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  1. learned it from all the silsbee people i hang out with.
  2. well at least they are not assaulting people...... hmmmmm
  3. quick about what? I watched PN play NED. They are much better coached than what they were before. Is that what you are arguing? Does PN have a lot of talent NO but they are doing the fundamental things correct which makes them competitive. Heck before this year PN could not beak a press. There is a night and day difference in PN basketball from last year to this year.
  4. looks like Port Neches might of gotten them a coach.
  5. They failed to control the game and we are lucky things did not get out of hand or someone hurt. The Beaumont area has to have the worst Basketball and Football officials in the state.
  6. any updated word on the new coaches and their new schools
  7. to get away from the DRAMA they call BISD.....
  8. When is registration going to start this year? I did not see any updated info on the web page.
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