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  1. I agree, Celina looked really good in that game. Nothing to be ashamed of though. Similar situation in 5a, Lovejoy was just on another level than every other team.
  2. I agree, not sure if Oldman is current coach, former coach or overly sensitive parent, but message boards might not be the place for him. Anyways, my assessment of the defense wasn't a slight on the kids, they are confined to the system that is designed by coaches. Discipline on the backside is something that needs to be ironed in with repetition during practice. Switching to a new defensive philosophy that might not be in tune with the strengths of the current roster really puts those kids up against a wall. On the QB punting, like I said, I commend him for wearing both hats. In g
  3. Hahaha, what a sensitive reply. Better go get some kleenex for those blue tears of yours. I guess you're cool with 20 yard punts and 30 yard kick offs then? Come back with a better response next time or go ahead and sit this one out. One thing for you to think about in the long offseason, what is BH going to do to get better disciplined against the read option so they don't get burned by lack of backside contain like they did most of last night?
  4. One thing that isn’t getting mentioned enough is the breakdown of BH’s 3rd phase. For a school of that size, and talent base, they have to be able to produce better special teams play. Specifically punting and kickoffs. Hats off to the QB for pulling double duty as the punter, but that team would have benefited greatly from better punts all night; especially that last one. The short kickoffs appeared to be done out of necessity, but again, starting at the 35 vs the 20 makes a big difference. The battle of field position matters in games like this and BH’s special teams execution hurt them a
  5. Yep, it looks like Greater Houston got shut out across the board. The Manvel match was the least competitive of all the semifinals though, Lovejoy was a steamroller.
  6. You have access to anything that they broadcast.
  7. Didn't get to see the BC match, but watched the BH match on NFHS. Tough loss to a good Manvel squad, but BH had their chances. In that 4th set it looks like the bottom dropped on their passing and they weren't able to right the ship until it was too late. For the most part, the other phases of their game looked good enough to win, but passing seemed to be the biggest weakness in all the sets last night.
  8. Figured Delmar would be the location, due to where each school is located, but I agree that the date is not good for BH. Foster's football team is playing Thursday night, so they could out number the BH side significantly.
  9. BH has a shot to get into the 3rd round this year, but we'll have to see. Have to perform better than last years disappointment.
  10. Not the best outcome for Nederland. It looks like BH will have to save the clean sweep for their district.
  11. While Sterling, Lee's and GCM's district is undoubtedly more difficult, but BH would have finished 2nd at least. Manvel is the only team that has advantages, or is even, at multiple positions with BH.
  12. Agree. I imagine that Ned matches up better with Sante Fe than FWood.
  13. That is very surprising. According to what is reported on MaxPreps, it was 26-24, 25-18 & 25-21. It looks like they will be tied for 2nd in their district. What are the tie-breaking procedures?
  14. Having seen videos and recaps of Fulshear, BH better hope that they are aligned with Foster. Fulshear would be an extremely unfavorable match up for the Eagles.
  15. Their preseason schedule was very weak. Manvel was a tournament opponent, who appeared to handle them. Summer Creek is currently 3rd in their district and if the season ended today both CL and Taylor would not be in the playoffs. The 29-3 record looks good at face value, but when you see that a lot of those wins are against low-level teams, it takes a lot of the luster off.
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