or ancestors were likely racist POS but it’s fine.. they worked with a black guy, or two, and their black friend loves Candace Owens
  3. wow the deep state got me!!! Ultra triggered rn. I can’t say “dumb af” but Baddog can say “DF”. But as we all know, like twitter and Facebook, owners/management can run it how they want to 😘
  4. Can you get a damn job already? Stop LEECHING
  5. It’s literally the first post dude..
  6. Hagar already posted this you moron, lol. It’s literally the first post
  7. #golfcartsalesmanlivesmattertoo
  8. careful now, you know these wackos lack critical thinking abilities
  9. Abbott is just trying to regain favor of the “trumper moron” crowd. This is 4D chess and you peanut brains obviously cannot keep up
  10. You freaking IDIOTS are still going on about this huh
  11. Spot on Trumpers are easily some of the dumbest people in this country, for sure. Whatever happened to normal conservatives?? #makeconservativesnormalagain
  12. LMAO This is literally the definition of triggered.. tell us you’re a trumper, without us you’re a trumper!
  13. Lol do you have a job, wife, or kids bro? Like how do you guys manage to watch Fox News all day everyday, for decades now
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