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  1. i am just glad y'all finally have a field they can march on......
  2. has WOS baseball field been completed yet?
  3. i think the smoker was run by the FFA and they shut them down this year. i could be wrong but that is what i heard.
  4. They should of never built those fields without lights.
  5. I heard Art Briles was going to be the special guess speaker.......
  6. Did y'all hire NED ground crew?
  7. Vidor needs to thank BH for the new carpet.
  8. Looks like OZEN is who we thought they were.....
  9. well y'all took their IPADS away from them so they had to try something.
  10. 3 ints? i thought PN-----G was suppose to have a jam up QB?
  11. sounds like they are in a "street fight"........
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