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  1. Man you are lost brother. Agree to disagree, and this is coming from a former big Trump fan..
  2. - privileged draft dodger - called war heroes losers and suckers - bankrupted multiple businesses on daddy’s money - reality tv show (Hollywood) host - racial tensions at levels not since in decades - 400,000+ Americans dead from a “hoax” - trillion dollar deficits - traitor who attempted a coup Feel free to make another topic if you’d like to refute any of my points above
  3. Because everyone hates congress, except for “their guy”. The majority of voters have tunnel vision and only see the (R) or (D) Now Biden, he only won because he wasn’t trump. Not because people love Biden. A potato could’ve beaten Trump in this election. i still stand by my -opinion- that the last 3 presidential candidates (Hillary, Trump, Biden) are by far the worst 3 in modern history.
  4. Yeah exactly, so you want to keep doing the same thing over and over? Biden, Chuck, Mitch and Nancy, etc should not be in office anymore man.. it’s time to go
  5. My point is that there needs to be standards for these jobs, and old people’s physical and mental well-being deteriorate at an exponentially faster rate as they age. Father Time is undefeated now, I’m not saying we discard old people and throw them in a ditch, I’m just saying I don’t think 70+ year olds should be allowed to be president. It’s the most important job in the world and I would prefer that they are “all there”. I think the older subject matter experts (assuming they are in fact qualified on paper) could be better utilized in cabinet or advisor positions, where the job d
  6. Do you support eliminating the age requirement to run for President then? I personally don’t. I think having someone too young, or too old, is just a bad idea. Same concept with having physical fitness standards for cops and firefighters (or is that not a thing anymore? I’ve seen some fatty cops) now that I think about it.. why do they always send the young guys to war and not the 70 year old guys? fair enough on point #2 - if ya can’t beat em, join em 😘
  7. Oh boo hoo the “facts over feelings” crowd now all of a sudden concerned about their feelings stop being a snowflake ❄️
  8. I respect elders. I don’t support them running for office at 70+ years old, however. Big difference. But good job on the mental gymnastics required to jump to that conclusion!
  9. You can’t even remember history.. Reagan was probably the worst possible example you could’ve used
  10. Come on man Reagan couldn’t even wipe his own ass by the time he left office.. Do you even think about what you type up?? Jesus..
  11. ... now where in the world did you even come up with this? You must be one of the millions of “slow” moving/thinking baby boomers I referenced earlier.. considering how hard you’ve been triggered by the comment (in true snowflake fashion)
  12. Sorry pal, baby boomers have had their turn. Ran this country into trillions of dollars into debt, hyperinflation for cost of education, housing, healthcare, etc.. all while they pull up the ladder afterwards. Trump, Biden, Nancy, Chuck, McConnell, etc.. All out of touch baby boomers. They can all get a foot up their behind on the way out ✌
  13. No doubt about it. Just another reason why these baby boomer dinosaurs should not be running for political offices anymore.. they’ve had their chance for the last couple decades.. and they fail every time
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