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  1. well if he was an avid jogger like they say i am sure he talked about his split times with friends and family. when i ran 4-5 times a week i kept up with my times so i could improve.
  2. if you want to talk about this topic you should start a new thread and not hijack this one. i might even go comment on that thread. back on topic: i want to hear more about the sweet innocent jogger. i wonder what his mile pace was?
  4. i believe he was currently on probations and could be a reason he did not want to be identified : When he was in high school, Arbery was sentenced to five years probation as a first offender on charges of carrying a weapon on campus and several counts of obstructing a law enforcement officer. He was convicted of probation violation in 2018 after he was charged with shoplifting, court documents show.
  5. kountzer said "They got video of other people prowling around in that construction sight." that would be the "ACT"
  6. they also did not get caught in the act nor did they take off running.
  7. thanks great video on putting a time line together. i was really wanting to know what pamfam10 thought he knew as facts.
  8. can you list the facts of the case so i can get up to speed?
  9. it will be close. they better hope we have some good weather over the summer.
  10. TMZ released it as ahmaud if that means anything. this video shows a couple of things. 1 ahmaud is somewhere he is not suppose to be. most city parks don't allow you to drive on the grass. 2 ahmaud's aggressive behavior when he feels like he is being mistreated. if he will act that aggressive towards the police just think what he will do to normal people he is upset at. bottom line ahmaud is not some innocent jogger who got murdered.....
  11. i see they are finally moving dirt today.
  12. he needs to find a PE class to coach some where and be happy
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