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  1. Yep. Underwhelming performance by BH. Watched on the stream and it appeared that TC came to play right off the bat and BH looked completely flat. BH shot themselves in the foot with repeated unenforced errors in each set and TC made them pay.
  2. Understand they have 5 freshman, however, I have seen them play earlier in the season and they were way more competitive. It's not often you see 25-3 & 25-2 scores in any level of competition. Anyways, it doesn't matter, they still get their playoff shot against Friendswood.
  3. Wow...Expected GCM to win, but would have thought it would be a little bit more competitive.
  4. Assuming identical records after Friday, what are the tie breaker criteria between TC and GCM?
  5. Understood about the district they entered this year. I didn't expect them to compete for 1st or 2nd has FW and Manvel were favorites for those positions. Even 3rd would have been a stretch to beat out a team like Texas City, but I did fully expect them to compete closely for 4th; especially seeing how Santa Fe and La Porte looked compared to last season. I just thought Sterling returned with too much talent to not make a serious push for a bottom half playoff spot. The two losses to GCM and subsequent loss to LP were just very surprising to me. That being said, I think a team like GCM
  6. Sterling and GCM's performance this season were surprising, for opposite reasons. I think Sterling's season could only be described as disappointing. Any opinions on what went wrong for the Rangers?
  7. Definitely a serious blow to the eagles that will have impacts for a few years, especially right before the season starts. I wish her good luck at her new school.
  8. Wow. Understand that BH’s star transferred out to a private school just the other week.
  9. Happy for GCM. They are have hardworking core in Herrera, Martinez and Kotlarz. However, there is no reason RSS should have dropped two games to them this season. Kotlarz might be the best player in this area, including BH, but RSS had overall more talent to work with than GCM. I think it just goes to show that, especially in HS sports, coaching and schemes can overcome a deficits in talent and depth.
  10. Unrealistic expectations for that program, by both the school and program parents.
  11. BH definitely benefits from an extremely weak VB district. GCM and Crosby, a team not in the playoffs, were easily better than any of BH's district opponents. It's great that BH wins their district, but the level of competition that they see within their district does not do them any real favors.
  12. Not going to give parents a pass for lacking class and integrity. If it was only the student section then that is understandable, but parents and adults should be held to a higher standard. If you get your rocks off going after a 15 yr old, because your side isn't getting the job done, then that adjective truly fits. That being said, the PNG coaching staff and any admin at the game should be embarrassed of how those adults acted, but the BH coaching staff should be called out for not protecting their player.
  13. BH won all three matches: Varsity, JV & Freshman. Also, PNG VB parents are straight up TRASH. Instead of yelling at a teenage girl calling the CORRECT calls....have your players PLAY better.
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