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  1. Great candidates!!! Walter Yates would be a home run but I feel all 3 are home runs.
  2. Soft parents!! It’s not about holding kids accountable and winning anymore it’s about playing time, Warren just lost a heck of a coach, shame on you.
  3. This district is so close any game on any given night could go either way, all the teams are so evenly matched.
  4. I wish y’all would do a baseball ranking like football and basketball.
  5. I thought hallmark came in relief against BC
  6. Maybe they didn’t have anyone else off the bench they felt comfortable wifh after playing 9 innings Tuesday night
  7. Wait Lumberton isn’t a bad baseball team
  8. No doubt!!! Lumberton used that as motivation they took that as a slap in the face.
  9. Coach Foster from Big Sandy deserves consideration, any of those guys deserve it. Great year from a lot of these teams around here. BC coach also had a great but all those names above are good names.
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