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  1. Nah refs did a good job, was a great Game all the way around
  2. That was a great game, Lumberton closed it to 1 with 20 seconds left, this young team is slowly getting better
  3. Huffman won 65-56, really good game!!!! Lumberton cut it to 4 in 4th but couldn’t find a way to win!!!
  4. Coach Babin’s son, Hayden, trains 6-7 days a week. He has trained at Houston Ballet Academy for three years and also competes independently for a few Houston area studios. He dances all over Texas and even gone to Los Angeles for an invite-only dance convention. He has thousands of followers on TikTok and Instagram. He is a gifted kid. His videos online are impressive.
  5. Hj vs Lumberton scrimmage was really fun to watch, Lumberton is huge!! Hj is going to be really good!!
  6. Coach Babin finds a way this Friday and proves all those haters wrong and gets in with a young team!!!
  7. That’s what happens when the AD is a basketball coach!!!! Hard to get numbers when your head football coach isn’t the AD.
  8. Upside, prob only plays football when it’s football season prob never practices football, he’s a d1 football player also if he wants to be!!
  9. Running a 6.5 60 yard dash shows you how good of an athlete he is, he will give any teams trouble on the football field. Looking at his stats he’s going to almost rush for 1000 yards, going to throw for over 1000 yards and already has 8 passing and 8 rushing tds, all I’m saying is Livingston little better than normal and they will be better with having an athlete like that.
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