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  1. I personally know quite a few die hard trumpers who constantly rail against socialism.. but literally live off the government lol.. I’m not mad at them, because obviously living off the government and being poor isn’t exactly living the high life, but sometimes I can’t help but chuckle at the irony of it all
  2. Sure, but may if they worked harder, instead of funneling all their free time trying to convince others the election was stolen, they could further increase their income. Adapt and overcome
  3. You do realize this is exactly why you’re still single and lonely? Jesus Christ come on man
  4. Spot on. The outsourcing of decently paying jobs is the obvious eventual result of capitalism. Consumers get cheap products, and corporate shareholders benefit from increased profits. I go back and forth on being sympathetic to the people here who are struggling financially, after for so many years y’all have used the whole “pull up your bootstraps and WORK” retort. Personally, I pulled up my bootstraps and WORKED rather than sitting around complaining and crying about immigrants, black people, liberals, the media, etc
  5. Praying for you dengleberryt. I hope you’re able to find happiness in life
  6. This kook might legitimately come try and shoot me one of these days.. seems unhinged and obsessed with “one-upping” people. He might try and one-up the buffalo shooter
  7. Oh cool, another bigly grift for the suckers to get ripped off on. I busted out laughing at this horse 💩 Id think this post was satire if I was new to this website
  8. No topic on the shooting itself, but make a topic about the medias portrayal of the shooting. Interesting… guess that wraps up all we need to know here on setxsports
  9. I’ll ask again.. serious question How on earth do you miraculously manage to reply to every single one of my posts near instantaneously? No hobbies.. job.. girlfriend? Bless your heart. One day I hope you realize the cult you got tricked into is consuming (and ruining) your life.
  10. Dengleberryt loves derailing topics with his multi-page essays about how how “libs” are still in grade school, while he barely got his GED. Dude pulls out the thesaurus trying to sound as smart as possible to cope with the pain of knowing he’s low IQ and got tricked into a cult. It’s the highlight of his sad and lonely life. No point in trying to actually have a meaningful conversation with the guy
  11. Lol you’re clueless Agree to disagree at this point. Your homeboy asked me to lay-off you so I’ll abide to that going forward
  12. lol come on man, you don’t know what you’re talking about trillion dollar deficit - fine because trump covid bailout - fine because trump PPP scams - fine because trump trump bucks - fine because trump biden bucks - oh no that’s where you draw the line
  13. For real though - when was the last time you had a girlfriend? 7th grade middle school (50 years ago)?
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